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Here's a review on Black Beauty Hair Serums (Protect, Fix, Shine)

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I just browsed my email and Facebook fan page messages now, and picked up a couple of queries concerning hair care. A lot have asked if I could recommend a cheaper alternative to Kerastase's Elixir Ultime. I was about to type in Dove's Nutri-Oil Serum, but remembered that its consistency was a bit heavy and thick for daytime use, and bottle is a little chunky for makeup kits. Instead, I'll recommend Black Beauty's Hair Cuticle Coat--It's more tote-able and cheaper!


Packaging is slim, sturdy, and lightweight, although the overall design of the product is too old- fashioned for me. I love vintage stuff, but this one doesn't look nice aesthetically. I also have an issue with the cap: it keeps on popping off the bottle! Hope they could replace it with a more secure one.

In comparison with Dove Nutri-Oil's serum, Black Beauty's Hair Cuticle Coat line is more diverse, whereas Dove has only one variant to suit all hair types. In terms of consistency and texture, one product may suit a wide range of hair types, but I firmly believe that there is no all-in-one hair treatment that can address every hair care concern.

Comes with a pump dispenser.

Click READ MORE and have a look at Black Beauty's Hair Serums in detail.


Bottomline, these serums promise extra shine-well, that's pretty obvious since they're primarily oil- based. But each variant has a magic of their own. Check it out:

Need some hair fix?

- This is best for people with normal but unruly hair--those who battle kinks and frizz on a daily basis. It's a good daytime serum, but I also think this can be used as an overnight repair for it has restorative properties.

Have a problem with dry hair?

- Dry hair ain't sexy. A coat of Black Beauty Shine will smoothen those rough areas for hair that looks sleek and lovely. Methinks this will also suit kinky and curly hair.

Have damaged hair?

- If your hair is brittle, chances are, you have damaged hair. And exposure to sunlight might fry your locks and damage it even further. Black Beauty's Protect hair serum is infused with SPF to shield your hair from UV rays. This is also my favorite because it has SPF, and affordable SPF- infused hair care products are a rarity. Basically, I think this is good for every type of hair due to its sun protection ingredients.

For oily- haired people, you may use any of the three but be sure to apply a small amount on the mid section and roots of your hair only.

Consistency may seem thick, but it has a lightweight, silicone- like, smooth texture--it's even lighter than Dove's hair serum. However, absorption time takes a while, and it could get a lil' greasy if I go overboard. When it's finally absorbed, my hair feels very soft and smooth. Its smoothening and softening effects last all day too.

The three variants come in different scents: Protect has a powdery floral scent, Shine has a fruity- floral scent, and Fix has a warm floral scent. Amongst the three, I like Protect's scent better. Regarding the fragrance, it's a little strong at first but it goes away after a few minutes and leaves your hair with a hint of fragrance-I've also noticed that the scent combats the smell of smoke and sweat in my hair. Nice!


Bed hair- looks a little rough, eh?

Work it: Dispense a pea- sized amount, rub it in between your palms, and comb through your hair. Gradually increase the amount in case you need more. In my case, I have fine and thin hair so two pumps would usually suffice since it is very spreadable.

With two layers of Black Beauty Protect. Now my hair looks more decent.


1. You can also apply this prior to blow-drying to protect your hair from heat.
2. Apply on damp hair for a breezy combing experience. It just minimizes breakage and pressure caused by combing.

I recommend this product to beauties on a budget because it's very affordable, and it works just fine for its price. It's also recommended to those who are looking for a nice hair serum that's below P200.00.


For more information about this product, please visit BLACK BEAUTY PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. im so getting one :D great review/share :)

  2. I am using Vitress Hair Cuticle Coat for a long time and I am quite contented with it. My Mom bought Black Beauty Shine for my Dad, and I tried using it once. It has the same effect with the Vitress. I think I might try the Protect coz I really need hair products with SPF. Thanks for the review. Great help! :)

  3. weee. i wanna try these... :) maybe Ill go with the one with spf.. or the protect one because of the smell.. :) I love that it masks the sweat and smoke odor as you've indicated. Thanks for the review sis. I really appreciate reviews of local products which are pretty much easy on the pocket. more of these soon, i hope. Thanks again

    - Belle

  4. ganito rin pong gamit kung shampoo grabe po talaga kapal ng buhok ko.lalo na po bawat hairs trans.. recommended po para sa mga napapanot.hehehe

  5. I like mane and tail more than black beauty's shampoo and conditioner it works well for me though it's a bit pricey nga lang. But serums? I don't know if i should give this a try since i've always been a Loreal serum girl hmm.

  6. great I'll try this one too..thanks for the review..Happy New Year!

  7. oh my that bed hair transformation! i need this!

  8. il try this, 80 pesos lng pero 4/5 rating! il get the repair one. actually i use several dry oils for my hair-argan, sunflower ok nmn cla.

  9. I been a user of mane and tail shampoo, but did they differ?I dont even try it since I've used Vitress.:)

  10. I need this in life. My hair is just as lifeless as you will think. Dahil sa sobrang busy, I don't have enough time to put serums to my hair, which should not be forgotten since it's my main concern. I'm having a love-hate relationship with some serums like Vitress kasi I have to rererereapply to sport a sexy hair throughout the day. Brand-wise, I'm gonna give this a try. Thanks for the review Ms. M! :")

    PS: I love your hair color *winks

  11. Hi girls! Happy to know you liked this review! I'll go bargain hunting in my next department store trips so I could share my finds with everyone. :)

  12. I love backreading yourentries in this blog. I cannot believe I have missed this past.Please past More budget friendly products like these,and because ofthis I am definitely getting one. Nice review Ms M-as always naman e

    beauty hdygrailblogspo

  13. I'm using vitress and the one from schwarzkopf pero both doesn't have spf protection for my hair. Will buy the one with UV protection after I used up my hair serums :)


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