Review: ArtDeco Lifting Lip Stylo

Here's a review on ArtDeco Lifting Lip Stylo

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I get a lot of questions in my email regarding lip concealers: A lot ask what they are, what is their main purpose, and of course, what are my brand recommendations.

A lip concealer acts just like foundation. Its purposes are: 1. Conceals lip discolorations (e.g. dark upper lip, light lower lip and vice versa; dark lining around the lips) 2. Unifies the lips' tone 3. Smoothens the lip surface 4. Acts as a primer for lipstick to make it stay longer. There aren't a lot of lip concealers in the local market-the only locally available beauty brands I know that have it are MAC (Lip Erase), Etude House (Color Me Nude Lip Concealer), and ArtDeco's Lifting Lip Stylo, which is the only lip concealer I have and what I will review for you guys today.


Unlike MAC's lip concealer, ArtDeco's version conveniently comes in a tube packaging, which makes application easy and hygienic. It's very slim too so you can stash it even in your smallest makeup kit. Etude House's version comes in a tube as well, although I heard it's a pretty elusive product 'coz it's always sold out lol. :p


Lifting Lip Stylo boasts of the following ingredients

1. Hyaluronic Acid- helps retain water moisture; anti-aging product
2. Olive Oil- protects against moisture loss
3. Jojoba Oil- keeps lips smooth
4. Vitamin E- acts as an antioxidant
5. Patented Sepilift, an element derived from Coconut Oil which counteracts small wrinkles

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Lip Stylo is Fragrance and Taste- Free. Despite the motherload of its moisturizing ingredients, I find that its consistency is a little hard initially, texture is a little silicone- like, and it does not feel moisturizing at all. I could understand that because if it were a wee bit wet, I doubt if it can make lipstick stay! Also, it feels a little dry on the lips, although it's not significantly bothersome. People with dry lips should exfoliate flaky areas and prep their puckers with lip balm prior to using this product. It only comes in one color, a flesh shade with a slight pink undertone.

WORK IT: To soften up its texture, rub the product at the back of your hand for a few times. Wipe it clean with a sheet of tissue before using on your lips. Apply before lipstick.

One caveat with the product is, if you have it for a long time already, it tends to crumble at the base and fall off. :(


In this photo, I have applied a layer of Lifting Lip Stylo. What I like about it is its lip plumping properties: It yields a semi- thick layer yet without the heaviness, and gives your lips the illusion of volume.

It unifies the tone of my lips effectively, and its pink undertone boosts the natural tone of my lips for a little bit.

Lime Crime Retrofuturist without ArtDeco Lifting Lip Stylo

MAC Russian Red with ArtDeco Lifting Lip Stylo

I don't have to deal with discoloration though so instead, I'll focus on lip volume. If you will compare the appearance of my lips in both photos, you'll realize that Lifting Lip Stylo made them look fuller! Not only that, it also evens out the lip surface and helps minimize the appearance of small lines, although it can't totally conceal deeper lines.:)

Staying power is good, most especially if used with matte lipsticks. I guess lip concealers are meant to be used with matte lipsticks anyway. It's a PRO makeup product, and it's one of those things that is just nice to have, albeit it ain't really necessary. But I recommend it to people with discolored lips and those who are looking for a milder, gentler, and lipstick alternative to cinnamon and peppermint- laced lip gloss- type plumpers.

EXTRA PRO MAKEUP TIP: Apply clear gloss or a nude baby pink gloss on top of it, and it becomes an awesome glossy lipstick that goes so well with smokey eye makeup!


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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. It made your lips more adorable Ms. M! I love it coz it really delivers and with that price, worth it! :)

  2. I have the Etude House lip concealer and it's actually in tube form too. I totally forgot about it until you made this post. Haha. Will try to use nude lip gloss over it!

  3. It really made your lips look fuller. Amazing! :) Your extra pro makeup tip is really nice ah. ;)

  4. I love how it works on giving a pink color,it gives fuller lips indeed!,though pricey nga.

  5. it made your looks look plumper although not that noticeable, so youre right, this is just a nice to have product. although the lipstick mac russian red that you have at the bottom pic - now that's something i should have hehehehe

  6. wow this is great but i dont want my lips to look more plumper.haha.i dont have small lips to begin with XD
    now im curious on the etude house. :))

  7. nice to have indeed. it really made your lips look fuller :)

  8. This is probably the answer to my problem - discolored lips. Might get one to achieve that increased self confidence when I'm wearing this beneath my hot pink matte lipstick. :D

  9. Iloilo beauty blogger: Hi and welcome to tbj! I wanna go to Iloilo, especially the church! :D Anyway, yes, this should work on your lip problem. Do let me know how it works on you! :D

    Issa: Thanks! That's why I like this product. :D

    Jenny: Hope you can grab that elusive etude house lip concealer. I'm also having a hard time getting one for myself! :p

    Desire: Thanks!

    Jas: Thanks for the correction! I actually edited it na. I have mixed etude and mac's lip concealers, hence the error. :p


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