Seeing Summer with Fly Shades!

I don't know anyone who did not own a single pair of sunnies from Fly Shades--yep, they've been around for that long, making stylish eyewear sans the heavy price tag. I owned a couple of sunglasses from Fly Shades when I was in high school-around five or six pairs, I think. I liked it that much because it allowed me to match my sunnies with my outfits at a price my allowance could afford.

Anyway! They've got a brand spankin' sizzling summer collection for everyone! It's a sunnies collection comprised of five different styles in colors that are easy to wear and could go with just about any ensemble.

Click READ MORE and see these sunnies in detail!

Pink Aviator- lightly- tinted sunnies like this would be perfect for driving on a cloudy day. :)

Black and White Aviator- Hmmm...I think this unisex pair with go well with an all- denim ensemble! :D

Bumble Bee- The tortoise shell brown color is so chic, and the unique bumble bee eye shape really helps slim down your face!

Oblong Frames- The classic sunglasses cut in a caramel brown color. Oblong- shaped sunnies help soften sharp facial edges, and elongates the face. :)

Square Frames- Hello, my name is Nicole Richie and I am passionate about Square sunnies. LOL! :D

So far, I'm loving the Black and White Aviator and Square Frames. What's your favorite? Oh, don't forget to check out FLY SHADES on Facebook for more styles. :)

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. The black and white aviator looked good on you! How about creating a post about frames that match one's face shape? Ciao! xoxo

  2. love the bumble bee!!

  3. Black and white aviator! hirap makahanp ng shades n walang refraction, kaya i end up buying un super chrap shades tlaga. Kc un mga nasa mall nahihilo ako may recraction kasi

  4. Dane: Actually, I was thinking of doing that. :D Noted, dear! :D

    Miz Eloise: I've been using Fly Shades before and so far, didn't experience any refraction. :)

    Ohms and Detsy: Same! :D

    Abnkkbsnplkn: Super! :D


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