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Here's a review on Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set

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Recently, I got this much- raved about brush set from Real Techniques. I know for a fact that it's a best- selling line, but never knew that it was THAT famous. I looked up for reviews on it online, and Google showed up 3 full pages of blog reviews and features! (positive ones, at that)

So who's the lady behind Real Techniques? Samantha Chapman, makeup artist and Beauty Vlogger at the famous Pixiwoo channel was the brains behind this brand. I'd like to believe that she's the international counterpart of our very own Sophie Uy of Charm Makeup Brushes. If Sophie aimed to offer high quality yet affordable basic and pro makeup brushes through Charm, Sam created Real Techniques to help every makeup lover, newbie or senior, to achieve flawless, expertly done makeup--it's like having your very own makeup artist at your beg and call!


The Core Collection is comprised of four complexion brushes designed to help you achieve beautiful coverage. It comes in a very lightweight, compact Panoramic case with extra slots to house extra makeup brushes. However, on its own, I can't really call it travel- friendly because it lacks a couple of important brushes such as the eyebrow brush, blush brush, spoolie, and at least one eyeshadow brush.

But the cool thing about the case is, it can stand on its own! :D

Here are the brushes included in the set:

L-R: Contour Brush, Foundation Brush, Detailer Brush, and Powder Brush

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Real Techniques is made from plush, hand- cut Taklon bristles. (cruelty- free. Yay!) The ferrule is made from aluminum, and I love, love, love the rubberized, slip- free brush handle. Overall, the brush feels super sturdy.

Here's a more detailed look at the brushes:


- Made to apply loose/pressed powder and mineral powder foundation.

It has a semi- domed shaped that helps blur out obvious powder streaks. I find its circumference a tad small for my liking, and it takes me a while to cover my entire face with powder whenever I'm using it. It's not as dense as I expected it to be, but at least the overall shape is compact-it buffs powder right where you want it to be and leaves no amount wasted. It works best with mineral powder foundation though.


A rounded contouring/highlighting brush for the face.

Ah! my most favorite brush in this set! It's a multipurpose highlighting and contouring brush that you can use all over your face. Its denseness is just right, and the tapered tip lets you contour your temples and jawlines perfectly and naturally.

This is how you can maximize this brush: The body of the brush is best used for contouring the planes of the cheeks, while the tip is best used for highlighting the apples and nose line, or shading the forehead and temple area.

I soooo love this brush because it lets me achieve a well- blended contour with the right kind of width even with minimal effort. I don't know how to explain it anymore so I'll just say that I love the way this brush creates a flawless contour! :D


A detailed brush for liquid complexion products.

This is sort of an improvement of the traditional liquid foundation brush. It has jagged edges that let you apply foundation on hard-to-reach areas. Its also the thinnest-in terms of density-liquid foundation brush I have encountered. I like using this brush on sheer liquid foundation and tinted moisturizer so as to maximize coverage. Works best with liquid primers too.


An all-around brush for concealing problem areas.

This nifty, tiny brush is a force to be reckoned with. Its jagged edges makes it best for creating a fuller and more defined lip, and for concealing the inner corners of the eyes, nose, and edges of the mouth. Works well with any kind of lipstick, (even lipgloss) cream concealers, and post- acne marks. For hygiene purposes, I'd recommend that you use this brush on one facial area only. As for me, I use it on my under eyes.

To sum it up, I like this brush set because of that super fabulous contouring brush, not to mention the brushes that come in it are quite multitasking too. It's a wonderful complexion set that I'd recommend to those who want to explore beyond basic makeup brushes, and those who want to achieve a PRO finish without exerting too much effort.


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18 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Parang my nakita yata ko ganyan s landmark. I love d detailer brush. Pwede po b bilin separately?

    Bet ko p din un mga retractables version s charm

  2. They look like duo fibre... I love the density and shape of each brush.. Question, are they easy to clean? Thanks Ms. M... :-)

  3. I currently own two brushes from Real Techniques, the Stippling Brush, and the Expert Face Brush. Both are great in applying foundations/BB cream. Most say that the Powder Brush (or the Buffing Brush) is good for applying liquid bases, which is weird since it's meant for products in powder form. Haha! I can't seem to have enough brushes for my base products so I'm planning to buy this set too! :) And the contour brush is really intriguing!

  4. " However, on its own, I can't really call it travel- friendly because it lacks a couple of important brushes such as the eyebrow brush, blush brush, spoolie, and at least one eyeshadow brush."

