Review: My Kind of Fuchsia- Maybelline Color Sensational Lasting Lipstick in Fifth Ave. Fuchsia

Here's a review on Maybelline's Color Sensational Lasting Lipstick in Fifth Ave. Fuchsia (160)

PRICE: P399.00
OTHER LOCATIONS: All Maybelline counters in department stores and drugstores nationwide


Lately, I've been searching for a great daytime fuchsia lipstick. Most of my fuchsia lipsticks are great, but I've realized that all of them are cool- toned and bubblegum-y in nature. I want a more sophisticated, warmer fuchsia lipstick that screams "Chic" and most importantly, something that flatters my warm skintone.

And looks like I've found it in Maybelline's Color Sensational Lasting lipstick!

Maybelline says:

- Crisper color from pure pigments
- Creamier feel from nourishing Honey Nectar
- Gives you sensational smoother lips in just 5 days (based on a clinical study)
- Available in 68 stunning shades

Click READ MORE and find out why I'm lovin' every inch of it!

The all- new Color Sensational lipsticks come in a steel tube with a pink acrylic cap. In my opinion, it looks far better than Maybelline's previous lipsticks because it looks and feels more expensive.

For only P399, you get THIS MUCH. It's so worth it!

Fifth Ave. Fuchsia is pure warm fuchsia goodness! No undertones whatsoever. I find it amazing that in spite of its affordability, it delivers like a pricey product. The lipstick smoothens out my lips by filling in fine lines, and gives it a lovely honeysuckle fragrance. The color is so true, that the actual shade in the tube is what I see on my lips! Staying power is superb--it clings so well to my lips, that no amount of eating or drinking can wipe it off completely!

I'd like to call this as the "Corporate Fuchsia" because it's something that you can wear to work, and a good color alternative to blue- based and dark reds. I think this color will look better on gals with medium to deep skintones because of its warmness. For gals with fair skin, you can always check it out and see if you'll love it. :)

I love it! I've finally found my HG fuchsia lipstick for daytime!

For more information about the Color Sensational lipstick lines, please visit MAYBELLINE PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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24 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ang gandaaaaa! Will buy na din nyan this weekend :) THanks sa review! I'm waiting for you to have a swatch nyan e. Hehehehe

  2. Fushia is my favorite color, I like it :) And it look good on you (^_^) Actually it look like I have the same color of lipstick but from different brand :)

    Nice review :)

  3. I'm somewhat fair but I still want this! :))

  4. I am loving this new lipstick line of Maybelline. The quality is really great and color pay-off is gorgeous. Now I'm tempted to try it out myself.


  5. Love it! Looks good on you Ms. Martha. :)

  6. Is it comparable ba to MAC Rebel o mas light version to? I like the color. :)

  7. anonymous: hi there and welcome to tbj! nope. Rebel is a berry shade, while this one is fuchsia. :)

    gen zel: thanks! :D

    glacey: go ahead dear! I think it will suit you. :D

    Janine: i saw this on some fair- skinned girls and it looks nice, but a bit loud. :D Nevertheless, it's still nice! :D

    kath: you love pink lipsticks pala. go dear! :D
    Glenn: hello and welcome to tbj! :D thanks for dropping by! :D

  8. OMG. I have this exact shade from Maybelline but I had to buy it from States. The shade is so wearable :) This is the best lipstick line from maybelline! I didn't know that it's already available in the Philippines! :D

  9. You look so pretty!

  10. heidy: hello and welcome to tbj! actually, this isn't my first CSL. I got my first two tubes from duty free phils. Didn't know that we have it locally as well, until maybelline gave me one. Enjoy reading! :)

    anonymous: thank you and welcome to tbj! :D enjoy your stay and keep on reading! :D

  11. my kind of shade i love bold pinks makes me look awake and young----er--ish. =D

  12. I'm loving a fuchsia lipstick too, right now ;)

  13. looks good on you! i recently bought Fuchsia fever coz i really love the shade but too bad im allergic =( nagdry lips ko and nag peel. must be the parfum siguro kasi super scented nya.

  14. khymm: OMG! I miss you! Hahaha. :D Glad you're enjoying your MAC stint! :)

    Btw, yah. Super scented nga. But thank God I don't have allergies to such. :) Hope to see you soon! :)

    Gellie: great choice! :)

    Camille: shobe! hahaha! omg! long time no see here in the blog haha. :D Hope you're doing fine. :) Me naman I'm loving it because I just love anything Pink. :D

  15. iihhh ang ganda parang sa in2it.. ms. martha, pwede na dupe ng MAC Show Orchid or NARS Schiap?

  16. Wala akong masabe kundi ANG GONDO! I will include this to my wishlist!

  17. Really nice shade! Must try this one! Thanks for the review, sis! :)

  18. you are tempting me again to get another lippie, hihihi.... i'd like to have this too! :) come to think of it, wala pa akong fuchsia lippie!

  19. Super type ko tong lip color! It's an upper-lifter talaga :)

  20. That looks amazing! I can only imagine all the swatching you went through to find a fuschia that pretty!

    Thanks for sharing this. I think we have the same coloring so I'm totally gonna check this out.

  21. Matagal na akong na-tetempt bumili ng lippie na ito. I think I might go for it thanks to your review!

  22. issa: that means you have to get this na! :D

    alexis: go dear! I'm sure you'll love it. :D

    Joyce: yes! I saw a lot of good ones, but not as awesome as this! :D

    Nikki: super! as in nakakaganda talaga yung shade. :D

  23. i bought one last weekend! i super like it.:) thanks for the review.

  24. Thanks for making a review on the Maybelline Color Sensational Lasting Lipstick. Looks good on you, Ms. Martha. It's so pretty, and bold. And most of all, it's not that expensive. A definite must-try!


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