Don't You Remember: G-Lish Cosmetics

"Ding dong" said the doorbell.

I hurried to the door and saw a smiling guy standing outside our house, holding a small paperbag. He uttered: "Ms. Martha?" I happily replied: "Yes. Why?" and he handed me the package.

After I signed the acknowledgment slip, he politely said goodbye and drove off in his mini truck.

I tore the package open and what greeted me was a mini pouch with the word G-LISH emblazoned on it-my eyes widened and I exclaimed: " IT'S ALIIIIIIIVE!"

Before all the cutesy patootsie with a dash of pin-up charm local beauty brands we have today, there was G-Lish. Founded by Patrick Rosas, one of the talented makeup artists in the country, G-Lish is an everyday color and skin care brand targeted to teens and even the teens-at-heart.What I like about the brand is its concept of "Convenient Beauty" because all their products are compact and handy. They're widely popular for their stackable Gelato eyeshadows and blushes, but they have some new interesting stuff that are worth checking out such as the Highlighter Powders, new variants of lip products including the super cute Ice Cream Lipbalms, new fragrances, facial masks, travel makeup brushes in different themed pouches, and organic soaps among others. I don't know if this is still under Patrick Rosas though, because the guy who delivered this to me drove a truck with posters of Banana Peel Flip Flops plastered all over.

All this time, I thought this brand was already gone, but it just took a rest and came back cuter than ever. Let's see what they've got!

So tell me, what are your favorite G-Lish products? Mine are the gel- based Lip and Cheek Tint and Gelato Powder Blushes! :)

They're on Facebook too! Please visit G-LISH INC. for their complete product listing.

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Never tried any of their product before, but I'm curious with Gelato Powder Blushes. :)

  2. I loooooove G-lish! Although I can't seem to find their kiosk in Megamall anymore. My favorite is their face mist & the cheek tint. I love the effect of the face mist on me. My face looks dewy but not oily. It has a healthy sheen to it that doesn't look gross or anything! It doesn't break me out too & the best part is, price is student friendly! I can't wait to read your reviews Ms. M! Hope it works just as well for you! xx

  3. I used to have this G-lish stardust powder. Very chic packaging. Nice to know they're back! :)

  4. Oh G-lish! I had a retractable lipgloss before. I had two.

    XX, IamJenniya

  5. Was this sold a lot during Christmas bazaars in the past? I can't somehow recall the look of this brand but the name sounds familiar and may have bought some during bazaars hehe.

    -iFlip Over

  6. I have never tried their make a product review ms. m :) we're very interested with these products..hee..

  7. woah, I never try any of their products, but when the time permits me, I 'll try their Body butter.:)

  8. Jemimah: Thanks for sharing! I think they're still in Mega, but the one in ATC is no more already. :)

    CJ: Noted! :D

    Ohms: I'd recommend the lip and cheek tints! :)

    BrownOso: True! :D

    Flynster: I think, if I remember it correctly, they had a few bazaar stints in the past, but it really started out as a 'mall' brand. :)

    Jenniya: Tried those too! :D

    Rizza: I think they don't have it anymore, but I could be wrong! haha! :D

    Harmony: Yup yup! Highschool memories! :)

  9. i looked for their boutique in atc wala na nga po =(

  10. San papo yung ibang branch ng g-lish? I'm from pampanga po. Tia!��

    1. Hello, not familiar anymore. They might not be even around anymore. :(


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