Mini Shiseido Haul

Hi guys! I'm on a Shiseido roll! (Isn't it obvious? LOL) Just want to showcase my teeny weeny haul from Shiseido yesterday. This is what happens when I'm just moseying around the mall. :p

I've used up the very last particles of my Shiseido Perfect Smoothing foundation in yesterday's Shiseido Makeup Technique tutorial so I bought a new one, but this time, it's Sheer Matifying Powder Foundation-I only settle with the two powder foundation types as they're my favorites! Btw, I got O60 instead of O80, my usual shade-my tan got a lil' dull already and the latter shade is now too dark for me.

I've always been curious about Shiseido's concealer line and wondered how they are. Surprisingly, for a big brand, they only have one and it's this: Natural Finish Cream Concealer. They have the Corrector Pencil, but it's more of a retouching product and not the regular type of concealer that we know. I pouted as I expected around 3 or 4 concealer variants, but I swatched it anyway since I was in the store already. 

So did I like the concealer? Take a guess. If you'll follow me on Instagram, you'll find the answer there. :D (Shameless plugging)

So that's my haul for this week...Errr, maybe for the next three weeks to a month because I've splurged on this loot. :p

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I am also a Shiseido fan and wear O80 like you. I just bought the hydroliquid compact (in the pan) and the perfect smoothing compact foundation today for summer and traveling. I already have the perfect refining foundation. These are great products.

    What shade of Shiseido concealer did you get?

  2. the concealer is love! and i'm on a shiseido roll too hahaha wink wink

  3. how much is the concealer ms. m? i can never do a shiseido haul..maybe in the future pa pagmay savings na.haha!

  4. nice haul Miss Martha! :)

  5. Thanks ladies! :)

    CJ: Concealer is P1,500.00 :)

    Esme: Hi dear! Sorry for the dated reply. Thanks for sharing your fave Shiseido products- some of them are my HG too. :) I got shade #3, a skin- matching type of shade. Originally, i wanted to get #6 because it is salmon- toned, thus great for covering dark circles. :)

  6. I absolutely adore you Shiseido posts <3


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