Review: The Balm Mini Kabuki Brush

Here's a review on The Balm Mini Kabuki Brush

Price: P475.00
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Other Locations: Available in all Beauty Bar boutiques


I always see this thing in Beauty Bar, but never really bothered to check it out. Good thing some kind peeps gave it to me last year-If not for them, I will never ever find out how convenient, handy, and functional this thing is! It's one of my current favorites!

The Balm's Mini Kabuki Brush is your all- around retouch brush: It can apply powder, blush, or bronzer, or even a sheer wash of color on your lids. It comes in a compact shell-which is probably the most brilliant brush case I've ever seen-that protects the bristles and maintains the brush's overall shape.


This brush is only under two inches long. Bristles are made from goat hair, which is a little scratchy in my opinion so I wash it with regular shampoo with conditioner to soften the bristles for a bit. During the first wash, it has shed a couple of hair-around three or four strands but on the second, third and succeeding washes, it didn't anymore.

Its handle is quite small, so people with big hands may have a problem gripping it properly. I sometimes encounter this problem too so whenever I'm using it, I grasp the area between the base of the actual brush and the rim of the handle for a steadier grip.

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Its circumference is good for spot application: It can apply makeup on the tighter and smaller areas of the face.

 In this photo, it looks quite small to make a difference but in actual, the diameter of the brush is actually a little big for its overall size-That's a good thing because it contributes to the overall firmness and usefulness of the brush.

And for a very small brush, it's very dense: It grabs a good amount of powder and can blend makeup properly onto skin. The length of the bristles is just right and it lets me control makeup application.

It has found a spot in my makeup kit, especially now that I've changed into something smaller. This baby doesn't demand space at all!


Whenever I retouch my makeup, I only focus on my T-Zone and sometimes, my blush so most of the time, I don't really feel the need to bring a big or medium- sized brush and this thing really works for me. To those who are expecting a flawless, airbrush- like finish with this brush, you might not get it from this as it is not really intended for that. For me, it's just for retouching.

It's very affordable, a good emergency brush that you can invariably have in your bag, and pocket- sized yet works decently. I recommend it to very light travelers, people who are looking for a very compact brush for makeup compacts that don't come with applicators, and just about anyone who's looking for a good spot brush. By the way, this has a bigger version too, and that is for your boudoir.


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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. wow, the rating you gave for performance is saying something, do you think this is better than charm's brushes? i use charm kasi it's retractable.

    btw, thank you ms m kasi dahil sa blog mo i get to join amazing give aways. Im currently loving human nature's START RIGHT STAY RIGHT promo. good luck to me!

    happy new year and keep up the good work.

    i really hope you can also drop by my humble blog.

  2. Have you tried Nichido's Professional Kabuki Brush?

    It's only php200+ and I love it! It's my emergency touch up brush which I tote with me in my kikay kit since it's also very small, and the bristles upon purchase are already so soft! It also doesn't bleed or shed when I wash it.

    Like I said, I use it for retouching so for my pressed powder or blush when I'm out. :)

  3. im not sure if napost ang comment ko. anyway id like to ask if this comes close to the charm brushes? im currently using charm kasi it's retractable and i can control the density of the brush.
    btw i also like to thank your blog for keeping me up to date of online contests. I just joined Human Natures Start Right Stay Right Contest. Good luck to me.

    Would really appreciate it if you could also drop by my humble blog.

  4. I got this as a set from my local marshalls with the mary lou-manizer,one hot ticket nail polish and their lipgloss all for 10 bucks! I actually bought thebalm's bahama mama for 800php and surprise surprise! When i came here in the US they also got the set with the bahama mama and their hot mama all in one set.the horror!

  5. Since hindi nga ako masyado sa makeup, I don't know so much about brushes. But I notice one of my blush brushes parang ang tigas nung tumagal so parang scratchy nga din sa face which I really really hate now. I might buy in the future but which would you advice, get a synthetic brush or the real hair strand brush?

  6. i thought ang mahal niya~
    pero pwede na! i bring my blush brsuh and ang haba haha cant find a perfect kabuki as of pa kasi~
    thanks for sharing~

  7. Honestly, I never gave too much attention with kabuki brushes before but i think i have to reconsider; now i'm having a hard time to choose if it's The Balm or Charm's Charm Mini Kabuki or Charm Luxe Kabuki Brush? So many to choose from already can you give me a piece of advice in choosing the perfect kabuki for me?

  8. Moments like this, I appreciate kabuki brushes for their portability. I also like natural hair brushes is that with care, it works better & brushes become softer :)

  9. Wow! This is very affordable. I am a bit addicted to makeup brushes lately and I wanna give it a try. Very handy, I can bring it with me anywhere. And I love that it had a compact shell. So nice. :)

  10. it's also good but I used Nichido Kabuki brush which is lower than this, but perhaps it depends on how long would brushes lasts.

  11. Planning to buy kabuki brushes because I just knew lately how important it is to be in a kikay's makeup kit especially in retouching. I wanna try this one from the Balm, but it's too expensive for me and for just a single makeup tool. I might be consider getting Nichido since I've read some review on how well it works. But the Balm looks really great! Jam-packed with high-quality bristles and great for traveling. Thanks for the review, Ms. M! ♥

  12. I also have the one from Nichido like others have. It's fairly good. Easy to carry.

  13. This is identical to my Maybelline mini kabuki brush which I got free from their mineral powder. It is also made from goat hairs and I also use it for retouch. Its so small and easy to tote around

    Beauty Colada

  14. Miz Eloise: I am actually loving it for its size. But between this and charm, I'd go for charm because it has more brush options. But I love this thing anyway because it adds variety to my makeup brush collection.

    Arian: Thanks for the reco! I will check that out. :)

    Ayen: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! Hope you're enjoying my blog. Regarding your story, ouchies! :( If only you knew, right? I hope The Balm's sets would reach the Philippines someday. :)

    Cintamuni: if you're after the life and longevity of the brush, I would suggest synthetic bristles because they stay soft for a long, long time. :)

    Jenny: You're welcome! :)

    Jaja: I saw that too and since you've mentioned it, I'll go check it out. Thanks! :D

    Orlaine: Thank you for sharing! Now I'm getting curious about that. :D

    Desire: You're welcome! :D And thanks for your thoughts! :D

    Kate, Ohms, and Cristina: Thank you for sharing! :D

    Yanny: It depends on what you're looking for in a brush: If you want a nice retouching brush with a more compact case, go for the balm. If you want a retouching brush that can also give you a soft focus finish, go for charm. :)


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