Review: Bobbi Brown Brightening Lip Gloss in Pink Lilac

Here's a review on Bobbi Brown Brightening Lip Gloss in Pink Lilac

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They said nothing in this world is original. The world has been around for over a billion years, so it's possible that whatever concept or next big invention you can think of, it was thought by another person or has existed somewhere in time already. Now the challenge is to reinvent the original just like what Bobbi Brown did: She took plain ol' lip gloss and turned it into a highlighting product for the face. Interesting, eh?


The new Brightening Lip Gloss is a line of universal lip gloss shades in pearlized, shimmer, and frosted finishes-it simply aims to brighten the skin tone.

Pink Lilac is a new and limited edition shade from the Lilac Rose collection. The Brightening Lip Gloss has been expanded into a full- blown range already called Brightening Nudes. Unfortunately, the ingredients cannot be found on the box or tube-not even on the website.

Click READ MORE if you're looking for a 5- second skin brightener! :D

Comes with a doe foot applicator with a precise tip: It perfectly fits the shape of my lips, and the rounded tip allows me to apply lip gloss neatly on the curves of my lips. However, it doesn't grab too much product so if you like layering gloss, you'd have to do a few swipes with this one.


Pink Lilac layered twice

Pink Lilac is a light pink shade with a hint of lilac and white pearlescent micro shimmer, but the shimmer doesn't look horrible once it's on the lips. I've noticed as well that the pearlized finish helps even out the tone of the lips, conceal fine lines, and give puckers a fuller look. Pigmentation is sheer and coverage is light to medium. It's not really meant to impart full color coverage because it's formulated to look subtle on the lips.

Consistency is semi- sticky and thick, but its stickiness is the tolerable kind, thanks to its velvety smooth texture. I like its texture because it feels like a very emollient lip balm. It has a faint vanillic aroma.

To be honest, I was a little iffy about it due to its pearlized finish-for the nth time, I'll say that I'm not a fan of the said finish, and I don't really like the way pearlized/frosted finishes fare on my skin. :/ I thought that this lipgloss wouldn't look too good on me, but hey--I'm kinda' impressed!

Ways to Wear Bobbi Brown's Brightening Lip Gloss

You can wear this lipgloss alone or on top of lipstick. Do whatever that makes you happy! :D

Pink Lilac layered once

On its own, it gives lips a dewy look, which I think is far better than super glossy: the latter look has a tendency to appear greasy on and slide around the lips.

Pink Lilac on top of Bobbi Brown Creamy Mat Lipstick in Hot

If applied on top of lipstick, it enhances the color by giving it a 3D- like shine. What I like about this gloss is it doesn't alter the shade of whatever lipstick it's on that much!

For me, the best way to use this lip gloss is to apply it thinly and on its own to get that almost perfect- looking glossed lips of Hollywood celebrities. :)

Staying power is good, thanks to its semi- sticky consistency. It doesn't evaporate and fades gradually during wear, although it transfers easily onto cups and glasses. It didn't dry out my lips, and always leaves my smoochies soft and moisturized even if it has come off completely already.

Regarding the brightening effect, I like how it sorta' acts as a light bulb for the skin by giving it a tinge of warm glow, and the glow's never fake nor overbearing. I don't know what sorcery or science is in this lip gloss, but it just makes skin pop!

Highlighters are great because they give your skin that healthy- looking sheen, although it takes a bit of time and effort to apply. The fastest way to brighten up your complexion is this tube of liquid light-it's a nice and quick pick-me-upper when your skin's beginning to look tired and dull.

The Brightening Lip Gloss also comes in a shade called White, and I'm very interested in that because the color White is great for unifying the skin tone and softening the natural color of the lips for an ethereal effect. :D


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. dare to wear pink! yay! hope i can wear this kind of pink too!

  2. wow, this is look good on you naman, nakaka-impress but did it lasts long?

  3. Wow! I think I would try this color. I never thought this color would suit our morena skintone. :)

  4. This is the first time I've heard about a brightening lip gloss. I thought the shimmer on your lips was the effect of the light. It's an interesting product but I think I can do without it in the time being.

  5. I'm not much into nudes because they make me look pale. Not much into gloss because they make me look like I ate tons of oily food. BUT THIS? You look definitely fresh in these photos. The thing I don't like about gloss is they transfer on a lot of surfaces that they come in contact to like glass, shirt, hair etc.

  6. buti ka pa you can carry this color..Ako I would look washed out dito :(

  7. This looks interesting to try. Love the outcome on you, Martha! Would love to try it along with my other lip products :)


  8. Majorie: Hay...Same sentiments!

    Gellie: Not sure if this is a permanent product though, so please check it out while it's still available. :)

    Leilani: For nudes, the best way to wear them is to just apply them thinly-works for anybody. :)

    Kris: I appreciate your honest comment. :)

    Monica: Hi there! :D It comes in a more opaque color too-that one looks more stunning on morena skin tone. :)

    KT: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! Thanks for sharing! :D

    Ohms: If compared with other lip glosses, yes it does. :)

    Rhain: Best way is to try! :)

  9. Doesn't look frosted to me and it's pricey :(


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