Bag Review: Guèdez Industria Bag in Firetruck

So here's my complete thoughts on Guèdez's Industria bag. I've written a short and sweet introduction about the brand, so please click HERE if you want to know a little about the brand and its founders. :)

Guèdez Industria retails at P2,690.00 and comes with a dust bag.

Call me a b*tch, but I'll still say that most mid-priced local bags would most of the time fail in some aspects: it's either they're sturdy but the style is blah or vice versa. The best thing about this bag is despite its affordability, it doesn't feel and look like a cheap bag at all--it's one of those locally- made bags that you can proudly flaunt because of its excellent look and quality. I'm a fan of luxury brands for bags, but I ain't that snooty to not appreciate local brands especially if it's as nice as this.

Let's now take a look at the Guèdez bag in detail:

This bag is made from a matte, jellied type of leather, and is beautifully structured-even without fillers inside, this bag can retain its shape on its own. Slouchy leather bags tend to develop wrinkles easily, but with a bag like this, it will take time. However, the bag's super smooth, spotless surface is a stain magnet: For food stains, it can be removed with just plain water and a soft toothbrush, but for tough stains like the ones from pens or paint, you might not be able to remove them anymore. :( Needless to say, it's not the best thing for careless people. :p And for a leather bag, it's cheap!

The rings for the strap on the sides of the bag feel very thick and sturdy!

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Nope, this is not a defect--this is just the style of the main handles. Cute huh? :)

Here's a closer look at the strap. Stitching is well done and very clean. I am very particular with the stitching, regardless if it's a local or imported bag, because it just tells me how long the bag will last.

Hooks of the strap: Wow, looks like they can withstand weight as they're very solid and thick! The width and thickness of the buckles remind so much of the ones on the strap of a Balenciaga bag!

Instead of a zipper closure, the bag comes with two automatic buttons. I like it this way because it lets me reach for my stuff easily. If you'll go through all my bag reviews, you'll notice that I don't have a lot of bags with zipper closures. If your concern is if the automatic buttons snap off easily and leaves your stuff open for everyone to see, nope, I didn't experience that with this one. :)

Interior: The interior is lined with a semi- thick yet lightweight kind of cloth. It's in black, so no need to worry about obvious stains and markings.

The interior has three pockets:

Zippered pocket

Two more extra pockets for more extra stuff. The small one is for your cellphone, while the bigger one is where you can store mini things that you tend to misplace in your bag such as parking tickets, keys, medicine, and jewelry.

Here's how much stuff this bag can accommodate. I can even fit three more books in there--it can also house an ipad! This bag is very roomy, and the thickness of its lining and exterior gives me a feeling that my stuff are safe and secure inside, albeit it feels heavy most especially if you stuff it as this bag has a little weight on its own.

Size Representation: Use the strap to give it a more laid-back appeal! But the strap is a little too long in my opinion: People who are quite short in terms of height may find the strap too long. For reference, I stand at 5'5.

The BF likes it! :)

It's one of those bags that I'd definitely recommend when someone asks me to suggest an affordable but good Filipino- made bag brand. It's not as hip and ornate as other bags, but its classic and easy-to-wear style and functionality makes it a practical choice!

Please visit GUÈDEZ's OFFICIAL WEBSITE for inquiries and orders.

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. it's simple and looks classy. it's hard to find a locally made bag that doesn't go overboard in the designs. like it. ang kulit ng bf mo ahahaha

  2. I was surprised when I saw the last photos. Malaki pala siya. Just perfect.

    XX, IamJenniya

  3. Kung ako ang may bitbit ng shoulder bag baka nasa knee ko na yan lol Nice color though


  4. i like big bags, and your bf like your bag indeed.hihi

  5. this is a very nice bag! perfect for moms like me who carry a lot of things when i go out with my son! :)

  6. Wow! An affordable leather bag! It looks good but I would be better if the strap is adjustable

  7. Nice bag. I would love to have on for myself too :)

  8. @jenniya: at first i thought you were referring to ms m's bf! hahah malaki siya? bag pala sorry got confused there,

    love the color at malaki nga siya. love your dress here ha very summery school girl ang dating.

    the first thing i look for in a bag ay un handle or strap kasi un ang unang nasisra saken lalo na pag leather napupunti siya agad dahil mabigat angdala ko. right now, im using CMG with metal chain handle. mag 6 months na at hindi pa nag gigive up un handle nia hahah. id like to know your thoughts on that bag kung months after ay intaact pa din ang straps

  9. Eloise: Yes, will get back to you on the strap's life. Actually, the strap of this bag feels really sturdy, especially the hooks. :)

    Luxury in a gift: Thank you and welcome to TBJ! You may grab yours from Guèdez's website. :)

    Blogchef: Thank you. :) Welcome back! :D

    Ann u: Hi! Actually, it is. :)

    Issa: You can even put your son's toys in here haha! :D

    Michelle: LOL! True. I told Trixie to add more holes on the strap. :D

    Jenniya: Yup, it is! :D

    Arya: Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Hahaha. He's like that--always wanting to pose for me. :D


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