FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: How To Wear Brown Lipstick Without Looking Old

Happy Friday! Watcha y'all up to tonight? I'm having dinner with some of my friends, but before that, let me leave you with my final post for today. Our Fan Mail Friday is from Shane and she asks:

Hi The Beauty Junkee! 
Awesome blog you got right there! I've got one question and I hope it gets picked in your Fan Mail Fridays post. I love those posts because they're very informative!
I like wearing brown lipstick because it fits my very simple style. The thing is, my friends would always tease me that I look old in this shade. How can I look my age while wearing brown lipstick? I can't let it go because it's as essential as a red lipstick to me. Thank you so much in advance for your response! 

Hello Shane!

Glad you're loving my Fan Mail Fridays post-I equally love it too because it's sort of my connection to my readers. :)

So, going back to your query, brown is one of my favorite lipstick shades too, and I'd have to agree with your friends that it has a tendency to make someone look too serious, hence old, unless you choose the right shades for you and know how to work it! In this post, I'll provide a short and sweet guide on how to sport brown lipstick without looking old. Click READ MORE now for the tips!


Just like reds, pinks, oranges, and whatever color you can think of, you also need to find the shade of brown that will compliment your skin tone: If it's too light, you'll end up looking sick. If it's too dark, you'll end up looking mature.

Fair- skinned gals will fare better with light browns with peachy undertones-the peach undertone will add some warm glow to this complexion.

Medium- skinned gals will look good on midtone browns, true browns, and medium brown shades.

Dark- skinned gals will fit in bronzed, caramel, and dark browns. Personally, I like choosing something with a rosy undertone to give my lips some semblance of pink flush.

My favorite tip when finding the right shade of whatever color for your skin tone? Choose something that fits your taste and your style! :D


Everyone agrees that thick brows and thick lashes symbolize youth, so try pairing this favorite makeup look of mine with your brown lipstick.


Blushes give you that fresh- faced, youthful look so instead of going for a contour, pair your brown lip with flushed cheeks. Browns look good on warm pink, peach, peachy-pink, and orange blushes.


Just like a flushed cheek, dewy lips is also associated with youthfulness. If you like brown lipsticks in matte finishes, dab a bit of gloss on your lower lip, or better yet, choose a brown lipstick in a satin finish.

That's all! Hope you've learned something new today. Stay fabulous, ladies, and have a great weekend! :D

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. U make evwrything luk good. Parang pink nmn ang dating ng lips

  2. Okay, now I know. Been pairing my brown lippies with a red blush. I'll try your tips tomorrow. :)

  3. I once tried a midtone brown lipstick and it didn't look nice on me... Thanks for this tip, maybe I'll try topping it off with some pink lipstick.. :-)

  4. its true with topping it with somethink pink, nagmumukhang mlbb yung brown lipstick.

  5. Ooh, this is helpful because I love brown shades too.

    Would you remember the shade of the second picture (with brown midtones)? Love it!

    And your eyebrows complement your look on this. The shading is just right :)

  6. Eloise: Yup! It's the lighting, I guess. :)

    Flynster: Thank you! The color of the lipstick you're referring to is MAC in Spirit. :)

    Katrina: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! Yup! Another great way to make yourself look young when wearing brown lipstick. :)

    Majorie: Welcome! Go ahead! Like what they say, the possibilities are endless. :)

    Rizza: Welcome! Let me know how it works. :)

  7. I never tried brown lippie pa but thanks for easy tip.:)


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