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I've been doing Barre3 for almost two months now and here's a little journal about in case any of you here are curious about it, or have been meaning to try it.

Why did I do Barre3 in the first place? For one, I have long been wanting to try it out. Second, the gym in our village lacks variety and sadly, the area is too small to do floor exercises-I'm not really fond of using exercising machines-apart from good ol' treadmill to warm me up-because I can attest that nothing beats the efficacy of body weights. Third, I have a background in dance and from the looks of the moves, looks like it's a dance-y workout. (Thought that it would somehow feed my love for this art)

Finally, it's also easier to workout if you're in a group and you have a teacher that pushes you to do your best-I have no problems with motivation, really, but like any other person, I have my lazy days not to mention I'm always out of the house and I can't do my usual at-home workouts.

In a nutshell, Barre3 is a toning exercise. It's a combination of Yoga and Pilates plus a few Ballet poses and with heavy use of the ballet bar. It aims to increase flexibility, develop a strong core (definitely what I'm excited about), improve posture, (definitely what I need) and help you achieve a dancer- like body (that means longer lines, and super toned arms and legs). In one session, you're guaranteed to lose around 500-600 calories depending on the effort you exert.

I only enrolled for a one month unlimited class (P5,500.00) just to check if it's for me, but little did I know that I'll get hooked! And my body so far? Well... :D

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The Gear: Workout attire and special socks with rubber grips on the sole. You can purchase one directly from Barre3 at P250.00 only.

The Tools: Rubberized Ball, dumbells, straps, mat

Time: 60 minutes

Every workout equipment will be provided by Barre3--this is what I love about this workout: They don't require you to bring complicated stuff apart from the socks. (You can even go without the socks) Just come as you are.

Joining the Selfie While Working Out group :D

I had watched the official video of Barre3 featuring Sadie Lincoln, founder of the said workout, and she promised that you'll see a significant difference on your body in just three sessions. In my case, I lost around three inches off my waist in just two weeks-Please bear in mind that I have been doing it for at least 3-4x a week and with a pseudo-diet. However, my arms have bulked up, which caused the people I know to muse that "You got fat" every time I see them. Now dear reader, fret not because you will not get fat if you do this workout or any toning exercise for that matter (that's impossible)-you'll just get bigger for a while because Barre3 is designed to develop your muscles. Females and males have the same muscle capacity and activity, but the former don't have testosterone to sustain large muscles so eventually, they will tone down. My legs have gotten bigger as well, but they're a little toned and stronger now!

And yet..another selfie

Now I will be honest and say that it is hard. (If a workout promises to make you lose 500 calories in one hour, don't expect it to be easy) I struggled for a little in the first class: I was shaking like a leaf after the first 15 minutes and my body ached all over afterwards. After the third class, my body got used to it already, which leads me to a tip: The trick to overcoming body pain caused by exercise is to do it consecutively and allow two or three days rest for your body to recuperate!

The teachers are very nice and friendly, and they have good name recall. They won't make you feel intimidated if you're new and they always try their best to correct your posture especially if it's a full class. Unlike other workouts and trainers that force you to keep on going until you die (lol), my teachers would always say throughout the class to rest if we feel that we need it-"Listen to your body" is what they'd always say--Barre3 wants you to achieve a better- looking body without the injury. They also have moderations for every move to match your skill level, and tell you to focus on every move, repetition, and your posture which eventually helps your overall concentration.

I go to The Spa at The Fort for my Barre3 classes. The place is very neat and classy, and the equipment are sanitized after every use. The classes always start and end on time.

I don't know what's with this exercise, but it just makes you feel good physically and emotionally afterwards-maybe that's why I got hooked on it!

Arm Muscle Selfie last night

Again, Barre3 is a toning exercise. It will make you lose weight eventually because bigger muscles mean you burn more fat, but if you want faster weight loss results, do cardio and supplement it with this workout or any toning exercise. I would recommend this workout as well if you want to improve your posture, flexibility, and grace.

Now I feel stronger, I've never looked this lean and fit, I correct my posture automatically, and my golly, my waist has shrunk significantly: My eternal problem is my torso area and I'm glad that Barre3 has helped me with it immensely. I'm still far from my #ProjectMirandaKerr body, but I'm quite happy with what I have achieved so far. If you're doing Barre3 at The Fort too, let's attend a class together one time! :)

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  1. What's your weight po and height? I have the same body type as yours po kasi, need to slim down cause I'm getting fat due to my allergy medications. Any other exercise po that helps you firm up?

  2. Aha alam ko un last pic. Sa majolica mascara face off yan. Actually miz m you looked so sexy non lalo n in your dress and from behind very shapely anfg iyong bum. Is this also a result of the barre sessions?

  3. High five! I've been doing barre3 in Alabang for almost 2 months now and MY GOD THE RESULTS ARE AMAZING. Still far from my dream bod, too, but when I look at before-and-after pics of myself, I can't help but smile :)

  4. Anonymous: Hi there and welcome to my blog! :) To lose weight quickly, do cardio first and supplement it with a toning workout such as Barre3 to firm up as well. :)

    Eloise:Yup! All Barre3-because we do a lot of squats in there. :)

    Wonder Woman: High Five too! :) Actually, I have to stop due to work-but I'll definitely be back soon! :)


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