    I think it isn't suppose to be a complete travel brush set po but it is a complete face brush set since it covers the basic brushes for a flawless base (foundation and concealer) application. You should try the expert face brush po, it can be bought on its own po, it applies my tinted moisturizer/ bb cream (vmv skintangible) nicely. The expert face brush is like the powder brush but more packed/ less fluffy, its more suited for liquid foundations but it also can be used as a powder foundation brush as well :).

  5. Also po, the brushes are color coded po and they have their name of use on the handles po, the orange ones are for the face/base, the pink for the finishing touches, and the purple ones are for the eyes. I wish the purple one were for the face since I love purple hehe.

  6. Also po, the brushes are color coded po and they have their name of use on the handles po, the orange ones are for the face/base, the pink for the finishing touches, and the purple ones are for the eyes. I wish the purple one were for the face since I love purple hehe.

  7. Eloise: Really? Real Techniques is already available in Landmark? :D The detailer brush, I think you can only get it in this set. :)

    Marjorie: Yep! And dries quickly too. :)

    Toni: Hi there and welcome to tbj! Yes! The contour brush is truly a must- have, in my opinion. Never really thought of using the buffer brush from this set for liquid products too hehe. :D

    Anonymous: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! Thank you for the tips! My, you seem like a Real Techniques fan! :) I understand that it's a complete set for the face, but that's what I truly meant-it sort of lacks a couple of brushes for it to be travel- friendly. :) Yes, I have the expert face brush too and I love it! :D

  8. Thanks for the review Ms M! I'm no makeup brush expert but I'm saving to purchase Charm brushes, first na yung retractable kabuki brush. When I'm better at putting on makeup, perhaps I'll do a brush haul and try Real Techniques :)

  9. I'm sticking with charm brushes..:)I'm still practicing on how I'm gonna master each one... hahahaha! :)

  10. I love my RT brushes, una't tanging brush set haha. I'm a makeup noob and for this to work for me na nagmumukhang maayos ang makeup on me speaks volumes how good it is for noobs haha. I have the starter set, the kabuki (it folds open! Lol),the expert face brush, the stippling brush and the blush brush. The Travel essentials yung set na may brush for the base, eyes and finish. Have you tried standing them on your table while reaching for something else? I dunno, it seems nifty to me since I don't have that much brushes haha. Also, I appreciate an color coded say haha! Mas pinadali para as noob name tulad ko

  11. I have the RT expert face brush and I love it more than Sigma. It's so soft on the skin and really blends foundation well, can be used as blush and powder brush too. If there's one all-around brush for me, it's this. Only downside is when I wash it (once a week) it takes time to rinse off the soap residue.

  12. it is so nice to have just 4 brushes but can do a lot of things.:) sayang I am over my brush addiction..I currently have 4 sets from Charm and I stopped putting on make up for a while.

  13. I have this collection.

  14. I'm fine with my charm brushes, but when I have to use it, I like to see how it works on me.

  15. Hi tbj, are the bristles soft and can you please compare it to charm? I love the soft and fine bristles of charm and i like RT's elegant design (based on pics I see online) but I don't want to commit the same mistake I did years ago when I got too attracted with Sigma's pink travel set and bought it online only to get disappointed by the stiff and rough bristles. :( Thanks and great review btw. :)

  16. Anonymous: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! Thanks for sharing: I have the Expert Face Brush too, and it's great! Been using it on all of my liquid bases lately. :) However, I haven't experienced that rinsing problem-I use human hair shampoo. :)

    Jing: Hi Jing and welcome to TBJ! RT brushes are quite soft as well, but Charm's softer. :) Don't worry, RT's brushes are not stiff and scratchy. :)

    Kmmyp: Same! :D

    Ohms: I love my Charm brushes too, but RT is a nice change in my makeup routine. :)

    Kris: Thanks for sharing! :D

    Somilge: Thanks for the detailed sharing! :D The bigger brushes have better standing capability imo. :D

  17. Lovely review. Following you. I love them!!! I got my Real Techniques brush sets from and used a discount code and got free shipping! You can use discount code QIH951 (no expiration!) and get $10 off your entire purchase!=)

  18. The cheapest RT brush you can get ladies!!!! I got my Real Techniques brush sets from and used a discount code! You can use my discount code JGS688 (no expiration!) and get $10 off your entire purchase! They do ship worldwide for only $4 =)


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