Xian Lim and Tippy Dos Santos' Choice: Adore and Aqua Fresco Fragrances

Xian Lim and Tippy Dos Santos-two of this generation's most beautiful and fast- rising faces. They lead very busy lives, and part of which is meeting a lot of people, most especially their fans so it is imperative that they look and smell good all the time.

When it comes to their fragrance of choice, they prefer a brand that has a variety of scents to choose from to suit their wide range of activities as well as their mood for a particular day that's why they've found their perfect match in Aqua Fresco and Adore.

Aqua Fresco and Adore body colognes are the newest affordable fragrances to hit the market. With a wide range of scents to suit your everyday mood, activities, and particular style, you're sure to make a good impression every time!

Aqua Fresco Fragrance Line for Men

Adore Fragrance Line for Women

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Apart from being a theatre actress, Tippy's currently a student as well. (and an honor student to boot!) When she's at school, she likes wearing either Adore's Chic and Flirty colognes to help her deal with the demands of the academic life with ease. And before she goes on stage for a performance, she wears Charmed to help her embody the role she's portraying, and for her to express the right emotions in every scene.

Xian's an actor, endorser, singer, and model-this IT boy of Philippine showbiz can seem to do everything, including sweeping girls off their feet! Being one of the most popular celebrities entails a lot of responsibilities such as tapings, photo shoots, meeting fans, and attending press conferences so Xian must make the right impression every single time. During tapings, Xian spritzes on his favorite Aqua Fresco fragrances, Enigma, Nirvana, Edge, and Rock to keep him energized in every take. During press conferences and fan meetings, he uses Drive or Intense to make him memorable, most especially to the girls! :D And during recordings or when he simply wants to connect to his musical side, he uses Rush to inspire him to create beautiful music.

I have this habit of matching the endorsers with the nature and theme of the fragrance and without a doubt, Xian's dapper personality and Tippy's sunny, free- spirited vibe befit the scents of Aqua Fresco and Adore. I got the complete set and I can't wait to review them for everyone! Currently, I'm loving Charmed and Innocent, while my brother is enjoying Enigma and Rush. More about these colognes in a detailed review soon. :)

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I wantedt to try that as how I joined the promo sa FashionPulis..Haha and my baby named after Xian..:)

  2. Wow naman real xian fan! I like xian may vibe siya ni robert pattinson and speaking of, i dont get it bakit nagkakafriction si maja at kim chiu gayong si kim na at xian diba? I wonder kung anong amoy ng colognes na yan

  3. i have seen this fragrances for a while now.but where to buy?

  4. i like that we get to choose from a lot of fragrance shops nowadays. Marami ng choices unlike before.

  5. Ohms: Cool! Now that's what I call a true fan. :D

    Jenny: They're available in supermarkets and watson's, i think. :)

    Yanny: Yup! Affordable choices, to be exact. It's great for lazy days. Sometimes, I use colognes as air freshener haha.

    Eloise: Thanks for the showbiz update! Hahaha. I don't really watch tv nowadays. :D It's either I read books or blog. :D They smell nice and fresh-perfect for our weather. :)

  6. its nice that a lot of local brand are improving na no? :)

    Beauty Colada

  7. Martha & Jenny:

    Hi! :) The products are available in the following:

    Available in the following stores:

    SM Supermarket
    SM Savemore
    SM Hypermarket

    Cherry Foodarama
    Daily Supermarket
    Ever Supermarket
    Isetann Supermarket
    Landmark Dept. Store and Supermarket
    Liana’s Supermarket
    Robinson’s Dept. Store
    Rustan’s Supermarket
    Sta. Lucia Supermarket
    Tropical Hut

    City Supermarket (CSI)
    Liana’s Supermarket Calamba and San Pablo
    LCC Dept. Store
    Tiongsan Dept. Store
    Unitop Supermarket

    Robinson’s Dept. Store Iloilo

    KCC Mall of Gensan


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