Review: Snoe Parallel Pigments CC Cream in Lavender

Here's a review on Snoe Parallel Pigments CC Cream in Lavender

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What do you get when BB Cream and Color Correcting Primer elope and have a child? A CC Cream. :D

There's so much science and sorcery surrounding this brand new makeup innovation but simply put, it's a hybrid of BB Creams and Color Correcting Primers to me-that's it! But I'm quoting what I wrote in my Beauty Forecast For 2013 so you guys would have a better understanding of what a CC Cream is:

CC Cream means Color Correction or Complexion Correction Cream. It has been developed in Japan sometime in 2011, and is now spreading like wildfire across the globe. 
It is designed to retain the benefits of BB Cream, but with even better coverage, overall feel, and staying power-it can also conceal and correct skin discolorations. The big benefit of CC Cream is it can REPAIR existing skin problems—it’s something that good ol’ BB Cream can’t do as it is mainly a preventive product. Also, BB Cream is a more general type of skin care- based makeup, whereas CC Cream is more specific, with Aging as its primary concern.

If I'm not mistaken, Snoe is the first local makeup brand that has released their own version of the CC Cream. My, you gotta admire the brand for keeping up with the trends! Anyway, Parallel Pigments CC Cream  comes in 4 shades: Green- tames redness Wheat- brightens up dull skin Lavender- brightens sallow skin Honey- covers bluish and purplish veins. Not only that, these CC creams are also packed with a ton of ingredients that may help treat existing skin conditions. Check it out:


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I got Lavender because I figured that it would help dilute some of my too yellow and dark foundations. I also use it to spot conceal some marks (most especially reddish ones) along with my ArtDeco Camouflage Cream.

Packaging is small and handy, and it comes with a doe foot applicator which makes it easier for you to navigate on the tighter corners of your face. To cover bigger areas, lay the applicator flat on your face and spread across your skin gently and carefully. I only use my fingers to blend the product.

Is it safe for eye use?

Methinks yes, it is. It's just like regular liquid bases that you use all over your face to unify your skin tone.

Texture is smooth, and consistency is semi- runny: It spreads easily and uniformly. It has a tasty banana scent, although it's a little strong at first and may put off some people who are sensitive to fragrances. The scent goes away after a few minutes so it's not really a problem for me.

Parallel CC Cream when spread


 Bare skin

One layer of Parallel CC Cream in Lavender

It's quite sheer, but it does make a difference on the tone of my skin. It has managed to cover some of my light post- acne marks on its own, but not the darker ones. Coverage is buildable, it's lightweight, and dries to a semi- matte finish. It is also long-wearing, and helps prolong makeup wear. I only apply one layer because I find that it has a tendency to affect the shade of my foundation.

In comparison with other products: If compared with BB Creams, a CC Cream is more lightweight and non- goopy. But unlike BB Creams, you can't wear it on its own, unless we see an improvement on the shade range of CC Creams in the upcoming months. Regarding the skin repairing effects, I can't say anything on that yet because I'm only on my second week of usage. Like in all skin care or skin care- based makeup products, it will really take time before you see its promise, and consistency is key.

To whom do I recommend it to? To people who are looking for a more beneficial color- correcting primer, people with minor skin discolorations, and those who want to try CC Creams. It's affordable and it does a pretty good job. This is an exciting product, and I want to try the CC Cream versions of other brands! 


For more information about this product, please visit SNOE BEAUTY on Facebook.

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i read many rants about this product..and in terms of concealing i think it didnt do the job in your acne marks.
    hope snoe improve their products in terms of quality too.

  2. I love their CC creams! I use the one in Wheat though. I don't think its meant to conceal anything, perhaps a bit of redness, but its more of like a bb cream booster. Ang lakas lang maka blooming! Hehe! I wish to try the Green one once I run out! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one, Ms. Martha! :)

  3. Snoe is a promising local brand they're slowly but surely climbing up the beauty industry ladder na. To be honest, i always feel reserved when it comes to BB Creams also this new CC Cream product as well, I'm not sure but BB creams makes me oily to death no matter what product i try :( hope this one wont break me out though.

  4. Wow thanks for this review, i love snoe especially their hair heroes, kaya lang this one, im not sure if i'll get it. i'm not loving the coverage, para sa makikinis nga lang to heheh btw, mis m, bigla kong naalala si askmewhats sayo don sa 'whom do i recommend this to?' Also, sana may magreview ng long time effect nito kasi i think the skin healing properties ay way down sa list ng ingredients nila though im no chemist, i know na the more potent an ingredient is in a product, the higher it is that you should be seeing it in the ingredients list

  5. I love their bb cream better, though i have not yet tried this, i'm not loving the coverage

  6. Snoe's product quality is okay naman, as what I've read in some reviews. I think it's not like bb creams that can be worn solely, yet it helps in our skin's color corrections. Snoe is really a promising product. This is just one of the few local makeup line that offer quality products. I hope they'll have branc here sa Cebu. Dying to try their products! Thanks for sharing, Ms. M ♥

  7. I'm not really a fan of BB creams, I try it once in a while but it doesn't match my shade and it makes me oily too. I think I have a sample of this CC cream, I'd like to give this a try.

  8. I've tried using Snoe's soap but not their makeup line. I think, this is a must try since it's affordable naman. I will try the Green and Wheat when I got a chance to drop by their store. Thanks for this, Ms. Martha. I'm looking forward to your next CC Creams review. :)

  9. i love snoes green papaya soap...very effective sakin in a short span of time...will try this cc or the snail cream perhaps :-) thanks ms. martha!

  10. Its nice alternative to have or parang pang spot concealing booster

    Beauty Colada

  11. I wanted for snoe products for so long, parang ang daming pros, pero this one, I've noticed parang di masyadong na-conceal yun face mo.:(

  12. Jenny and Ohms: Because It's not for concealing of grave marks, as indicated. It's good if you only have light marks to deal with. :)

    Jemimah: Thanks for sharing! Might check that out. :)

    Yanny: Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Do a patch test first before purchasing. :D

    Jaja: Exactly how I use it. :)

    Issa: go ahead! Let me know if you like/dislike it :)

    MarsiedMartian: I love their oatmeal soap. Smells so yummy! :)

    Eloise: It's cheap anyway. But if it's over 500 bucks, I'd raise a brow too haha. And regarding what you said about the order of ingredients, yup, that's right. That's why it's only 399php because the active ingredients are quite minimal. But if the active ingredients were near the top, it would be more expensive. :)

  13. Gosh, I really should start getting my hands on Snoe...ala pa ko kahit isang Snoe product :) Do you still top this with a foundation?? hindi ba sha parang primer lang since may color?

    My CC cream is from Nature Republic. Please check out my review here:


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