The Miss Universe 2012 is....

I hate to rain on anyone's parade, but we all know that we get late telecasts and sooner or later, just before the "LIVE" airing of Miss Universe 2012, we already know who the winner is. So I might as well tell you guys now. Teehee!

Anyway, the crowned Miss Universe 2012 is....

Miss USA, Olivia Culpo

Dang, she looks really pretty, right? I can't help but wonder, is she really the perfect woman to represent the United States of America? There's quite a trend in beauty pageants nowadays wherein there is a disconnect between the representative and the represented country. From her looks, she definitely ain't American--She's seems a little Hispanic to me. This brings me now to the question: Isn't the pageant supposed to represent not only the nation, but the women of it as well?

I don't know what their reason is but one thing's for sure: In our local beauty pageants, most of the time, it's all about who is fluent in English or has a tolerable diction, at the very least. And most of these Pinays are Tisays. You can't blame them if they take "World Class" literally though. It's business, baby.

Anyway, I bet it's still fun to watch the pageant even if you already know who won. Let's all see if Ms. Olivia Culpo truly deserved the crown. I know there will be a replay of it anytime soon so I guess I'll just watch the MISS PUSSY WORLD INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSE at Il Terrazo tonight. It's an annual pageant by my gay friends and I love it because it's so fun to watch. Add to that, the candidates never fail to surprise me with their creativity: from the DIY gowns to the question-and-answer portion. ACK! Hope I can go though, it's traffic everywhere!

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i really thought its gonna be philippines at last but what can we say, luto talaga! haha!
    you should read divinelee tweets its hilarious!

  2. ang iingay ng mga tao s office knina. i was on my computer pinapakiramdaman ko lang s mga hiyawan nila. i knew phils ddnt win lc humina na un sigawan hahahah

    congrats to d winners

  3. This is the closest we've been to the title sayang hindi sya nanalo. But one thing is sure though, The pressure is now on for the next Binibining Pilipinas-Universe. So whoever that girl is she has to deliver very well we're closer to the title na kasi! -arianne

  4. yeah. that's what I thought too. she looks latina. Ms.South Africa looks more Ms. USA to me.

  5. I just kidding to my friends that our candidate will get the 2nd place because of the previous, but Im glad nag-elevate to first..di na masama..ok din naman ang beauty of this woman.cheers!:)

  6. I just learned that she's Italian, although she was born in the US

  7. Congratulations to all the winners!..Janine did a great job out there!..proud to be Filipina and morena!..She has a gorgeous tan!...I do agree that she does not look American. But she is gorgeous!...

  8. I think she's a good representation of the US today.

    USA has embraced various races and ethnic groups and welcomed and accepted them as its own citizens.


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