Beauty Forecast for 2013

I have been avidly following recent runway photos and reports over the Internet, and have picked up a bevy of beauty trends that I think, will definitely be prevalent this 2013. I'm actually excited for it because this year will be all about modern simplicity!

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At the latter months of 2012, I got news that CC Creams are set to take over BB Creams. As early as this month, some major beauty brands like Chanel, Olay, and Juice Beauty have already released their own versions and even though it’s hard to believe, BB Creams are indeed seeing the end of their glorious days.

What exactly is a CC Cream?

CC Cream means Color Correction or Complexion Correction Cream. It has been developed in Japan sometime in 2011, and is now spreading like wildfire across the globe.

It is designed to retain the benefits of BB Cream, but with even better coverage, overall feel, and staying power-It can also conceal and correct skin discolorations. The big benefit of CC Cream is it can REPAIR existing skin problems—it’s something that good ol’ BB Cream can’t do as it is mainly a preventive product. Also, BB Cream is a more general type of skin care- based makeup, whereas CC Cream is more specific, with Aging as its primary concern.

In every goodbye there is always a new hello. I guess it’s now time bid BB Creams farewell, but I’m sure we’re all pretty excited to see what CC Creams can actually do to our skin.


These are the nail looks that have been dominant in most runway shows at the start of 2013. Actually, we’ve already seen most of them-especially the Two- Tone manicure by YSL-way, way back, but they’re making a grand comeback and this time, they’re gonna be big.

 A MINIMALIST STATEMENT: Strong Brows, Bold Eyeliner, Twiggy Lashes, Bright Red Lipstick

This year, the focus is on a flawless, healthy canvas with either a touch of thick brows and lashes or graphic eyeliner. There will also be a diversion from the modern true red lipstick to the bright, poppy kind of red. Bottomline, this year's makeup is all about utilizing the most important features of the face.


Since it's the year of Emerald Green, the lush, green eyeshadow will be a staple eye color of Spring/Summer 2013. It is backed up by a pastel, aqua shade of blue for a look that is utterly modern, fresh, bright, and youthful.

How about you? What particular 2013 beauty trend are you excited about? I'm leaning towards this combination: lush lashes, strong brows, bright red lipstick, plus two- toned nails! :)

Disclamier: Some photos are not mine

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. oh my grabe ung metallic nails!
    im loving everything except for the eyeliner! im not a fan of bold eyeliner XD

  2. i just hope cc creams deliver maximum coverage. i do hope u provide snoe cc cream review. im excited about the twiggy lashes, my etudehouse mascara wil b working overtime

  3. CC creams are interesting. I am excited to try it out. :) Good thing I bought lots of blue abd green eyeshadow last month. I will be using it a lot this year. :) Yay for strong brows and bright red lipstick! :)

  4. probably going for yep well-trimmed brows w/ strong color...colored mascara perhaps..and bright red lippies :) hmmmmm...did i just write what you said?? :D

  5. Wow!! I am really excited with the two-toned nails as well as minimalist statement! Thanks for this ms. Martha :)

  6. True to that! :)Great prediction. Excited to try CC.

  7. Super agree with your forecast. And that CC creams are something to look forward to first time kong narinig yan :)

  8. wow!I'm about to nail addiction so definitely I will crash the two-toned nails.:)

  9. I'm definitely digging bright red lipstick since it has been my go-to look and of course medyo effortless na when it comes to strong brows :P

  10. I'd like to try CC creams.What would you recommend? I love red lipsticks so go ako dyan!

  11. Ugh I'm so outdated. I haven't knew about the 2012 beauty and fashion forecast. Thanks for this post I found it all out! I love the nails and i'm starting to give nail art a lovin'. I would definitely go for CC Creams, strong brows, twiggy eyelashes and bold lips. Hope I can pull it off :) Would love to try the mettalic nails too! So edgy! ♥

  12. I have a couple of bb creams and i'd like to try these cc creams coming out :)

    Last year ko pa ini-sport yung minimalist statement look. Ok sya for everyday look kasi natural lang ang dating. I'm thankful na "in" pa rin sya sa trend this year :)


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