Review: BYS Lip Gloss and Lipstick Duo

Here's a review on BYS' Lip Gloss and Lipstick Duo in Chilli Red and Kiss Me Coral

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Dual- ended products are very convenient and economical because you get two products and colors in one packaging, and for the price of one-They come really handy during traveling, overnights, for small bags, and when you simply want to get an extra product without having to pay extra cash. :)

For a self- proclaimed lipstick junkie, it is quite uncharacteristic to not have dual- ended lip products in my beauty stash, (Que horror!) so these Lip Gloss and Lipstick duos from BYS are very much welcome to my lipstick collection.


BYS' Lip Gloss and Lipstick Duo comes in various shades and finishes. However, the labels don't indicate the finishes of the lipstick, so it's best to go to a BYS counter and try on the actual product.


Click READ MORE for the review and swatches, and get to know which of the two is my favorite!

I have a reader who said in a comment that reviewing the packaging is quite unnecessary, but I firmly believe that it's important to scrutinize it because it contributes to your overall experience with a product-regardless if it's affordable or pricey-and helps you come up with a better judgment as to whether you'll purchase it or not. 

The packaging of this product is not so nice: It does not feel fab, although I could understand that--heck, it's only P299.00. But what I don't like about it is the lipsticks are not firmly pressed on the base, and they fall off even if they're just new! My advice, since the cap is clear enough for you to see the lipstick, wiggle the product for a couple of times and check if the lipstick is wobbling--If it is, look for another stock.





The lipgloss comes with a doe foot applicator.

Chilli Red Lip gloss: Its color is a bright kind of red, although it's not really obvious in this photo since its finish is very, very sheer-It could even pass off as a glossy lip stain. It contains micro silver glimmers as well. Texture is smooth and moisturizing, consistency is semi- thick yet lightweight, coverage is sheer, and it has a Strawberry fragrance, albeit tasteless.

Chilli Red Lipstick- It's a cherry red shade with micro silver glimmers. Texture is soft, consistency is lightweight and spreadable, coverage is medium, taste- free, finish is glossy, and has a moderate, perfume- like fragrance. Also, it's a little streaky, and it takes a lil' effort to build up decently on the lips. To achieve a uniform finish, what I do is I layer the lipstick for a couple of times on my top and bottom lips, and use a lip brush to even out the coverage.

Lip Gloss and Lipstick combined- I find that wearing both products gives me a much better result than wearing them individually.

Chilli Red Lip gloss+Lipstick on me



Lip gloss

Also comes with a doe foot applicator.

Kiss Me Coral Lip gloss- Kiss Me Coral lip gloss is a pretty, subtle pink shade with a touch of coral. It has micro gold glimmers that aren't noticeable, but give your lips an extra volume boost by reflecting light--It's such a cute shade! Its texture, consistency, and finish is the same as Chilli Red Lip gloss--I think the lip glosses of this particular product have an identical formulation.

Kiss Me Coral Lipstick- It's a warm coral shade, and the finish of this one is totally different from that of Chilli Red: It's a plain shade with a satin finish, although it bears the same moderate, perfume- like fragrance as well. Coverage is medium, texture is smooth, and consistency is lightweight and spreadable. If compared with Chilli Red, Kiss Me Coral imparts a more even coverage, although it says otherwise in this photo as I've been dealing with a wound on my lower lip when I took this shot, hence I can't saturate it with too much lipstick.

Lip gloss and Lipstick combined: The lipgloss adds a pinky tone to the lipstick, and converts it into a nice My-Lips-But-Better shade!

Kiss Me Coral Lip gloss and Lipstick on me

The lip glosses and lipsticks are buildable, by the way. Regarding staying power, both products last for 1 hour only before you retouch-I didn't expect the products to stay on for too long on my lips since they both have this uniform wet finish and moisturizing consistency. But the good thing is, they keep my lips emollient, especially the lip gloss.

Out of the two, I like Kiss Me Coral better because its products can be worn on their own, its overall shade compliments my warm skin tone so well, and the quality of its lipstick is more superior to Chilli Red, at least to me. To sum it up, I think this product is good enough for its price, but only if you get something with a decent lipstick so I suggest go for the satin or matte ones, if they have any. I hope BYS would improve on the packaging because nobody wants a messy lipstick cap, and stained makeup kit and bag. (Oh most especially the bag!) :)


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  1. i agree with you! Kiss Me Coral really compliments your skin tone!

  2. wow i love the kiss me coral!
    geez! ang hirap pala nian pano pag mga impulsive buyer d na nila check.tsk tsk.i will pass on this product.ansaveh ng 1 hour lng.hehe :) tamad pa man din ako magretouch XD

  3. Kiss Me Coral really suits on you, I like taht too:)


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