Parkson Pampanga Hauls+Eye Swag From Fly Shades

Hola everybody! Just came back from my awesome vacation at the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Pampanga! I'll just organize my pics and share my mega fun experience with you guys this week. Actually, I'm reaaalllyyy tempted to talk about it now for just a teeny bit but arrgghh!!! Contain yourself, Martha! Save it for the real post! :D

In the meantime, check out what I bought from Parkson, a Duty Free- type of superstore in Pampanga. :)

A fleece throw blanket to cover my bed. It's pretty dusty in our village lately, specifically in our street, because there are ongoing renovations on two houses and the dust coming from it -for some weird reason-always seems to enter my small window and dirty my comforter. This should do the trick!

Cat in the Hat! Dr. Seuss' storybook collection has played a huge part in my childhood, and this character was my most favorite--Until now, he still has a soft spot in my heart. Actually, he's the reason why I became so fond of cats! By the way, this big, slender stuffed toy is approximately P200.00+ only!

More hauls when you click READ MORE! :D

The coolest thing about Parkson's is they have loads of unique, cute, and super cheap furniture and decors. I've been searching high and low for a small, Chicago- style book shelf for quite a while now, and it's where I got it!

It's a collapsible shelf and I'm sorry, I can't pull out the panels and show the pretty Zebra print to you guys because they're quite heavy--I have no more strength to pull 'em out 'cuz the trip drained me! :p

To give you an idea of what my cool furniture find looks like, here's the closest representation I got from Google. Mine is in white, has 4 shelves only, and the Zebra prints are painted within the shelves. I'll show you a pic once it's mounted already! :D

Last part of my hauls: Beauty stuff! :) I got a couple of essentials like cartoon band aids, (LOL at that statement 'cuz I consider cartoon band aids necessary) a cute loofah, Caress Shower Gel in Black Orchid and Juniper, (smells really sexy and good!) and Delon nail polish remover. (a steal at P40.00+ only)  I also found an interesting product called Nail Art Pens made by a brand called Amazing Shine, and they act like pen markers for your nails. Let's see if these pens will make my nail art tutorials easier. Anyway, the Amazing Shine Nail Art Pens are at $2.98 each, and that's approximately P80.00++ only.

Finally, I came home to a tub of sunnies! These are from Fly Shades' Summer 2013 Collection. Ah, nostalgia! Fly Shades just brought me back to my high school years as it is the brand of my first- ever pair of sunnies! I'll muse about them in a separate post. :)

Have a Merry Monday my lovelies! :D

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Awww looking forward to the hot air balloon fest! Post prices miss m kung sumakay kayo ha! Ill schedule my next vacay there next year. Ang lapit lapit ko don pero havent been there

  2. Most often you get great buys from Parksons...
    I love their bargains and stuff... ( I live near Clark) can't wait to see you cabinet been looking a cute but usable one too...

  3. woah nice haul, fan of cartoon band aids too.:)super cute collections.

  4. Namiss ko lalo pampanga. I used to live in angeles city and I live near clark. :)

  5. i want the bookshelves. looking forward to your hot air balloon post

  6. Eloise: Didn't ride the balloon. I wasn't even able to go inside cuz there were a million people! LOL!

    Arya: Noted! :D Excited about that too. :)

    Miemiemie: Cool! You've got a great place right in there. It's so clean! :)

    Abnkkbsnplkono: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! :D Agree with your statement on Parkson's. Mom and I want to go back there to buy more furniture. :)

    Ohms: Same! :D


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