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I'm sitting here in my brother's room, blogging and enjoying the last few hours of the long weekend with my Siamese cat sleeping soundly on his bed. "Isn't it a wonderful day?", I asked him. He raised his plump apple- shaped head and let out a silent "meow", which to me was his cute way of saying "Yes." I gave his fluffy body a soft squeeze and it sent him sleeping pronto. Ah! I can't get enough of my cat!

I remember, last month, I got four projects. I was on a high 'cuz I've never gotten THAT much projects in one month-That means I am 4 steps towards reaching my financial goal for this year. "God is good", I told myself.

Alas, one project got cancelled. And the three others? Well, still no updates on them whatsoever, and it has been a month already. Let's just say, they're as good as Cancelled. That means I'm 4 steps backward from my 2013 financial goal. But I'm still hopeful.

If I were the Martha before, I'd go: FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU%@$$@#$@##$@#$@#$@#$@$@$@$

But nah, I'm a grown up now. Cursing and wallowing are for kids. Well, I'd be lying if I told you that I wasn't saddened by this.

And then I came across Joe Vitale's quote:

"Some things that don't happen keep disasters from happening. Think about it-what you're being asked to do is TRUST. Trust that when something happens, it's good; and trust that when something you want doesn't happen, it's good too."

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Whew! That made me feel good! It makes a lot of sense, really: I could've flunked those projects. I could've met an accident while I was on my way to their events. I could've burned bridges by some unfortunate incident or unexpected conflict.

But my ego's telling me that: You could've proved yourself! You could've been closer to your financial goal! You could've been great!

So many voices inside my head. So many COULD'VEs. But I went for the advice of the grown-up Martha: I am letting go of my attachment to these projects, and I'm now moving forward, bringing with me all the values it has imparted to me-But if they happen, it's good. If they're not really meant to happen, then it's all good too.

There are so many opportunities that come our way, but not all of them are meant for us to do. You might go and ask, "If it's not for me, then why did it come my way?" It is because those opportunities that didn't happen don't only prevent disasters from happening, (as what Joe Vitale has said) but they're also meant to teach you the value of perseverance, tolerance, faith, and above all TRUST. In the end, you didn't lose anything, right?

I feel better now-much, much better. God is good indeed. Happy Easter again, everyone. :)

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17 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I used to curse a lot back then when things don't go my way. Like you, I'd like to say that I'm a grown up as well. At the end of the day, there are still more blessings to count than our disappointments. Love your spirit, Ms. M. :)

  2. Thats d spirit girl! Buddha taught us that Attachments lead to suffering. So d most direct path to happiness is detachment. Im in awe of u n hindi ka nanghihinayang don s seemingly lost projects. Pero tama ka theres always a reason for everything just trust. Though mahirap yang gawin ha.

  3. "Kung hindi ukol; hindi din bubukol" was my lola's mantra that she passed on to me since I was a kid. I always remind myself that and if it's meant to be, it's definitely for me. Cheer up girl, you know there's so much to be thankful for and for sure there are even better projects out there for you. you've only just begun :)

  4. A very inspiring post Ms. M! It's all about trust..Happy Easter moving forward for a new beginning!

  5. What a beautiful post Ms M! It's a blessed way to end Easter Sunday and welcome April. I'm here because I'm keeping watch of the time and greet you Happy 4th Anniversary but how could I have known na I'd be blessed pala with this post. Thanks! It inspires me as well. I actually looked up Joe Vitale and I'm downloading one of his short talks on YT. I'm going to remember his quote when expectations disappoint. It's a great booster. Thanks for sharing Ms M!

  6. Cursing and wallowing are for kids.-- TROOT!
    Sobrang nakaka relate ako sa post na ito, I think the most important thing talaga is to be at peace with yourself and just do what makes you happy.. Yes so many could'ves but hey weve reached this far and that only means we took risks, and life is all about moving on and taking risks.
    Stop worrying. Sabi nga nila sa office (this is verrryy famous) TIWALA LANG!
    Sana more posts like this Martha! Ikaw ba soulmate ko bakit parang pareho tayo ng pinagdadaaanan? May ganun?!

  7. thank you for the uplifting words! I'm sure many others have felt the way you did when your projects were canceled. I know I've been there!


  8. Yet another inspiring post :)I've always believed in the saying everything happens for a reason :) If it's meant to be, it's meant to be. I'm sure there'll be more projects for you, Martha! :)

  9. Very inspiring post. Thank you.

    I believe that bigger opportunities will come to you :)

    Happy Easter!

  10. Thank you for sharing this quote. I copied it in my journal to make it my mantra. I used to believe in "opportunity cost"... that when I gain something, I lose something. Now it has been improved because of what you shared. I love the optimism Ms. Martha.

    Congrats again to TBJ! :)

    PS. Today is extra special so I woke up early to check out your blog :))

  11. Another great read, Ms. Martha! I agree. Sometimes, some things are not meant to be. We just have to keep moving forward. That way, we can reach more of our goals and be happy and content as we can be! ^__^

    Happy Monday, dear! Happy 1st day of the month! <3<3<3

  12. I have always believed that God will never give me something that will break me and the challenges that come my way are for me to prepare for the other bigger challenges that are coming. I agree with you that whining is for kids and as grown ups we just have to learn to deal.

    Have a great week ahead. Thanks for all the tips and thoughts on beauty and life.

  13. Awww. I admire you so much, Ms. Martha. I love your Coffee Conversations segment. Whenever I'm down and things don't go the way I want it to be, I just think and remember one of your posts which is "On Why You Don't Have The Thing You Desire The Most Yet". Instead of being so sad, I just remember to trust God and hold on to my dreams. God has better plans for us, right? :) Thank you so much for keeping me inspired, Ms. Martha. :)

  14. Late na naman ako, second favorite post.hihi you're such an inspiring Ms. M!:)

  15. Michelle: Thank you for sharing your experience. :) I appreciate it. :)

    Eloise: Yeah, i turn to Buddha's teachings most of the time whenever I'm faced with really unfortunate conflicts or circumstances. I know, 4 projects down the drain seems like something that I should cry on, but nah, life is short to waste time on that. :)

    Ohms: You're welcome. :)

    Kate: Thank you! Glad my posts have somehow helped you. :)

    Sara: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! Thank you for dropping by too, and for reading my post. Have a blessed week ahead. :)

    Angela: Happy Tuesday! :) Thank you for your words. :)

    Iza: thank you dear! And thank you too for always reading my blog. :)

    BrownOso: You're welcome. I accept. :) And I wish the same to you too. :)

    Bea: The Law of Gestation, yes, these 4 projects are only previews of the bigger ones that are ahead and on their way. :)

    Joy: Thank you too, Joy. :)

    Jec: Thank you! :)

    Kris: Awww..Sweet! Thank you for the email greeting as well. :) God bless you. :)

    Josie: LOL! Cyber soulmates! :D Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)

    Yanny: Yeah! My lola used to tell me that as well, even my mom, until now. :) YES! The year has just started and I still have 8 months! :D

  16. I agree with this sharing of yours. I wish that whatever what was lost would pave way for better opportunities for you. :) Nga pala, thank you so much for sharing New Thought with me. My outlook in life have changed immensely since you've introduced that to me. And you know what? One of the things that I've prayed for for so long was granted. And all it took was to change how I viewed myself and others (and the world) using the New Thought way. Thank you talaga!

  17. relate much talaga ako d2.. i know the feeling na "ginto na naging bato pa" at "hawak mo na nakawala pa" haaay naka2depress kaya un.. :( but think positive, always TRUST HIM, maybe HE had better plans for you.. :)


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