Review: Tupperware Forever by Marian Rivera Cologne

Here's a review on Tupperware's Forever by Marian Rivera Cologne

Price: Around P100.00++
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available via Tupperware representatives; Please inquire at Tupperware's Facebook Fan Page


My HG daily perfume is Lanvin's Eclat D' Arpege EDP-I've searched for perfumes that will replace it, but to no avail-it's really one unique fragrance. I ran out of it a year ago and was contemplating on buying another bottle 'cuz I'm missing its feel- good aroma, but I still have 50 bottles of various perfume brands to go! Clearly, adding another perfume to my collection, specifically my HG fragrance, is not a good idea because the rest would go on a hiatus! Besides, I have a bigger financial goal this year so I have to be extra wise with my cash!

When I got Forever by Marian Rivera as a Christmas present from the kind peeps at Tupperware last year, I was completely floored because it smells EXACTLY like Eclat D' Arpege--even the bottle looks like the latter's packaging, except that this one is made from plastic.

I'm sure everybody's familiar with Eclat D' Arpege's fragrance. If you're new to it, check out my review HERE.

I'm not really a fan of Celebrity fragrances, but I'd have to make an exception for this one because it's an Eclat D'Arpege dupe, except that it's a little lighter and staying power is not so good. I can happily spray this perfume anytime and as much as I want to without feeling bad 'cuz it's very, very affordable! I recommend you guys check it out! :D


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. haha now you posted a super affordable fragrance! yay! im definitely be getting this :) if its packaging is made from a glass it will look sexier!
    ty martha for sharing :)

  2. Good thing you found a dupe for your favorite Lanvin's Eclat D' Arpege EDP Ms. M :) I wanna try this kase your HG perfume has a really good review and that costs over P2,000++ but this one from tupperware is just less than 1% or the Arpege price. I want to get one but there's no resellers or dealers of TupperWare here sa Cebu na malapit samin. Can we order this online? :) Anyways thanks for the review Ms. M :)

  3. hmmmmm you got me thinking there ha, hg perfume dupe , now that's something! ahihih if you have not posted that i would not have takn notice cause im not a huge marian rivera fan. she's pretty and sexy kaya lang medyo hindi kasi finnesse magsalita,

    i will check this out

  4. I will try this! thanks for the review!

  5. Ruby: Hi there! Welcome! :)

    Eloise: Same here! I'd rather look at her in photos na lang but hey, that's her and at least she's not pretentious. :) Hope you could try this soon. :)

    Desire: Thanks for reading too! Awww...that I'm not sure. Maybe you can send tupperware a message via fb. :)

    Jenny: Couldn't agree more! :)

  6. thank you for this review! good thing my aunt's a tupperware agent. I'm not a fan of Marian Rivera, but I love the scent of eclat. If not for this post I won't even think about buying this. Thanks so much again ♥

  7. Lyra: Hello and thanks for visiting my blog. Welcome! Let me know how you like it! :D


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