Some more late Christmas gifts. But I ain't complaining--they're very much appreciated! :D

Nomnoms courtesy of SM Accessories

Red wine, candies, almonds, (my fave snack!) and a cute key chain. These will definitely keep me company when I'm blogging at night. :)

Oooohh. Acqua Fresco and Adore colognes! I will talk about these newest affordable fragrances soon. :)

A collection of natural soaps from Fuentes Manila and a makeup loot from Tupperware Philippines. It's not in the photo, but I also got a Tupperware bowl!

Hurrah for Cheshire Cat Havaianas! Thanks, mom!

Finally, here's my first sample from Sample Room. I can't believe how big this sample is and I'm sure it will last me for more than 3 weeks!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you guys! :D

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow! Love the design of your new havs. I already tried the kerastase Chroma Riche Masque. It's a good product but the price is a bit expensive. I just use it once a week and it lasted naman for months. Mine is the full size that I won from the giveaway I joined :)

  2. Super cute Havs! I love almonds too.
    I'd tried using that BB Cream from Tupperware. I could say that it is good for every day use coz it's very affordable. I'm excited for your review regarding the Kerastase product. :)

  3. Wow you are so blessed, im looking forwardto your review ofthat masque mga ninja girls kasi ang bilis maubos stock sa sample room hehe, btw pwededin po ba magrequet ng review ng kerastase elixir?

  4. sample room is a very nice beauty subscription kaso un gusto ko lage out of stock. any blog post tip on getting what you want as fast as you can martha? :)

  5. excited for Aqua Fresco review, I heard it was very affordable.

  6. tupperware cosmetics are good! yun nga lang you have to find a local distributor para maka-order :) Aqua fresco and Adore colognes? I hope they're local brands like Zen Zest.

  7. @Miz Eloise: Yes sis, Ms. M is really so lucky and blessed :) That's God favor to her for being good and generous to us too! ♥

    I got some christmas gifts but only from our christmas party where giving gift is a must. haha Can't wait for the review of those beauty products esp. the Kerastase, Acqua Fresco and Adore colognes and the makeup loot from tupperware :)

  8. glad you were able to snag the Keratese product, ang bilis kasi maubusan sa sample room :)

    Beauty Colada


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