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My neighbor has a Moringa tree. I have witnessed it grow as it was planted right beside our gate. When it started to blossom its first ripe leaves, our neighbor would always allow us to trim a bouquet to use for cooking. It has grown so high and became so lush that one day, our neighbor decided to chop off the tree. When I've learned about this, I let out a huge "NOOOOOOO!!!" ala- telenovela style but alas, it wasn't my tree to begin with so I have no right to stop him. If ever my neighbor's reading my blog, I would like to tell him that he has just killed a magic tree--You don't know how precious that thing is. In fact, you can even start a beauty business with it!

Source: Google

Moringa (aka Malunggay) is considered as a super food, (I think the diagram is enough to tell you why) and the Philippines has the best Moringa specie in the world. (There are around 13 species of Moringa around the world, I believe) Recent studies have shown that apart from its tremendous health benefits, it is also a potent skin care ingredient for it is anti- inflammatory, anti- aging, a good source of antioxidants, (These tiny leaves are big on antioxidants for it has 30 kinds in it!) and rich in Sulfur, a vital component in collagen production. With these benefits in mind and the tons of Moringa- based supplements and skin care products sprouting left and right, Moringa is undoubtedly the next big thing in beauty and wellness.

Good thing we have an abundance of Moringa in our country, and it goes without saying that we can enjoy its benefits without putting a dent on our wallet. One great example is Moringa O2: It is a budget- friendly skin care line made with the goodness of Moringa, and blended with Olive Oil and Omega. Currently, it offers a face and body Herbal Soap, Herbal Moisturizing Lotion, (which smells sooo good, by the way) and the multi- awarded Herbal Facial Toner.

Thank you to my Ardent Family for these! I can't wait to share with my readers the wonders Moringa O2 has in store for me!

You can find Moringa O2 in all leading supermarkets. Share your thoughts on Moringa O2 products in the comments section below if you have tried these products already!

P.S. The Malunggay tree is starting to grow again. This time, I'll make sure to tell my neighbor about its real value!

Please visit MORINGA O2 on Facebook for more information about the products.

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  1. I just ordered this from SampleRoom! So excited :)


  2. super dami talagang benefits ng malunggay, my father use it as his scalp regimen aside from his cooking specialties.

  3. ahihihi i understand kung baket nia pinaputol, the leaves can get pretty unsightly sa gate, anyway madali din naman tumubo ito. ahhh moringa, malunggay lang pala ang potent ingredient ng dream hair product ko un kerastase elixir immortel moringa, o diba ang sosyal ng malunggay. anyway youre right, it has tons of benefits, theres even a moringa ice cream i heard.

  4. haha dito sa amin pag may puno ng malunggay yung isa. ung mga kapitbahay yung mga nakaabang para manghingi! haha! ilove malunggaaaaay! especially in tinola :)
    im insisting my mom to cook it kaso baka pinutol na rin ni kapitbahay yung puno nila XD
    fave ko yan :)
    ardent? same ng sa gluta c :)
    effective talaga to :)

  5. yay for Moringa! We also have this tree at Batangas! I'd like to try the lotion, I read a very nice review from Sophie! :)

  6. Thank you for sharing your thoughts dearies! :D

  7. You're welcome dear!! :) Hope you liked the products! :D See you soon!


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