On this side of the metro, The Fort High Street, is where one of my dreams just came true. Claire's, a popular US brand of accessories and my staple accessory brand during my childhood years has finally opened in Manila! Man, I can't help but smile as I go around the area-that moment, I felt like a ten year old again!

The first thing I looked for inside the store are these: The weekly earrings set, as popularized by Claire's. My uncle, who's residing in the USA, would always send me a ton of these when I was younger! Do you still remember those round, colorful, button earrings made from rubber with thin spikes all over? They have it here! :D

Ha! Spotted! Sticker earrings! Couldn't help but chuckle when I saw this. Can anyone say Kindergarten and Preparatory years? :D

Whimsical wall- mounted and tabletop accessories organizers to put your trinkets in order!

Click READ MORE and let's go around the store!

High- knee socks for fashionable little girls...

as well as suspenders that will even fit the young at heart!

They also have themed collections inside. We have here the Hello Kitty collection, and the other one is inspired by the hit boy band One Direction.

I have this certain fondness for toy crowns because as a kid I used to believe that I was a princess who was just separated from her royal family at birth. (Blame it on my love for the cartoon movie Anastacia)

This crown has just reminded me that I'm turning 25 next week!

Here are my most favorite items in the store: Character glasses!

There are a looot of moustache- inspired accessories in Claire's-like really.

Can I has cheezeburger?

Wassup doc?

Channeling my inner Lady Gaga-slash-Audrey Hepburn.

There are so many wonderful things inside, so I'll just leave them for you to discover. Lastly, here's what I went home with:

Of course I had to buy the weekly earrings sets! :D

Cutesy hair stuff, a set of beaded necklace from the little girls' section, and a gold clic-clac bangle.

That's all! Hope you enjoyed this post. :)

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. This post brought back a lot of memories! The flower earrings that you got are soooo cute. I want to go there as in now na. Haha.

  2. omg. this post is too cute!!! :) thanks for sharing! can't wait to visit claire's :D

  3. my eyes literally just popped when I saw this new post on my home page.
    I love claire's mainly for their cute wallets. I used to pull my dad over to buy me cute earrings and wallet when we were in dubai. I will visit this soon as I am just residing near the fort!

  4. oh my those were sticker earrings! i had those when i was a kid and i didn't know what it was until now ^^ you look adorable on those glasses :)

  5. im just a happy kid when I saw this post.. thank you for sharing this to us.. ;) one of my favorite store in Dubai :)

  6. ang kulet nung eyeglasses!!!! hihi bet ko yung may kilay!!!! super love this one! i saw HK my youngest sister collects HK in her room!

    yay! and i would turn 27 this sat yay!

  7. I had no idea Claire's here! I want to buy several pairs of non-metallic earrings. This is like answered prayer hihi!

  8. aw!ang kulet!hee.i love earrings!i hope they'll have more branch pa :)

  9. Love Claire's! Do they have the One Direction rack too? Like in the US :)

  10. Akyl: Hi there and welcome to tbj. Yes! They do! :D

    CJ: Same wish! :)

    Kris: Now our wish has come true! :D

    Rhain: Belated, dear! :D

    Ai and Raych: Welcome! :D

    Shayne: Thank you! I wore this a lot too because my ears were pretty sensitive to almost any metal when I was young. I even stuck these on my bedroom's walls!

    Rizhijah: Hi there and welcome to my blog! :) Thanks for dropping and for sharing your experience with Claire's. :)

    BrownOso: I'm always there haha! :D


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