Review: Max Factor Colour Effect Lipsticks

Here's a review on Max Factor Colour Effect Lipsticks in Eternal Flame, Scarlet Ghost, and Pomegranate

Price: Around P500.00+ each
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all Max Factor counters in leading department stores


Mmmm…Butter. I like butter because it makes everything feel so fluffy and taste so creamy and good. When it comes to makeup, I also like ‘em buttery because they’re easier to apply, they become pigmented, moisturizing, light, and they feel so good, but sans the caloric content!

If you have dry lips, opt for buttery lipstick to soothe ‘em all day. However, true buttery lipsticks are quite pricey, but let’s all rejoice! I’ve found a cheap alternative: Max Factor Colour Effect Lipstick. 

Max Factor’s Colour Effect lipsticks are formulated with Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, and Aloe butters for all- day moisture and comfortable wear. It also promises to smoothen out the lip surface for a fuller look and lesser lines.

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These lipsticks have a faint vanilla scent, consistency is quite watery, texture is very smooth and it glides on effortlessly, although you'd have to build it up for a little to get a decent color payoff. Coverage is light to medium and finish is in between satin and glossy. It is also nice to know that its main ingredients don't have wax in it, as most people tend to react from wax. I would suggest to use it with a lip liner as it has the tendency to bleed around the lips.

Eternal Flame

Eternal Flame is a cool pink shade with a light coral undertone. The coral-ish tone is not really visible here because among the three, this shade's the hardest to photograph. :p

Eternal Flame might look dark on the tube, but it's actually light when you put it on. Despite its lightness, it doesn't make teeth appear garish and it looks great either on fair or dark skin tones.

Scarlet Ghost

Scarlet Ghost is a pinky red shade.

Scarlet Ghost is a stunning shade. It's my most favorite among the three! :) It's best for those who are so used to wearing pinks, but would want to transition slowly to reds.


Pomegranate is a cool Fuchsia shade with a hint of lilac

This shade reminds me a little of Shiseido's RS 320--therefore, I proclaim it as a good dupe! It looks very fresh and pretty, and its slight glossy sheen makes it quite wearable for the office.

These lippies won't dry out your lips during wear and will leave your lips with a moisturizing barrier when they come off completely, although you'd have to reapply 'em for a couple of times during wear. I find that not all colors can effectively even out the lip surface: Only the lighter colors can do that. These lipsticks feel very light and are fairly pigmented, and I recommend it to those who are looking for a good, day to day moisturizing lipstick that won't burn the wallet.


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  1. Aww super pretty ng Pomegranate is super pretty. Sobrang bagay sayo. You should wear that color more often. :) And let me just comment about your hair. It looks so healthy! I love it!!

  2. oh dear... i love this shade of pink on you =) it compliments your skin-tone very well!

  3. I like Scarlet Ghost! Interesting name too!

  4. I think I have something like Pomegranate. Sophie Martin Satinlips in Radiant Fuschia... Just in case someone's looking for a dupe.

  5. oooh, I like Pomegranate.... it looke really pretty!

  6. Clarisse: Thanks! :)

    Rae: Thanks for sharing your dupe. :)

    Issa: True! :)

    Kris: Same! Reminds me of the movies in the 50's. :D

    Rhain: Thanks! :)

  7. I have Max Lipstick Magenta Divine and i like it so much! :) good reviews... Followed you ;p



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