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Hola everyone! It's time for another Fan Mail Fridays blog post and this time, it's all the way from New Zealand. It's so nice to know that I have Filipino readers from other countries! Anyway, here's her question: :)

Hi! I am a Filipina living in New Zealand and i must say that i am a fan of your blog!  I just want to ask your advise and your favorite/HG/recommended products when it comes to: 
Mascara- loads of volume like wearing false eyelashes effect
Eyelash curler- Stubborn lashes that wont stay up
Pencil eyeliner- Suitable for oily lids, smudge proof. I never get to wear pencil eyeliner :( Because i have dark circles and I blink a lot more than a normal person does and after about 4 hours my eyeliner had smudged on my under eye area making it worse.
Bleaching cream- I have uneven skin tone especially on my armpits, knees
Beauty and wellness supplements- Do you take any? What can your recommend?
Thank you so much! 

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Hello Beverly!

Thanks for writing. I've always wanted to visit New Zealand because my ninang, who's living there with her family as well, said that it's a very peaceful and wonderful country where lush greenery abound. Hope I can visit soon. :D

Regarding your question, here are my top recommendations:

EYELINER- Revlon's Colorstay is by far, the best eyeliner pencil for my oily lids. It literally stays put with very minimal to no fading, smudging, and creasing. On cool days, I can wear it without an eye primer, but on warmer and active days, I use an eye primer with it.
Another suggestion would be K-Palette's Real Lasting Eyeliner-it doesn't come off even if you don't have eye primer underneath!

MASCARA- Still a Maybelline gal when it comes to mascaras and Colossal Volum Express is my HG not only from the brand, but overall as well.

EYELASH CURLER- I would recommend Shu Uemura's legendary eyelash curlers any day.  The curling effect actually depends on the mascara you use-it doesn't depend on the eyelash curler. I have suggested this because of all the curlers I've tried, this is the only one that has curled my lashes effectively and considerably. The rubber pad that comes with it is very sturdy as well: it doesn't wear out easily, hence you don't need to replace it after 6 months. (which is the recommended turnover for rubber pads in eyelash curlers)

BLEACHING CREAM- Hmmm...I haven't really used enough bleaching creams to recommend anything-besides, I don't remember any bleaching cream that's really effective. I do have something to recommend though, and it's Gluta-C. It's a gentle whitening gel because it doesn't have alcohol and harsh peeling acids. It's not super effective on me, but I did experience a slight lightening effect with it-it depends on your skin's reaction, really.

SUPPLEMENTS- I only use generic supplements, and I get mine from Healthy Options, a local health and wellness store in the Philippines, while MilkCa and Fern-D are from iFern. I think you can't really gauge if supplements are effective or not as it will depend on your overall experience with it. Needless to say, it's a personal thing. The only advice I can give is, buy from a reputable supplier or an authorized retailer.

That's all! Hope you liked this post. Have an awesome Friday! :)

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Hey Martha, how do you use Revlon Colorstay? Mine is very tuggy. I can't make it glide through, help. Any tips?

  2. Hey Martha, how do you use Revlon Colorstay? Mine is very tuggy. I can't make it glide through, help. Any tips?

  3. yey!Maybelline mascaras all the way!hehe..

    For the bleaching cream, I recommend Amira and the ones from Absynthe.They're not super effective but I can say, I did notice some changes on my skin. It gradually lightens my problem areas like elbow and knee. I've been trying out bleaching creams too since I don't have even skin tone plus tan lines also.

    Hope this helps to your reader Ms.M. :)

  4. Awww i thot majolica was gonna make it to this list! Ako ay etude house babe for mascara

  5. im using shu uemura eyelash curler and im loving it =)

    i havent used bleaching cream either.. but i have tried this gluta c whitening gel which i got from sample room =)

    more product recommendations please =)


  6. Thanks for the recos Ms M! Maybelline mascaras always get favorable impressions from beauty bloggers and enthusiasts.

  7. Great suggestions! I think Maybelline makes the best mascaras. Even from old magazine articles and write-ups, Maybelline is always mentioned when it comes to mascaras.

  8. For me it will always be freshian volumizing mascara from The face shop.

  9. I love the colorstay line from Revlon! :) The blush looks amazing as well!

  10. Gluta C is also effective on me,heheh and I love the Revlon Colorstay, it is best on my skin.:)

  11. Gluta-C is effective to a certain extent. It did bring about some lightening (I used it for a month), but then it stopped working. Lol quota na siguro ako sa whitening effect.

    I haven't tried Maybelline mascara since I'm quite happy with my Avon SuperMagnify. But I will try this one as soon as I run out para maiba naman

  12. Rae: Hi there! I would always warm it up on the back of my hand before usage. :)

    BrownOso: I'm sure you'll love maybelline! :)

    Ohms: Wow! Happy to know that Gluta-C skin works on you. :D

    Krisha: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! Same! :D Still have to try their blushes though :)

    Stephanie: Thanks for sharing! I remember liking a mascara from TFS too, and that's the one in dark blue acrylic packaging with gold piping-forgot the name though hehe! :D

    Kris and Flynster: So true! Because Maybelline, according to records, invented the first mascara-no wonder they're good at it! :D

    Rhain: Will think of some soon! :)

    CJ: Very much! And I appreciate your help. Thank you. :)

    Eloise: Majolica's great, but I'll always be a Maybelline girl. :)


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