FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Using Different Brands at the same time: Good or Bad?

A fabulous Friday to everyone! :) It has been raining non- stop since 2pm and traffic has been pretty bad the whole day! Imagine, it took me two hours from Fort Bonifacio to get to Shangri-La Mall. Insane! Might I suggest that you stay in a mall-if ever you're about to leave work-just to kill time--I guess that's the best option rather than be stuck and bored in traffic for hours! :p

Anyhoo, our question for today is from Camille:

Hi Martha! 
It's my first time to write to you for your Fan Mail Fridays segment so I made sure it's really worth posting! 
Here it goes: A lot of people said (even some online articles I've read) that using different brands of skin care all at once is bad for the skin. Is this true? Because right now, I'm doing that and I kinda' panicked. Hope you can help me on this one! I love your blog! It's like my daily cup of coffee! 
Peace, Love, and Lipstick,

Hi Camille!

Thank you for writing, and thanks for being a frequent reader! :)

This myth has been around for a long time now and like you, it's also one of the reasons why I used to be so loyal to one skin care brand only-I was deathly afraid of ruining my skin so even if I'm itching to try something new, I end up not trying just because I was stuck in this bubble of fear.

I met a dermatologist and chemist in one of the beauty events I attended, and good thing I remembered this question. I asked them about it and here's a summary of their answers:

Is using different brands of skin care all at once bad for the skin?

The answer is yes and no, but in the end, it could be a no only if you bear in mind these important tips:

1. While it is better to stick to one skin care line to see better results, it is definitely okay to use different skin care brands at the same time just as long as they're all meant for your skin type and they all target your skin concerns. So buying a drugstore facial wash, entry- premium toner, and luxury moisturizer is okay as long as you follow the golden rule.

2. Skin care companies adhere to a recommended list of active ingredients depending on the skin type. For example, products for oily skin: formulation, texture, consistency, and some base ingredients may differ, but more or less, the actives are either Salicylic Acid, Aloe Vera, Camellia Sinensis, and other natural and synthetic ingredients that are meant to care for oily skin. If you can't buy an entire line, opt for other alternatives, but read the labels to check if they contain complementing or the same active ingredients. Here's a sample:

A varied range of skin care products for oily and acne- prone skin, from affordable to expensive, all infused with Salicylic Acid

3. Using different brands of skin care at the same time can only be bad if you're doing the opposite of 1 and 2: Example, your facial wash is for dry skin, your toner is for normal skin, and your moisturizer is for acne- prone skin. This is the time when the non-complementing actives will clash and cause irritation, break outs, or sensitivity.

So I hope I've answered your question, Camille. Using various brands of skin care products is okay, but I still think it's best to use only what you need so your skin won't be too dependent on products. And if you're coming from an exclusive skin care routine and about to move on to another brand, give your skin a 3- day break in order for it to renew and prepare itself for the new batch of ingredients. As for sensitive skin, that's another story. :)

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Hi Ms. Martha! Just want to clarify: what do you mean by a 3-day break? For example, if I'm going to change toners, do I have to stop using toner for 3 days? Or do I stop using other products in my routine (excluding the cleansers, of course)? I often change my skincare products so I would like to follow your advice. Thank you so much! :-)

  2. wow thanks for this very informative post ms. m.! :) i might want to tell my mom about this..she believed in the same myth fact, i will show this article to her.hehe

  3. This is an eye-opener for me. I've never been conscious about 1 and 2. Kaya siguro I break out when I try something new! Thank you for this post!

  4. ms m. i think okay naman po if iba ibang brand ang gamitin at dapat fit sa skin type =)

    i alternate use local and highend product, minsan nakakabreakout minsan hindi siguro po dumedepende din sa pagbabago ng hormones ng babae =) after i give birth nagdry lalo yung skin ko =( so i have to look for a better moisturizer then.. ms ro introduced me into using laneige waterbank and it was so effective =)

    while on facial wash, i tried abonne (their new variant) and my skin loves it, i alternately use pevonia (at most of the time i used it at night time, kasi nakakarelax yung scent)

    ehem thanks to you and ms ro =)

    for toner.. i used marykay =) no alcohol content.. no fragrance

    and now added to my skincare routine - bifesta =)


  5. Gela: Hi there! Nice follow-up query. With toners, that's okay since they're technically like cleansers and they fizzle out easily from the skin. If you're going to change a majority of the products in your routine, it's advisable to stop for at least three days :)

    BrownOso: Glad it helped you! :)

    CJ: Sure! Please do. :)

    Rhain: The pevonia thing I gave you is awesome! I have it and it's great. :) Yup, hormonal changes as well as lifestyle changes affect the way your skin reacts to the products, so they should be taken into consideration as well. :)

  6. Thank God I came across this article. I'm always afraid to try different products kasi baka ma-damage yung skin lalo na sa mukha. Pero now I know, use what's necessary for the skin type and problem. Thank you so much Miss M! :)


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