FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Makeup Products for Pre and Post Beach Skin

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday.

Love or hate that song, you can't help but sing it because it perfectly describes whatever you're feeling every Friday!

Anyhoo! Our Fan Mail Fridays question for today is from one of my lovely readers, Monica:

Hi Martha!  

You know I super love your blog. It's my go to guide for all things kikay. :)

I love the beach. I dunno but I may have been Ariel in my past life (LOL!). The problem is I don't know what make up or other cosmetics to bring there. And another thing, usually when I go back to the city my skin tone is already 2 shades darker. I just can't leave the beach without a tan. Can you recommend concealer brands or foundation that I can use both pre and post beach? Thank you so much! I hope you can enlighten me :)


Hi Monica!

Hey! I like Ariel too because I really love the beach! Just like you, I love getting a tan and I'd experience the same problem too.

The answer is: You should have two shades of foundation: One for your normal skin tone, and one for your post- beach skin tone. That's the only way to do it because pigments cannot magically adapt to your skin tone at your whim. Other products claim that they are color- changing and can adapt to your skin tone, but in my experience, they can only do so much and most of them are fair- skinned friendly. Same advice goes to powder products. I'm not really strict with the brands-just choose something that you prefer and trust.

As for your concealer, choose something that fits your normal skin tone so even if you get dark, it will only be a shade or two darker and will still act as a concealer. You can also opt for concealer palettes, those with two different but complimenting shades of concealer. Again, the brands depend on you.

That's all, Monica. Have a wonderful Friday, everybody! :)

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Haha that song is very silly but I also find myself singing that every Friday night! :)

  2. Thanks for this tip ms. martha!:) i have the same problem also after going to the beach.. :( kaya i lather on super kapal na sunblock kasi problema talaga after.hee

  3. Awww wala naman akong ganitong problem perhaps cuz im not a beach bum. Gotta get that sexy abs first.

  4. I like that song, but thanks I haven't encountered this problem coz i'm a risky person, hehehe, sunblock lang pwede na.:)

  5. BrownOso: While I have recovered from LSS with it already haha!

    Eloise: Same goal! Good luck to us! :D

    Ohms: Good for you then. :)

    CJ Escuadro: How I wish I have the same love for sunblock as you do haha! :D

  6. now i know why you need two tone foundations =) one for your natural skin shade and the other one for after hitting the beach! yay!

    good thing hindi ako nagsunburn haha


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