Review: Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup in Warm Golden

Here's a review on Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup in Warm Golden

Price: P975.00
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Other Locations: Available in all local Revlon counters in leading department stores


For serious coverage, nothing beats cream foundation because it has superior concealing coverage if compared with regular liquid foundation, but I'm not a fan of its oily and heavy consistency, hence I don't really find myself wanting it. Over the years, Cream foundations have evolved into oil- free, lightweight mousses, but they require some effort to use, not to mention they end up being patchy and crackly if you don't work or set them properly. 

Revlon's newest foundation, Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup, (which I believe is their first- ever cream foundation) is a very interesting product because looks to me, it has combined two of the lovable traits of cream and mousse foundations: the superb concealing powers of cream foundation and the long- wearing finish of mousse foundation.

Revlon said that this product can last up to 24 hours, and has the Time Release formula, although the brand didn't explain it in detail. :p


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Packaging is a heavy and bulky, yet sturdy glass. Its packaging is too big to lug around, so just transfer an adequate amount to a small jar using a clean spatula if you want to bring this foundation with you during travels.

The foundation has a putty- like and bouncy consistency, and rich, smooth, and silicone- like texture. However, it reeks of a strong, chemical- like fragrance that's quite off- putting. Good thing the scent goes away when I finally set it with powder!

Our locally- available shade range leans towards fair- skinned girls as its darkest shade, Warm Golden, is a shade lighter than my skin tone--It also has an olive undertone, which totally makes this a mismatch for my skin tone. :/ Actually, the line has 16 shades all in all and I think Revlon should bring in the tanned and yellow- toned ones.

On the brighter side, I love its whipped, creamy, bouncy consistency because it enables me to do effective spot concealing with this alone: I put a dollop on my finger, then I dab it on my spots until it melts onto my skin, then I lightly run a finger on top of it to even out the surface and remove any excess product.

Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup when spread


With only ArtDeco Camouflage Concealer and Zero Kuma Concealer on me

With a layer of Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup

The product is breathable and spreadable, setting time is quick, coverage is full yet it doesn't make you look as if you're too made up, finish is matte with a hint of dewiness, and it's tolerable despite its thickness. When set with powder, finish becomes completely matte. A little goes a long, long way too! Its opaque coverage evens out the skin surface, making it smooth and flawless- looking. I only apply one layer most of the time because it has very good coverage. Besides, it has a tendency to look and feel heavy if I layer it on. (Of course)

HOW I WORK IT: I use a stippling brush with this foundation to get a soft- focus and natural- looking coverage. I buff the foundation in circular motions onto my skin.

Staying power is marvelous: My T-Zone gets oily after a good 4 hours, and the foundation stays intact for the rest of the day, yet is so easy to remove. It doesn't make my skin feel tight and dry during wear as well.

I really like this foundation because it is so innovative, but I wish we have more shade options in our local Revlon counters. Anyway, I never thought that an oily/combination- skinned gal like me could wear cream foundation on a daily basis, but this product proved me wrong! I think it will also suit dry- skinned gals  because it's creaminess may help soothe flaky areas, and it has Sodium Hyaluronate, a hydrating skin care/makeup ingredient. I recommend this to anyone who's looking for a very good yet affordable cream foundation. Revlon, please bring the rest of the shades to our country, especially the yellow- toned ones!


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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i would surely buy this too. Thanks Ms.Martha

  2. I wish they had more shades too! I was really tempted to buy it kaso their darkest shade is still off :( I wish it came with a pump too

  3. I believe there are darker shades than Warm Golden but they're not available in the local outlets here. I don't know why Revlon limits the shades available in the country since we also have our fair share of deeper skin toned people. I know of online shops that sell the darker shades but I don't want to buy w/o swatching it first. :( Anyway, the coverage of this foundation is amazing. Love how it can double as a concealer. :)

  4. Wow what a nice make up,,,i gonna find and purchase...thanks Ms.Martha:)

  5. Wow I love this Revlon color stay cream make up..gonna find and purchase...Thanks Ms. martha:-)

  6. Hey Martha, they actually have a wider range with deeper shades available in the States. Maybe you can request the local Revlon team to bring them here. The ones available locally are way too light eh. :)

  7. it looks like a thick bb cream to me

  8. Ruru and Luz: Thanks! :D

    Jas: Yes, I know that too--they actually have 16 shades, and I'm completely baffled as to why Revlon Philippines only brought alabaster and pink-toned shades to our country. :p

    Somilge: Hi there! Regarding the pump, hmmm...I think you'd have a hard time dispensing it from a pump as it's too thick and rich. I wish it came with a spatula. :)

    Lee: Hi there and welcome to tbj! :D Yup, the line has 16 shades all in all. Wonder why my corrections didn't paste in the post. :/ I'll edit it now. I'll also try my best to get in touch with Revlon. To tell you the truth, they always send me stuff for review, but I have never ever met with the local Revlon team! :D

    Arya: Interesting observation. :)

  9. I can't find a shade that's yellow enough for me.

  10. i dont think it will works on me since I'm oily face.:(

  11. i will definitely check this out! I like long wearing foundations and this is very affordable! i only hope that I find the shade that matches me.

  12. This is perfect foundation I am looking for this. I always wanted the foundation which last 24 hr. finally I found this. Thanks for this great review.

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  13. This very nice product review…love the product very much…I like its texture. Will buy this soon.
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  14. Very nice wiped cream ,I have not try any cream foundation ever…But I like the texture, I will surely going to try this.
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  15. I bought this yesterday in Warm Golden 320 (I'm an NC40-42). It's BOGOF at SM Makati till the end of the month, I think. Tried it after purchase and the coverage is just lovely but it has a very very noticeable gray/white cast, off or on cam! :( I'm stuck with two pots that I can't use! Any suggestions on powder that can counteract the gray/white cast and make it look more photo-friendly?


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