Review: Lime Crime Palette D' Antoinette

Here's a review on Lime Crime's Palette D' Antoinette

PRICE: P1,500.00+
PLACE BOUGHT: The Balikbayan Box Sale
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During my last birthday, somebody gifted me a tray of macaroons. As I gaze at the intricate box filled with pastel- colored treats, I realized I do not have pastel eyeshadows. Right then and there, the lemming began.

I went on a cyber hunt for a palette of pastel eyeshadows and found out that Lime Crime has just launched Palette D' Antoinette, a beautiful eyeshadow palette with the right mix of pastel- colored eyeshadows. I knew right at that moment that I've already found the perfect gift for myself.

So here it is: Palette D' Antoinette. It is inspired by the one of the most beautiful and vainest queens in history, Marie Antoinette. I was trying to analyze why Lime Crime named the palette after her, then I realized that Marie Antoinette was a young queen who delighted in all the daintiest and nicest things: She demanded the finest gifts from her suitors, wore the most beautiful dresses, and carelessly spent the people's money on a lot of expensive things. Indeed, if Lime Crime existed in the time of Marie Antoinette, she would personally pick these colors and wear them everyday! (Fact: Marie Antoinette loved makeup)

Anyway, another reason why I fell in love with the palette is the packaging. It's a gorgeous, lightweight purple steel palette with Lime Crime's logo intricately embossed on the cover.

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It comes with a protective plastic sheet

The pans are housed in a black plastic tray. It's looks kinda' cheap, but at least it's easier to depot. I can transfer the eyeshadows anytime to an empty palette so I could bring it with me anywhere.

Closer look at the eyeshadows

Swatches (L-R):

Mercurious- Frosted grayish silver
Ribbonesque- Matte lavender
Macarooned- Matte milky orange
Absinthe Minded- Matte mint green
Royal Flush- Matte candy pink

These eyeshadows are very pigmented. It only took me one swipe to achieve those intense swatches, and I did not use any eye primer underneath to enhance the colors. It has a soft, buttery texture and it blends like a dream! However, the powder is a bit chalky and there's minimal fallout during application, but at least it does not stain my cheeks and under eyes.

Staying power is fantastic. Even without an eye primer, the eyeshadows can stay up to 4 hours without fading and smearing. Please take note that my lids are very oily, and it held up pretty well on me!

Here are some looks I've made using the palette. I like pairing it with darker eyeshadows. I didn't dare wear all the colors at once because I know it will look weird. LOL. Maybe if I'm going to a costume party, or I'm bound to do an avant-garde EOTD, why not?

This is a vegan palette, meaning it's cruelty- free and it does not have synthetic chemicals in it. I'm so happy with this palette, and I recommend it to professional makeup artists because the colors are very unique. In my my opinion, these are the truest pastel eyeshadows I've seen in my entire life. If you love collecting makeup, (like me) it would be a great addition to your collection too!

For inquiries and orders, please visit The Balikbayan Box Sale on Facebook.

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  1. I don't really like make-up palettes, but this one makes me change my mind. I so love the colors!

  2. Royal flush is absolutely adorable.. I love the make up looks you tried with the palette.. I say, AVANT-GARDE!!! ;))

  3. rizza: same here! :)

    Rakhshanda: Hello and welcome to TBJ! Thank you! :)

    Marjorie: Thank you! :)

  4. *_* I imagined "meringue" in this pastel palette! hehe sarap kainin..

    I like your your green combination! cute... :)

  5. absinthe minded looks soooo pretty and bright.. i love the looks expecially the bright one. :) sooo fresh!


  6. Never heard of lime crime! But thanks to you - Ill be exploring a whole new brand now :)

    The Misty Mom

  7. I love to collect eye shadows / palettes to if I'm just as good as you in eye make-up :\ I love the colors and the packaging! It can be a case for eye pencils when they were all used up :D

  8. i love the packaging and the colors are so pretty! :)

  9. the case looks like royalty.
    love the colors too especially "macarooned"


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