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I grew up reading Archie Comics. (Who didn’t?!) While my peers in high school were gushing over their Sweet Valley High books, I was enjoying reading Archie digests. I’ve always liked how light- hearted Archie, Veronica, and Betty’s love triangle story is and it has helped me get through tough academic times and puppy love heartaches. LOL!

Times have changed and so did my preference for books and any form of written literature, but I won’t deny that Archie will always have that special place in my heart—and it still excites me whenever I see it in my bookshelf.

When I got news last year that MAC has decided to turn this cult series into a makeup collection, my eyes popped and I was literally at the edge of my seat as I was reading through the email! Indeed, an epic comic series deserves an epic attention and an epic collection!

Alright, fast forward to 2013. MAC’s first major makeup collection for Spring 2013 is Archie’s Girls, a collection that celebrates the love story and rivalry of Betty and Veronica. The grand launch was held yesterday at SM Mall of Asia.

Click READ MORE and see what happened in this super fun event! :D

Ms. Daphne Oseña. What do you think? Is she a Betty or Veronica? :)

The snacks served were soda fountain- inspired, and we got mini burgers, hotdog sandwiches, rootbeer floats, chocolate cupcakes, cherry colas, and sugar cookies. Jukebox music filled the air and there were dancers happily grooving to the vintage tunes. It felt like I was time warped back to the 60’s! Everything, from the atmosphere to the elements, has fused perfectly to set the mood for this fabulous collection. I love it! :D

We had photo ops and makeovers. Here’s Liz of Project Vanity who sported Daddy’s Little Girl from Veronica’s collection to a photo op with Archie.

While I, on the other hand, went for Boyfriend Stealer from Veronica’s collection as well. Liz and I both love Veronica!

Sorry girls, Archie is mine now! :D

Oddly, I did not get anything from the collection, but rather a tube of Candy Yum Yum lipstick (which is a permanent product already, by the way, so YAY!) and Fluidline Brow Gelcreme in Dirty Blonde from the Stylishly Brow Collection. Why? ‘Cuz mom offered to get me some Archie’s Girls stuff in Singapore. Hurrah to mothers! :D

Archie’s Girls is already available in MAC SM Mall of Asia, and it will be launched next week in the rest of MAC’s branches. Please call your preferred branch to inquire about the time and date of the launch. Click HERE to see the items in the entire collection.

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17 Lovely Thoughts

  1. How nice! I had a throwback when you mentioned SVH books, I was equally addicted to them as I was with Archie comics. I'm a Betty gal. :) In my opinion this MAC collection is highly relatable because Archie fans from the 90s-2000s are now all grown up and ready to wear makeup, if they're not doing so already. I'm excited to visit the MAC store at MOA late this month. Thanks for sharing this Ms Martha! I love the photos of you and Ms Liz.

  2. Nice! Im excited to check em out soon :)

    Btw, how much is candy yum yum in MAC counters? :) Thanks!

  3. Hi miss m, nice to finally meet you at the event of projectvanity earlier, i was not expecting you there, pero lo and behold, tumalikod lang ako, andon ka na haha im not sure kung babagay ang ganyang lipstick saken masyadong deep plum,

  4. Wow.... Ive seen this in your few blogs ms. M and you look pretty than betty and veronica #lols but since i cant afford any of these (hahaha poor me) nevertheless i dont close my door on having thm in the future.. Thanks ms. M for posting it... Its really nice... :)

  5. *hyper ventilating* Is it Christmas already?

  6. I really want to try MAC products. Good reviews are everywhere! Nice!. ^_^

    DAINTY CHIC by Loila L.

  7. MAC has been really creative in producing makeups. This Archie Comics collection from MAC brings nostalgia to me, back to the times when most students would spend time reading comics and even collect a pile of them. This will be a hit for sure, just like MAC's Barbie and Hello Kitty makeup collections.

  8. I haven't tried reading Archie comics but I'm a fan of Sweet Valley High. But then, I know this new collection from MAC will definitely make the girls go gaga. Look at their adorable collections, babe! Plus with the foreign models who looks really alike with the Archie Comics characters. Their collection looks playful and bright. For me, perfect for my colorful summer. I love that you were there and Liz, especially that one pic wwhere you almost gave Archie a cheek smooch :D Sure you had a good time. Thanks for sharing Ms. M! ♥

  9. Btw i think it would be cool if you could do a feature on your mom here parang ang cool cool nia!

  10. The Boyfriend stealer looks great on you! :)

    I wanna buy 'em but I wasn't able to preorder online and I wasn't able to make it at the store launching as well. For sure out of stock na sila sa store. Lol.

  11. i agreed with Miz Eloise, pero parang nakita ko na sya sa isa sa mga post mo na parang nagfeature kayo ng isang 5star hotel =)

    yay for supportive moms! hihih

  12. Team Veronica!yay!But I wanna grab those betty bright from team betty,..hahaha! Your mom is sooo cool Martha! :)

  13. you look good in your Veronica style.:)

  14. Kris: LOL! Oh you bet, it's so highly- relatable that it's sold out everywhere! :D

    Liz: Candy Yum Yum is 1k. :)

    Eloise: Haha! Liz didn't expect that I'd go too. :D Anyway, pinkish plums would look better on fair skin tones, and the lip shade I was wearing would look too dark on you. :)

    Yette: Thanks! Waaah. Betty Bright was sold out in less than 15 mins!

    Rhaindropz: Yeah, that was her. :)

    Maggie: Hello dear and welcome to tbj! You're welcome. Thanks for reading. :D

    May: Oh, a hit it truly was! I hope they release a collection featuring the Power Rangers lol! :D

    Loila: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! :D Yes! MAC is a very good brand. I can attest to that! :D

    Desire: We sure did enjoy the event! Thank you for visiting. :)

    Detsy: Same thoughts! :D

    Jec: Thanks! I'm hoping she could grab some in SG. I heard the collection's sold out in there. :(

    Arya: and I like the Veronica stuff! :D

    Ohms: Thanks! :D

  15. MAC Power Rangers? Why not! lol...or MAC Betty Boop? :)

  16. Wahaaaaa nice!! I agree with you who doesn't love Archie Digest. (I also love sabrina the teenage witch, and jughead haha) Anyway, I haven't tried these limited collection yet, pero Ive read from Kelly Misa's blog that these are really cool stuff! A must actually considering these are MAC cosmetics! Pwede pang day pwede pang night, choose choose lang din. I'm both betty and veronica btw haha. I think you look better in Betty shade, Martha :)


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