HOW TO: Achieve That Beach Hair Look+Youtube Tutorial

Hello guys! I've played around with my mop, curling iron, and this fab curling hair spray/heat protectant mist from Prostyle Fuwarie, (which is one of my current favorites) and came up with a beach hair look! Personally, I love this hairstyle because it's easy to wear and do, and it adds a sexy touch to your overall look even on casual days.

FYI, this hairstyle makes my hair appear thicker than what it actually is too!

Check out the video tutorial here. Hope you'll like it! :)

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. SO PRETTY! You're inspiring me talaga na magpahaba ulit ng hair. I super love the color of your hair. :)

  2. your so beautiful martha :) gonna watch this later on pc so i can hear your beautiful voice loud and clear :)
    what do you think on avon's curler? is it a good buy?

  3. The first photo. Your hair looks gorgeous dear. Like it!

    I am Jenniya

  4. awww very nice miss m! Actually since malambot nama n ang hair m at naturally straight, try mo un bigger version ng curlformers. mas matagal ang effect sa hair tas kung nasa beach ka im sure it will hold well kasi naset siya overnight. its not even going to damage your hair. they have it sa home tv shopping WAVz un name, pero i have curlformers. i could not stress enough how these are my HG hair tools. even if for example may naturally straight hair din ako like yours, id still curl it with those curlers kasi hindi siya damaging. no need to use hairspray pa. heheh im not affiliated with them or anything, i just love using curloformers.

  5. Jenniya: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! Thank you! :D

    Eloise: Thanks for the tip! I have curlformers too, although it's the rip-off version haha. I'll do a tutorial for that too. :)

    Jenny: Welcome. :) I haven't tried that yet so sorry, I can't say anything about it. :p

    Kate: Thank you! :)

  6. this is sooo helpful!!!!! thank you for this. its my first time in your blog and i couldnt help but post comment. haha. ive marked a lot of entries, looks like my whole day will be dedicated to this blog :D

  7. this hair reminds me of SUMMER TIME. thanks for a helping hand like you.:)

  8. Yay! So pretty, Ms. Martha dear!!! ^__^

    Now, this makes me want to curl my hair... pwede na kaya? I had it rebonded last July (L'Oreal Chroma Straight). I tie it sometimes but it surprisingly go back to its original shape. ^__^

    @Jenny: I've had an Avon curler, the one they had from 2007... It got broken after a couple of months... It sometimes works, but I had to be patient. Minsan naman, after I curl half of my hair, nawawala na yung heat nya, so, half-done yung hair ko... =( I'm just not sure if they have improved the quality of their new hair iron. Gusto ko rin bumili nun kaso nadala na ako...

    I'd suggest you to just invest in a really good brand. ^__~

  9. Zenki: Hi and welcome to TBJ! Glad you're enjoying my blog. :)

    Ohms: You're welcome!

    Angela: Thank you for sharing your thoughts. :) Yes, I do agree with you, it's better to spend on a 4k hair iron than a cheap one because they last longer. Just save up for it. :)


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