Sumptuous Sundays: Valentine's Date at 7 Corners

What's your favorite buffet place? My BF and I love 7 Corners at Crowne Plaza. :)

We love this place because it's small but complete-You won't be overwhelmed by the food selections. I don't remember myself eating here and still feeling that I need to eat something else. (if you know what I mean) They also have Lechon on a daily basis, which is a special dish in most hotel- based buffets, and it's currently one of the cheapest buffets in town at P1,600.00++ per head. What more can I ask for!? :D

Appetizers area

Main Course area

They also have monthly cuisine specials. For this month, they're featuring Mexican cuisine.

Desserts!!! :D

Click READ MORE for more food porn! :D

7 Corners' rate last Valentine's day was pretty high and from P1,600.00, it went up to P2,700.00++ per head. It's completely understandable because all restaurants are expected to raise their rates on special days like this. Anyway, this was their Valentine's Day Set Menu. Initially, the BF and I thought it was for ala-carte, but we're surprised to find out that it's included with the buffet: On top of the buffet, we got this special set menu individually! The BF and I completely agreed that the price we paid for was totally worth it!

Here are the dishes that came in the Valentine's Set menu:

Cherry Mojito Sorbet- Tangy, refreshing, and the shot of Mojito was the perfect inclusion to clear the palate completely.

Chicken with Mozzarella on Wild Rice Risotto and Grilled Scallopine and Lobster- The Risotto is lightly creamy and has a yummy smokey flavor, and the light taste of the chicken and semi- salty Mozzarella balanced the richness of the rice perfectly. The Grilled Scallopine and Lobster chunks were lightly roasted, soft, and flavorful, but I thought the sauce on it was a tad too sweet. Nevertheless, this is a good duo!

Flaming Chocolate Dome Cake- This dessert is quite a show-stopper. Check the photos below to know why:

The alcohol inside the goblet was set to flames, and then poured right onto the chocolate cake.

Whoa! It looks like a chocolate meteor! :D

After a few seconds, the cute chocolate ball had melted and revealed a crunchy cookie sandwich inside--It's just the classic chocolate cookie sandwich in thick chocolate sauce with a touch of alcohol. However, looks like the waiter had poured too much alcohol on it, and it has overpowered the sweetness of the dessert. :p The BF loved it though.

Upon check out, we got complimentary gifts from Laneige and Machiavelli Chocolates. :)

Wow, they gave out deluxe samples of Laneige's basic Cleansing line. I love it!

7 Corners is about great food, great service, and great experience. I truly recommend this place because it's perhaps the best buffet place in town! :D

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. the chocolate dome cake!!!!!!!
    and the laneige!!!! now I understand it's P2700 per head

  2. wow i would love to try 7 corners.ive only tried buffet in malls. :) that chocolate dome sold me!

  3. i agree with the color matching.thats why i havent bought this one.its not fit to my still waiting if ever revlon will do bring the other.

  4. waahh.. drooling.. :p So sad that my boyfriend and I wasn't able to dine last Valentine due to crowded restos.. we ended up eating in fast food huhu.

    but then we'll still celebrate it next week. :D We're actually a buffet sucker.. hihi

    have you tried Vikings? they also have wide selection of pretty good foods at affordable cost!

  5. wow the flaming chocolate, now I would like to try this place.:)

  6. Arya: Yup! It's because you get so much! Definitely worth it! :D

    Ohms and Jenny: I highly recommend it! :D

    Beatrice: Hi and welcome to TBJ! Indeed, it is! :D

    Sincere: Awww...:( That's true. Good thing we've foreseen that all the restaurants would be crowded on Feb.14 so the bf and I have reserved seats at Seven corners. :)


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