SUMPTUOUS SUNDAYS: The Best Places to Eat In Baguio

Just like my food post about Boracay, here's my take on the top places to eat in one of the Philippines' top summer destinations.

The thing about Baguio is, food is affordable because methinks they get most of their raw ingredients nearby. Baguio is indeed your vacation destination if you want to eat like a king without having to spend like one!


Price Range: P90.00-P500.00

A Mongolian resto famous for the eat-all-you-can Mongolian. They've got ala carte dishes too! It's perhaps one of Baguio's oldest restaurants as it has been around for over 25 years now.

Basically, it’s Mongolian and I’m sure everybody here knows how Mongolian tastes like. The raw ingredients on the buffet counter are replenished often and in small quantities to ensure that everything stays fresh. They have a lot of homemade sauces as well beyond the classic Soy Sauce, Oyster Sauce, Sesame Oil, and Fish Sauce.


Price Range: P100.00-P1000.000

If you’re craving for Pinoy fare in Baguio, Solibao it is! They have feast- sized portions so better bring a huge appetite if you’re going to eat here! It’s also a good place to dine with your family ’cuz they've got family set meals that are good for 4-6 people.

The set meal we ordered consisted of Gising Gising, Fried Chicken, Kare Kare, Pinakbet, 5 cups of rice, and a pitcher of Iced Tea. 

The Fried Chicken had this homemade taste: Batter was a bit sweet and I really tasted the palm oil used in it. Is that a good thing? Perhaps not for some, but I like it because it just reminded me so much of home, specifically my Grandmother and how she'd always cook this dish for us when she was still alive. Pinakbet was very good, albeit a lil' oily for my liking. Kare Kare was good as well.

This Bulalo pot, however, was a separate order. I was craving for Bulalo that moment so I just had to get it. Unlike the Bulalo dishes I've tried in Tagaytay and Laguna, Solibao's version is quite meaty, and the meat chunks are all in bite- sized portions. Serving wise, I like this best!

Gising Gising- Mom's favorite. Gising Gising is supposedly a spicy dish, but this one, however, is very mild-I like it that way because it didn't trigger my gastroenteritis, which I would often experience whenever I eat spicy food. I think you can ask the waiters to make it a lil' more spicy should you find it too mild.

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Price Range: P100.00-P600.00

Damn good Italian food at a budget- friendly price! It has this vintage Filipino diner style. Pizza Volante is open for 24 hours by the way, so drop by for some delish midnight snack!

Minestrone- Costs about 90 or 100 bucks only. It's very filling and it tastes nothing short of a pricey cup of Minestrone!

Spaghetti Bolognese- Not your Pinoy- style spaghetti. It's classic Italian Bolognese and it's very good!

Salmon Pizza- Pizza Volante offers solo portions of pizza orders. (Like the one pictured on top) It allows you or your group to order different pizza flavors sans wastage and overeating haha!

Back to this pizza, normally, Salmon pizzas come with cream sauces, but it was only in Pizza Volante that I found out it would work well with tomato sauce too! Definitely one of the best pizza flavors in the house, and I highly recommend it!


Price Range- P70.00-P500.00

Vizco's offers comfort food dishes, but they're very well- known for their cakes.

Strawberry Shortcake- Soft, tart, and lightly sweet, this baby is Vizco's best- selling cake. The jellied strawberries on top gave this thing a very interesting texture.

Red Velvet Cake- Just had to have it because Red Velvet, whether in cake, cupcake or ice cream form, is one of my most favorite desserts! I was surprised to know that Vizco's did not skimp on cream cheese, which is the case with other cheap Red Velvet desserts. Turned out that this became my most favorite than Strawberry Shortcake!


Price Range- P60.00-P150.00

Located in Camp John Hay, Choco-Late De Batirol is one of the highly visited spots in the area.

I think people go here for the place and besides, you could always use a cup of hot chocolate in Baguio!

Suman sa Lihiya and Choco-Late Eh- They have different versions of Choco-Late Eh including Mint Chocolate, Orange Chocolate, and even alcohol- spiked Chocolate. Their Choco-Late tastes pretty authentic to me as well as the Suman sa Lihiya, not to mention both tasted really fresh. What else can I say? This is comfort food so it's really good!

Other must- visit restaurants include 50's diner, Cafe By The Ruins, and most especially, Oh My Gulay-God, Oh My Gulay is definitely one of the places that you should go to in Baguio because of it's enchanted interior! Wasn't able to visit it (and Cafe By The Ruins too) due to time constraints. With 50's Diner, we tried twice, but the place was always jampacked!

All the restos in this post are located along Session Road, except Choco-Late De Batirol. Do let me know which of these restaurants is your favorite, and if you've got more recommendations, feel free to inform us in the comments section below! :D

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  1. My fave resto is Beans Talk inside City Center Hotel. My family and I love to eat breakfast there because their food is to die for, specially their longganisa meal and their waffles! :)

  2. a vacay to baguio - one of my bucketlist. :) thanks for this recommendations ms. m! :) will surely visit this love eating!yey!hehe..

  3. Awww little johns!the hike ia qorth it for thw view

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  5. Hi We would love to send you some of our items. Please feel free to message us at 09158217156 or

  6. I have never been to Baguio (loser much). This post makes me soooo hungry.

  7. wow!nakakagutom, I like to try that O mai Khan, and that bulalo, perfect for this rainy season.:)

  8. Ah my favorite place, Baguio! Stayed there for 4 university years then made it my panata to visit once a year afterwards...Tried everything on your list...but my fave so far is Oh My Gulay because it's enchanting indeed! One climbs up several flights of stairs in an old commercial building to be greeted by a forest-like structure of a resto. Creative.

  9. sobrang affordable! will include this in my list pag pumunta ko ng baguio. Thanks for this post ;)

  10. Dapat po triny niyo sa Good Taste. hehe. the interior is not that ok but the food is the bomb!!!

  11. Je E: Hi and welcome to my blog! :) Thanks for this-I'll try it next time. :)

    Itsmefati: Welcome! Don't forget to visit cafe by the ruins and oh my gulay! :)

    Redshoetraveller: I was even told that Oh My Gulay! was transferred somewhere else already and I panicked! False alarm though. Whew! :D

    Ohms: I love bulalo and i could have it everyday! :D

    BrownOso: Oh...You should! It still remains a very serene place despite its modernity.

    Eloise: Okay! I'll try that next time! :)

    CJ: Welcome! :)

    Shaunne: WOW! I love breakfast food so I'm definitely checking that out in my next visit. Oh, hello and welcome to my blog! :D

    Paola Ysabel: Yum indeed! :D

  12. The last time we were in Baguio, we ate at O' MAI KHAN too. I think we ordered Nilaga or Bulalo, I forgot. The other food places in this post however, we haven't tried yet. Will try this soon! <3


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