Review: Urban Decay Naked Palette

Here's a review on Urban Decay Naked Palette

PRICE: $50.00 (Approximately P2,000.00+)
BOUGHT FROM: Sephora, San Diego, California
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available locally in online pre-ordering websites; Urban Decay and Sephora's official websites


I always feel that I'm at most beautiful if I'm wearing neutral colors that's why Urban Decay's Naked palette really does it for me. It truly deserves all that hype because it contains every essential eyeshadow color you need in your life, at least to me. I've been lemming for this palette for over two years now and I just recently acquired one. Thanks to my mom who bought this for me during her US trip. Actually, if I wanted it, I've possessed it already a long time ago as this palette has long been available in most local online shops (In fact, this is already outdated as Urban Decay had already released its second version), but I can't understand why these online merchants would sell this product at 4k+ a pop! Some would even sell it at 5k! Ridiculous!

Anyway, I have it already and that's what matters. Naked is my most favorite eyeshadow palette to date because it contains a bevy of my most favorite eyeshadow shades: browns and neutrals.

 The shadows are housed in a sleek, sturdy carton wrapped in velvet with the long, lean gold- toned words NAKED URBAN DECAY embossed on the cover. One word to describe the case: Sexy.

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Here are the two exclusive Urban Decay products that came along with the palette:

Good Karma Brush

FYI, the first- ever version of Naked had a dual- ended eyeliner instead of a brush. Going back to the brush, It's a pro-quality vegan brush with a gorgeous metal handle and ferrule. It's an eye shader, but it would've been more lovely (and useful) if it were a blender brush. Nevertheless, it's good, non- scratchy, and pretty!

The deluxe version of UDPP is one of the reasons why I went for this instead of Naked 2. Naked 2 has a lipgloss instead of a primer, and I figured that a primer would be more useful with the shadows than a lipgloss.

Here are the swatches, and a little description of the shades according to me:

 Virgin, Sin, Naked

Virgin (Frost)- Pale champagne
Naked (Frost)- Light pink-champagne
Naked (Matte)- muted beige

Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked

 Sidecar (Frost)- A combination of beige and champagne with a tinge of pink
Buck (Matte)- tan brown
Half Baked (Frost)- Gold with a hint of Bronze

Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted

Smog (Frost)- Brown-Gold shade which I think is very similar to MAC's Woodwinked
Darkhorse (Frost)- Dark brown laced with Gold
Toasted- Purplish-pinkish shade with a beige undertone

Hustle, Creep, Gunmetal

Hustle (Frost)- Taupe
Darkhorse (Frost)- Black-Gray with silver micro glimmers
Gunmetal (Frost)- Silver-Gray

Based on a comparison with my Urban Decay Book of Shadows 3, I think Urban Decay's eyeshadows have a uniform quality: Buttery, pigmented, easy to blend, and long lasting. Fallout is minimal during application.

Here are some looks I came up with using my Naked palette:

I can't put into words how much I love this palette. It's loaded with a bevy of essential eyeshadow shades, the colors flatter my skin tone a lot, it allows me to create infinite looks, and despite the fact that it's all neutral, the colors don't look similar to each other at all! To sum it up, it's the perfect eyeshadow arsenal for me!

In comparison with Naked 2: I had a chance to swatch Naked 2 and I must say, Naked one suits tanned ladies more than Naked 2. I find that Naked 1 has deeper undertones and it shows up better on darker skin tones. I love the dual-ended brush that comes with Naked 2 though!

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  1. I love the last look! I also wanted the UD Naked 1 or 2.. but its so pricey here.. So I asked my friend in US to buy it for me and I'm just getting itf for 2.5k :) yey! Can't wait to have mine :)

  2. I'm dying to have the 2 naked palettes on my hand na! For now nasa wish list ko muna yan.. haha!!:) Btw, you look stunning!:) Red lips suits you more!:)


  3. I love the last look! Gorgeous! And the palette too!

  4. The last look you did is so nice! Would love if you could do a tutorial.:D

  5. omg i wish id b able to learn how to apply shadows like u ao so nice, doesnt look like dragqueenish make up lol

  6. the palette shades are really cool for me...^_^

  7. Jix: Hi Jix and welcome to TBJ! Yup! Will try to film one soon. :D

    Eloise: :)

    Issa: yup! Truly and investment! :D

    Eyah: Hi there! Yup! Got it at the same price as well. Enjoy your palette! (I'm sure you would :D)

    Mitchie: Thank you dear! :D

  8. A UD pot costs around $16. The naked palette contains full sized pots. If you do the math the actual cost of this palette would be around $100+, not considering the brush and the primer it comes with. So, this is definitely a steal compared to MAC single pots. :) Great review, BTW.

  9. I love your review! Thanks for this. :)


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