Nail Art Tutorial: Easy Flower Bouquet Nails for Valentine's

Ack! Dry cuticles! Sorry, I haven't been wearing hand creams for the past few days because it's causing the gum seal on the handles of my Prada bag to chip!

Got a little industrious last Saturday, and I've whipped up this cute nail art tutorial that's truly perfect for the love season. Again, just like all of my nail tutorials, it's just easy peasy! :)


Base Coat
Base Color
Top Coat
Quick Dry Solution (Optional)


Various nail polish shades. Colors are up to you.


Large dotting tool
Fine Tip dotting tool

Click READ MORE and start dressing up your nails for Valentine's!

STEP 1: Paint your nails evenly with your chosen base color. I have used Max Factor's Glossfinity Nail Polish in Cerise.

STEP 2: We are now going to draw the flowers. Blob out the colors you're going to use for drawing on a piece of paper. I would suggest that you use one color at a time to prevent wastage.

STEP 3: Here's how you draw the flowers: Using the large dotting tool, draw a simple flower as shown in the photos below:

TIP: Practice drawing the flowers on a sheet of paper or a nail polish swatch wheel (if you have any) to avoid time- consuming mistakes.

STEP 4: Finally, using the fine tip dotting tool and another shade of polish, add the Stigma. (Or is that the Pistil? Hahaha. I have totally forgotten about the different parts of a flower)

STEP 5: Now imitate the drawing on your nails. Wait for your nail art to completely dry, then seal with a top coat.

That's all! If you want more flowers on your nails, use the fine tip dotting tool for drawing instead of the large one. :)

Hope you all liked it! :)

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  1. wow!meron na naman akong gagayahin sayo Ms. M!thanks for giving us tip.

  2. hay nako tinamad nako mag nail stamp dedesignan ko sana nails ko ng gradient effect kaya lang kakatamad, hahah i bought nail stickers nalang

  3. Those are really cute! they are elegant yet fun!
    Wanna follow me?
    -Jen <3

  4. Thank you girls! :D

    Jenna: Thanks for visiting and welcome to tbj! Yup, will check out your blog. :D

  5. i miss doing nail art on my hands :( how i wish my job permits it :(


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