The Curious Case of Benefit Fake Up

Last Friday, Benefit had invited me to an urgent meet-up with a handful of beauty bloggers and vloggers to solve the case of the missing Benefit Fake Up Concealer. I was horrified at the thought that somebody could do such a thing to the kind peeps at Benefit! As a devout user of the brand and as a friend, I went to investigate.

When I got to the venue, they immediately told me: RAISE YOUR HANDS! YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT! ANYTHING YOU SAY CAN AND WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU IN THE COURT OF LAW! Flabbergasted, I did what I was told to do and they inspected my bags and body. In the end, they didn't find anything. Whew! I was safe! I thought I was going to beauty jail! (Of course, this is just an exaggeration. They just asked me to pose with the SUSPECTS sign LOL!)

And so we proceeded to the facts about Benefit Fake-Up in order to determine our main suspects:

Fake Up is a gorgeous skin care- based concealer. Enriched with Vitamin E and Apple Seed Extract to keep under eyes hydrated for up to 6 hours, and its lightweight, wrinkle- diffusing coverage provides a comfortable, natural finish. It comes in three shades (light, medium, dark). Sounds like a gem product that's why it was stolen!

Here's Professor-in-Pink Alyanna and Detective RJ who both lead the investigation.

So who stole Fake Up? Find out when you click READ MORE!

In here, Professor-in-Pink Alyanna-in-pink was telling us more deets about the product. Since Fake-Up was primarily designed to treat dryness and conceal dark circles and wrinkles, we narrowed it down to two suspects:

Photo Credits: Benefit Cosmetics Philippines

Frenchie: The vain French Maid who'd obsess about her dark circles and wrinkles in front of the mirror when here masters are away.

Imma Dry: The donya who deals with undereye dryness on a daily basis. (Forgot to take her photo! :D)

Professor-In-Pink Alyanna showing us some nifty tricks with Fake-Up and the rest of Benefit's under eye products. We figured that by using Fake-Up, we'd trigger some unusual reactions from the main suspects and get tell-tale signs that would end this mission once and for all.

So who stole Fake-Up? The crook was Detective RJ! He started quivering when he saw Fake-Up in action and looked dead obsessed as Professor Alyanna used the product-he finally admitted to doing the crime! OMG-didn't see it coming! Sorry Imma Dry and Frenchie, you were innocent gals after all! But we had to let Detective RJ go 'cuz we understoond why he stole Fake-Up-HE NEEDED IT! :D

We deem the Curious Case of Fake-Up, solved! What a fun way to end the week! :)

EXTRA EXTRA: Here's a sneak peek of Benefit's line- up for 2013:

 Stay Flawless 15-Hour Primer, Porefessional Agent Zero Shine, Rockateur Box O' Powder, and Benefit Dream Screen Liquid Sunscreen.

Under My Spell Noelle of Crescent Row Fragrances.

Took home a sample of Fake-Up for helping Team Benefit solve the case. Let's see why this product is steal- worthy!

Benefit Fake-Up Concealer retails at P1,300.00. It is now available in Benefit Greenbelt 5, Shangri-La Mall, and Rustan's Makati.

Please visit BENEFIT COSMETICS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about the product.

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. You are the cutest suspect I've ever seen! Haha. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

    I am Jenniya

  2. Haha you look so adorable in your glamorous mugshot. Interesting products! I'm curious about the Porefessional Agent Zero Shine.

  3. Hahahaha!suspect eh... :) can't wait on your thoughts on this Ms M..that would be a treat for my eye..:) btw, i soo love ur dress! :)

  4. Looks like a fab event! Looking forward to the release of the shine free primer and Noelle fragance! :)

  5. Oh I watched a vlog about this event and it was really fun watching it! I saw you Ms M in that vlog while your photo as suspect was being taken. It was indeed a fun event and the Fake Up concealer looked interesting not only because of its concealing side but its moisturizing properties as well.

  6. im really looking forward to your review. do i really need this or baka naman pewdeng moisturizer at concealer nalang. of course the packaging is great kaya lang i think this is just a nice to have not really a must hve

  7. I've been looking at this product for a while. Can you compare it to the cinema secrets concealer? Thanks!

  8. this new item is unbreakable, I would love to hear your thoughts on this.its seems you had fun with the theme.:)

  9. Sure you enjoyed this event Ms M! I really love how benefit make their packaging fun and youthful. Love their products too! Thanks for sharing Ms, M! Oh and btw, is that Ana Victorino and her sissie?

  10. ang cute namn ng presentation..teehee...talagang my suspects pa! haha! at Detective RJ does need it..hihihi... I like your dress Ms. M!

  11. I'm inggit. it Should've been a fun, fun event. The concept was great!

  12. Can't wait for all the new products to launch! !! Any clue as to when they will launch? ???

  13. Jenniya: Thanks! :D

    Anonymous: Hi there and welcome to tbj! The collection is out now! :)

    Dana: It was indeed! :D

    Leilani: Yup! We all needed it haha! :D Thank you! :)

    Desire: Yup! Ana and her sister. :)

    Ohms: Yup! Will review it soon. Yes, it was such a fun event. :)

    Eloise: We'll see about that. :)

    Sera: Cinema Secrets is more opaque than this. :)

    Benefit Gal: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! Same here! I'm looking forward to those you've mentioned and the powder! :)

    Jec: Thanks! :D

    BrownOso: Same! :D

    Kris: From Say's channel? I'll definitely check that out! :D So far, I like its hydrating effect. :)


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