A Fresh Start: Bobbi Brown Bright Sparkle & Glow Collection+Retouching Powders

What are your beauty resolutions for the new year? Are you finally chopping your locks and sporting a new do? Will you finally embark on a search for the red lipstick that will glorify your skin tone? Are you going to boost your skin care routine? Are you going to wear eyeshadows-sparkly eyeshadows to be exact? Are you going to finally discover the wonders of highlighters?

Whatever your beauty resolution is, there's no better time to start but NOW- always treat the beginning of each year as the time to refocus, retune, replenish, and revamp so as to keep yourself up and running flawlessly for the rest of the year.

To kick off 2013, Bobbi Brown offers a posh collection of lifters and boosters for a beauty that is fresh, pretty, and glowing-it's a makeup collection that's all about feeling and looking happy and good. Now isn't that a great way to start the year?


Bobbi Brown focuses on bright, pretty, and flawless skin with a set of brighteners, highlighters, glimmer gloss, and an extra soothing multipurpose balm.


This emollient and highly reparative balm is a unique combination of exotic plant oil extracts namely Avocado, Geranium, and Rosemary. It can be used on lips, cuticles, heels, and any part of the skin that needs extra moisturization. It can also be used on the cheeks for a dewy glow.


This silky, lightweight and luminous brightening finishing powder is all you need for a healthy, natural and lit-from-within glow. Its breakthrough formula and skin tone correct color brightens the skin, and it is also infused with the skin caring and healing properties of Mulberry, Grape, Scutelleria and Gentian Root Extracts.

Shades: Porcelain Pearl, Brightening Nudes


An emollient, light- reflecting clear gloss mixed with special fine pearls for an outrageously beautiful shine. Can be used on its own or on top of lipstick.

Shade: Bare Sparkle

Click READ MORE to see the rest of the collection, and know more about Bobbi's rave- worthy Retouching Powders!


This soothing and comfortable eye brightener evens out and refreshes the undereye area.

Shades: Light Bisque, Bisque, Dark Bisque, Peach (New) and Dark Peach


Bobbi's crowd favorite sparkle eyeshadows are back-but for a limited time only. Discover what makes Bobbi's sparkle eyeshadow range famous with these six skin- flattering, long- wearing colors that make eyes pop and shimmer!

Shades: Gold Star (New), Silver Moon, Ballet Pink, Mica, Cement, Black Chocolate

Without further ado, I present to you my most favorite part of the collection, the Retouching Powders! I'm on a setting powder phase right now and this collection couldn't be any more timely!


...with these powders that unify your skin tone and correct skin discolorations, depending on the shade of powder you choose. Bobbi's retouching powders are inspired by traditional professional setting powders but this time, it has a more lightweight texture that's good for everyday use. (Or professional use, if you wish) Formulated with a light- transmitting base, these powders perfect your skin tone yet remain and feel invisible. It has natural Zea Mays Starch and Zinc Stearate that keep skin fresh and matte for a long, long time. I'd like to believe it's Tinkerbell's Magic Dust!


White - Brightens and illuminates alabaster to light skin
Pink - Counteracts sallow undertones in alabaster to medium skin tones
Yellow - Tones down redness in extra light to medium skin tones
Peach - Warms up light skin tones. Evens out tanned and medium to dark skin tones
Rose - Gives light to deep skin tone a healthy flush of color

Guys, you gotta check out everything, most especially the Retouching Powders-I am totally loving it!

All collections will be available in all local Bobbi Brown counters this February. For more information, please visit BOBBI BROWN PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I can't get enough of Bobbi Brown! Truly bright and sparkling, their products are to die for! I wanna try their sparkling eyeshadow especially the white one (kinda confused of the eyeshadow names given) for the inner corners of the eyes. Eventually, I love them all. Love at first glance :) I wanna try their retouching powders too. I need the one in the shade of Rose ♥ Have you tried their bright sparkle & glow collection already Ms. M? Hope you'll do a review as soon as you get one! ;)

  2. the retouching powdersssss! omggggggg! bobbi brown why your so expensive!

  3. Ever since I got my very first Bobbi Brown Product this year, I knew right then that Bobbi's Products are a keeper! i'm intrigued with Tinted Eye Brightener; I really need an eye brightener these days with all the late night outs with friends and clients, a good under eye lifter will definitely do the work for me.

  4. Wow those providers are pricey. what's the difference of retouchingpowder t Regular powder? Do i really heed that?

  5. Hella expensive. I'm willing to spend that amount of money on foundation or sunscreen though. :P But not for everything else :D

    I really like yellow powders and I'm sure their yellow one is great. Thankfully I found the cheaper alternative in Ben Nye's Banana Visage Powder.

    I hope they send you some for review. To be honest, I won't buy it, I wanna know how it does :P

  6. I need to try their Tinted Eye Brightener. It's s must have for an insomniac like me. :D I would also wanna try their Retouching Powders. If only they are not so expensive. I would definitely save for the Eye Brightener. :)

  7. though pricey but admit it girls, we couldn't resist by these, I so love the Tinted Eye Brightener.:)

  8. I am also intrigued with the retouching powders ever since I've read about it. I wanna try it though this is too expensive for me :)

  9. I wanna try the brightening finishing powder, their tinted eye brightener and the retouching powders. These are really expensive pero if it's worth the money, then it worth to try :)

  10. Orlaine: Me too! I wanna try the tinted eye brighteners. :)

    Rae and Issa: I was given a sample. I'll let you girls know about it in detail but as a preview, I'm loving it!

    Miz Eloise: Let's see! :) Watch out for my review!

    Desire: I have the eyeshadow. :)

    Ohms: That's true for me haha!

    Jenny: Same thoughts! :D

  11. Hi again. Oh yes i am so looking forward to your reviews. Iambrigitte has also posted about those retouching powders so excited

  12. Just read your comment ms. m :) Can't wait for the review and maybe for the EOTD too?! hhaha thanks! ♥


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