Review: VMV Hypoallergenics Elation Skin- Sensitive Fine Fresh Toothpaste

Here's a review on VMV Hypoallergenics Skin- Sensitive Fine Fresh Toothpaste with Natural Peppermint

Price: Around P300.00+
Bought From: VMV Hypoallergenics, The Fort High Street
Other Locations: Please inquire via VMV Hypoallergenics' Facebook Fan Page


Fortunately, I am one of the luck people who are quite immune to acne- triggering products. But I know for a fact that Peri-Oral Contact Dermatitis is a type of acne that usually occurs at the mouth region, and is mostly caused or triggered by toothpaste. Yup, you've read it right--the traditional overnight zit cure is also one of the culprits behind acne. Fluoride, Sulfate, Phosphates, and dyes are the commonly known toothpaste ingredients that trigger a flare- up. But don't fret--not all people are highly sensitive to these ingredients. (like me)

If you think you have Peri-Oral Dermatitis, or if you know someone who does, switch to an all- natural toothpaste that is devoid of acne- causing ingredients such as VMV Hypoallergenics' Elation Skin- Sensitive Fine Fresh Toothpaste.

I bought a tube for myself just to find out how an all- natural toothpaste tastes like. Folks, it is VERY different from regular toothpaste: It does not a have stinging minty sensation, has a smoother and more whipped texture, and a milky kind of taste. I love the fact that it has Xylitol, a fruit- derived sugar that fights cavities, and Calcium Lactate that help strengthen the teeth enamel. It also has natural peppermint oil for that fresh, minty taste. It comes in a taste- free variant as well--It's a very interesting product, although I think tasteless toothpaste is a little weird. :p

It took me a while before I got used to this toothpaste: In my first few days of usage, I was looking for the sheer minty burst of freshness in my mouth as this one is very, very gentle. I got to appreciate it more in my 3rd and 4th week of usage because I've noticed that it effectively tames AM breath. Last month, I have finally said goodbye to this tube and even if I want to maintain it, I find it a little expensive for my budget. Besides, I do not have Peri-Oral Contact Dermatitis.

It's also a good alternative for people who are willing to spend on a gentle toothpaste, and those who often get burns and blisters inside their mouth from using commercial toothpaste.


For more information about this product, please visit VMV HYPOALLERGENICS PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I get pimples around my chin whenever I'm using colored toothpaste lalo na yung gel. I read somewhere less colored toothpaste less breakouts. Is this the old toothpaste nila under skin saving essence line or different?

  2. I'll recommend this to my friend who has a Oral-Contact Dermatitis; I know she's using Dentiste for a couple of months now and she said it lessens the blisters on the sides of her lips. I'll let her see this post should she decide to try one herself. Thanks!

  3. heeh ths is a nice item to have pero not on my list of must haves. nice review and you are indeed lucky kasi ive noticed sa mga posts mo na ang kinis mo nga talaga , though basing from your review, it must really work for it to have 4/5 performance rating

  4. ooh this was new too me, i havent encountered Peri-Oral Contact Dermatitis, but I may recommend it to my niece but I understand it was not suitable for 12 years below.:(

  5. sounds great, i probably bought one to try for myself. I wonder how it will works to me.

  6. Kath: I'm not sure, but this is still part of their old line. :) There are two kinds of toothpastes from vmv: this one and the essence skin saving one. :)

    Yanny: I love dentiste too! :D Yes, I think your friend will benefit from this. :D

    Jaja: Yes, because it's not made with common chemicals that are used in commercial toothpastes. :)

    Purple: Hello and welcome back! :) Do let me know how this product works on you. :)


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