Review: K-Palette Real Lasting Eye Pencil

Here's a review on K-Palette Real Lasting Eye Pencils in Black and Brown

Price: P895.00 each
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You know, I like K-Palette's liquid eyeliner so much, but what I don't like about liquid eyeliners in general is they have a glossy finish-I prefer matte because it looks more natural and deepens the eyes better that's why I will always be a gel liner gal. While eye pencils yield a matte finish too, the recent ones I've tried can't seem to withstand my oily lids-not even the so-called long-lasting ones.

So here comes K-Palette once again, like a fairy godmother who comes to aid a dolorous damsel, with the new Real Lasting Eye Pencils for someone who likes it deeper, darker, and matte--someone like me.


These pencils were dubbed as smudge- proof, water-proof, tear- proof, fast- drying, and are made with 5 beauty essences. The proud feature of this line is the soft lead pencil that prevents tugging and scratching while eye lining.


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The pencils come in a swivel stick packaging: its look and compactness are almost the same as the Real Lasting Liquid Eyeliners, except that these are a lil' longer.

Most pencil eyeliners would either come with a sharp or chubby tip, making it harder for everyone to line their eyes comfortably and thinly, but this pencil has a rounded tip with a very small diameter instead-if compared with regular eyeliners, I get thinner and more precise lines with it.

Deep Brown

Super Black

Texture is very buttery and I get very good coverage in one swipe. The consistency of soft lead is such a dream for everyone especially those who have sensitive eyes! However, I find that it does not dry up quickly as advertised, most especially if you layer it on for around three times or more.


Deep Brown

Super Black

I'd also like to mention that it is hard to achieve precise winged lines with it-let Real Lasting Liquid Eyeliner or Real Lasting Eyeliner Micro do that job for you.

K-Palette Real Lasting Eye Pencil in Super Black after 13 hours of wear--I also perspired like an athlete and did Barre3 when I wore it. As you can see, the liner still looks intact and there are no obvious signs that it has smudged! Take note, I didn't wear any eye primer with it!

And finally, I just want to share this very useful technique that stemmed out from one of my boo-boo moments with this product:

I have this habit of overdosing my eyes with eyeliner. One time, I've overlined with this product and noticed some smearing on the middle part of my lids around midday. The next day, I tried to control this habit and applied one layer only on both lids and voila! No smudging, smearing, and transferring have occurred during wear. My hypothesis is, since this product doesn't set quickly, piling it on for more than twice will cause it to not set properly at all. Good thing it's very pigmented so you'd only need around one or two layers to get superb definition. I would also advise those with hooded lids to line closely to the lash lines.

Despite the aforementioned caveat, I still love this product because it's by far, the only eye pencil that has withstood my super oily lids, and it's a quick and easy to use alternative to my beloved gel liners.


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  1. O therefore conclude im gonna buy the liquid pen eyeliner! As of this moment ay papunta nko beauty bar

  2. I would love to try out the black one. I hope it is available here in our city. =p

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  3. 13 hours and it still looks just newly drawn?! Effective. Have you tried smudging it to have a smoky look effect. I see in some makeup videos where the makeup artists smudges the eyeliner for that smoky look effect (of course there are some eyeshadows in place already). But I still find it a bit expensive for an eyeliner. I'll stick with my gel liners first hehe. But I'll remember this (who could forget the name)--Real Lasting eyeliner. Thanks!

  4. Flynster: I've tried doing that, but I didn't like the effect. I still prefer kajal when it comes to that smokey eye makeup technique. :)

    Raisie: Hi there and welcome to my blog! Thanks for visiting! :)

    Eloise: Weee! Enjoy! :)


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