Win your item of choice from Espada!

I am totally flooding your Blogger and news feeds now. I apologize, I haven't had enough decent blogging time for the past few weeks and a lot of the things that I wanna share are already gathering dust in my hard drive. :p

Anyway, here's one exciting Christmas giveaway for you from Espada. Get a chance to win your dream item from Espada by joining their giveaway!

Espada Clothing is one of Thailand’s top clothing brands of today’s generation. It has accessories from bags to clothing like dresses and tops. For the Christmas season, Espada Philippines has an on going promo that lets fans take home an exclusive Espada item of their choice on the Espada Wishlist Promo!

Click HERE to go to the giveaway app.

Visit ESPADA PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more details about this giveaway.

Good luck girls! :)

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  1. flood all u want i love give aways

  2. i lvoe reading your blog so its ok!
    yay thanks for sharing!

  3. thanks for sharing this very nice giveaway!


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