One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure at Sulit

We all have our favorite stuff. Most of the time, we find it hard letting them go for it’s either they are so significant or we’re just being economical by storing them in the corners of our house, waiting for them to be re-used.

Take for example, my big DVD collection. I had amassed a DVD collection of rare movies from the 1920’s up to present. These are some of my prized possessions for it took me so much time, money, and effort to acquire them! Most of them are local and international indie movies, Oscar films, and documentaries. I like watching movies, but only those that have thought- provoking messages, mind- boggling plots and of course, intense actors. Also, since I majored in Acting in college, I also liked watching relatable films that would help me with my character studies. When I’ve graduated, I lost interest in my DVDs primarily because I got tired of watching T.V. Besides, I have watched all these films already. For more than two years now, these DVDs have been stuck in this corner of my closet, gathering dust and rotting away in the dark.

I just saw’s newest commercial, with the simple message “Ibenta Mo Na!” After seeing it, I immediately thought of my DVDs and realized that they could still be of use to other people!

Since I have no time to peddle my DVDs and I want to spare my blog from Blog Sale posts as much as possible, (unless it’s urgent) putting them up in a buying and selling site such as Sulit is the best option. I’ve always liked shopping at Sulit because you’ll find a wide range of dealers in here: From manufacturers, supplier, to retailers, it’s all here. Not only that, they also have a sheer variety of products from food, beauty, fashion, gadgets, automotive, services, to real estate and even jobs and business opportunities! So whether I’m looking for a cute dress or my next client, I’m pretty sure Sulit has something to offer.

Fun Fact: Behind Sulit’s massive success is such an inspiring, humble beginning: With just P2,400.00 in their pockets, RJ and Arianne David, founders of, had put up this website way back in September 11, 2006, particularly in RJ’s room. After just 6 years, Sulit has become the Philippines’ largest and number 1 buy and sell website, and it is the only local website in’s ‘Top 10 Websites in the Philippines’ ranking.

My first buying experience with Sulit was when I have put up my Polymer Clay accessories line- I found my cheap (and easy-to-deal-with) supplier of Fimo clays in here. (Unfortunately, I had to stop my business because I had to focus on my academics!) Overall, I’ve had a fairly good buying experience with Sulit so I think I’m going to try selling my stuff in here as I’ve found out that the sellers have pretty cool perks such as free posting of ads and Sulit Gold, the website’s virtual currency which the sellers can purchase to get more exposure for their respective products. Cool, huh?

I’ll try to find time to organize my DVDs, list them down, price them accordingly, and put them up in Sulit so they could find a new home ASAP, and so that I could add a little joy to the lives of those who have been searching high and low for these rare titles.

My footwear? Oh, they’re another story!

So if you’ve got some clutter to get rid of, try Sulit!

Please check out SULIT on Facebook and SULIT on Twitter.

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I'm actually thinking of letting go of my precious books. kelan kaya ako makakalet go?

  2. hehehe, di ko pa natry magbenta sa sulit, sa facebook lang ako lagi nagpopost ng buy and sell,

  3. iwas planning to mae an account in sulit to get rid of some of my items :)
    wow your collection is amazing.i never watch a 1920 movie.the oldest i think that ive watched is 1940 XD

  4. wow!you're such a certified collector.I never watched a 1920's film so cheers on you. SULIT.COM is very relevant indeed, I try to buy our friendship ring here wayback in highschool.

  5. Arya: Ako naman sa clothes! :D

    Ohms: Yup! I love DVDs! Thanks for sharing your Sulit experience! :D

    Jenny: Old enough! :D

    Eloise: I don't do Facebook selling 'cuz it's spammy hehe. :D

  6. Hello ms. The Beauty Junkee
    How much po ung movie na La Vie En Rose? Pls. email me po Ano p ung ibang titles? I also do business in sulit and FB :)



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