Sumptuous Sundays: Kirin Chinese Dining

GUYS! I have great news! I am very pleased to announce Team Martha won in the Majolica Majorca Big Mascara Face Off-all our hard work has paid off! A big thanks to my fab sales force (Dianara, Eloisa, Jam, Mizi, and Angela), Cathy and Audrey of Majolica Majorca, all my readers who dropped by to say 'HI', and of course, to all those who tweeted for me! A big digital hug and smooch to all of you! :D

Our restaurant for today is Kirin Chinese Dining. It's a good ol' Chinese restaurant that serves family- sized portions. Interior is pretty classy-it has that grandiose and festive feel which is ever present in all Chinese restaurants, yet it is never intimidating-you can dine in even if you're just wearing a loose tee, shorts, and sandals and you won't feel uneasy and underdressed (this, however, varies-some may find this get- up too informal, but heck, it's my style. :D)

PRICE RANGE: P100.00-P1,000.00

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Spinach and Quail Egg Soup- One of my fave Kirin soup dishes, second to Hot and Sour soup. This one's very light and appetizing, and it's loaded with chewy quail eggs, one of my guilty pleasures in life! (Kwek Kwek, anyone?) Did I mention it's generous with quail eggs?

King Shrimp Hakao- Trivia: this is my most favorite Dimsum. :) Once you've tasted Hakao, you've already tasted every Hakao there is. My only comment on this one is, it has big chunks of shrimp! :D

Yang Chow Fried Rice- Non-oily, ergo not too heavy when eaten on its own. I likey!

Fried Salt and Pepper Squid- If you want me to eat Squid, serve me either Calamari or this. I like Kirin's version: It's not overdosed with batter, and has a slight buttery taste. Goes perfect with white rice!

Hainanese Chicken- I looove Hainanese Chicken, but I didn't quite like this one. It tastes good, but the portions we got were quite bony. :/

Steamed Fish Fillet With Garlic- Mmmmm...Savory cream dory fillets in what seems like boiled soy sauce and generous garlic bits. This is proof that healthy food doesn't necessarily mean unsatisfying or bland. :)

By far, it's still my go-to resto at The Fort area for my Chinese food fix, but my only qualm is, their food gets cold easily-I don't know if their air-conditioning is that strong or they don't heat up their dishes properly. Whatever it is, methinks the only way to solve it is to leave the food a little longer either in the microwave or on the stove top. (Whichever food- heating device they're using)

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4 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ahihihi eloisa mago was here! Sabi nga s mga vandalism s mga public restrooms lol! Super enjoy ako miz m thnx for picking me at super fun ng mga team mates ko! Congrats.

    I love hakaw un lang ang dimsum kong gusto wala nmn akong particular n resto or place.

    Btw mis m ur behind really looked fab in the dress u were wearing last sat

  2. Oh my god, I loooooooooooooooooooooove hakao too! Yumyum

  3. wow, congrats on winning the mascara face off! :)

  4. Eloise: Welcome! Hakao is the bomb, but I enjoy eating pork siomai sometimes. :)

    Issa: Welcome! :)

    Aviva: The best dimsum in the world! :)


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