Beauty Queen Hair at Salon Beauvoir

Big Hair, Big Lashes- It's a look that I try to achieve every single day because I believe that volume makes everything beautiful and interesting, at the very least. I don't have a problem with my lashes. (thank God for whoever invented the volumizing mascara) As for my hair, I don't consider it problematic, but rather challenging because I can't seem to inject volume into nor style it, not to mention I don't have the patience for it.

My hair is glossy, pin straight and fine, and it's the type that defies curling irons, hair mousse, and hair sprays-my hair doesn't care if the tools are the best in the whole planet that's why I'm just a wash and wear kind of gal. On special occasions, I exert a little effort on my locks by curling them: they're nice at first, but the niceness will last for only 30 minutes that's why I don't even bother going to salons for precision styling-Tried it for a couple of times already, and my hair would still end up looking the same. So why waste time and money?

I attended a big party last Saturday-my hair looked like crap that time so I had to visit a salon to have it groomed. It's been a while since I curled and styled my hair so I thought, why not do it? The nearest salon to my hotel was Salon Beauvoir in Somerset Makati-it was my first time to try the salon and was a bit hesitant to go, but I went anyway 'cuz I had no choice-I arrived at the salon at 6pm and the party was slated at 7pm. So yeah, I had no choice. :p

Hair Styling at Salon Beauvoir costs a whopping P1,000.00. Like you, I had the same impression: "Expensif!" The most expensive hair styling service I paid for was P500.00 only! Sam Santos, owner of the salon and who's had 25 years of hair styling experience under his belt, perhaps saw the look on my face and right then and there he assured me: "Dear, your P1,000.00 will be well worth." I trusted him and his 25 years of experience, but I had no expectations-I left everything to his hands. I just told him that I want big, poufy hair, ala-Beauty Queen because that was my costume for the party.

Lo and behold, he delivered! Big, poufy, beauty queen hair was what I got!

First, my locks had some serving of volumizing mousse, were blow-dried, and then a couple of heat-able curlers were attached to them. Sam said that this is an effective way to make curls last on any hair type: The hot curlers activate the mousse and help hair set properly. That was the first time I've experienced hot curlers-the other salons I've been to use the curling iron right after after drying my hair--I just don't know if the other salons are using this thingamajig now.

After 20 minutes, the hot curlers were removed and my hair looked like this. It looked a lil' wavy-actually, it already looks nice on its own.

I almost settled for this vintage hairstyle, but Sam said that he'll still turn it into bombshell hair.

Sam doing his magic on me

He teased the sides for a bit to give me a wavy bump on the top of my head. Using a paddle brush, he loosened up all the tight curls to give my hair more 'poof' and volume. For the finishing touch, he sealed the hairstyle with a hair spray.

The Beauty Queen Hair

I love it, especially the big, wavy bump on the top of my head! Big hair does make a difference. Calling my hair my "Crowning Glory" seemed very fitting that moment!

Are you gonna vote for me in Bb. Pilipinas? LOL! :D

And my friends, Kimmy and Rio, were quite happy with their hairstyles too! One thing I liked about Sam was he didn't give us generic curls- Mine was poufy and very curly, Kimmy's was beach- hair inspired, while Rio got a 1940's wave.

I'm quite happy with my experience, my hairstyle, and his techniques, and I'll definitely go back to him for some serious hairstyling in my next important occasions. My curls have straightened out after four hours, but the poufy bun on top of my head remained intact all throughout the night. Wish the curls stayed intact as well, but it's okay because 'twas the only time my curls have lasted THAT long. Next time, I'll try to ask him to curl my hair with a curling iron after the hot curlers just to reinforce the curls, and to go easy on the hairspray.

If you're interested, Salon Beauvoir is located at Somerset bldg., Makati City, right in front of Ayala Triangle Gardens and just beside Old Swiss Inn restaurant.

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  1. Aha salon beauvoir! Theyre pricey pero worth it kasi theyre sooooooo nice. Ako kuripot pero i go to miz monette for my rebond and color! Theyre comfy to b with kasi medyo may apprehension ako s salons! Chris is the master blow dryer for me.

    Also mis m, try m na kasi un curlformers! Kahit pin straight hair m kakapit un kulot. Yun saken i set it overnight kaya lng you can akso blowdry it para 30 mons ok ka na.

    Uv been helping me throughthe years with my beauty problems, its my time yo help u nmn hihihihi

  2. Wow you look gorgeous! You certainly looked like a beauty queen! A definite stunner with that big hair. xx

  3. wow its worth it naman pala,it looks good on you, talagang beauty queen ang peg.sana next time yun donut bun naman like Ms. Angola.:)

  4. oh!!! ang prettiful ng hair mo ms m! divang diva! pang beauty pageant!!!

    nasanay ako sa mga pic nyo na straight hair tapos eto ang nakakablooming ng aura! sexy curls indeed!

    great work sir Sam!


  5. Ang ganda ng suot mo dito Ms. Martha simple, not too revealing yet sexy at ang hair bagay bagay sa crown.

  6. wow, i will definitely vote for you! :) You look like a beauty queen indeed :)

  7. Why don't you consider joining Bb. Pilipinas, Ms. Martha? :) You are actually SUPPAAHH beautiful! ^__^ Stunning if may I add. :)

  8. Sometimes it's okay to splurge on good service. :) You remind me of Sel Guevarra, a PBA courtside reporter.

  9. Cristina: Hi there dear! :) That's true as long as you feel fab in the end! :)

    Waine: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! I tried already, but it wasn't for me. :)

    Issa: Thank you! :)

    Steph: Thank you, dear! :)

    Rhain: Why thank you! :)

    La Rosa Roja: Thank you and welcome to my blog! :)

    Ohms: Yup, I'll try that since I have Pinkbox's Donut Bun. :)

    Jemimah: Thanks! :D

    Eloise: Thanks for sharing your experience! I'll try their hair color service next time. I have the Magic Leverag thing, the fake curlformers haha! which reminds me, I have to use them again. :D

  10. Hey! Good morning! Are there other terms for the "wavy bump on the top of my head"? please. What is the exact term for it? I am searching that type of hair on youtube but I can't find what I'm searching. Please help. Thank you!

  11. Vivien: Hi there! The poufy bun on top of the head is referred to as yorkie. It's normally not like this (the one on the photo) but I'm sure you can get referrals from youtube because these hairstyles are pretty much related. Hope this helps!

  12. Sam Santos is not the owner of Salon Beauvoir, he is one of the stylists. Had a great hair cut by him too, but when I called the salon last time, he wasn't working there anymore, and now I can't find him anywhere! Please share if you know where he is working now, desperate for a nice cut :)


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