Review: Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color in Hot

Here's a review on Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color in Hot

Price: P1,350.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in Bobbi Brown Ayala Center Cebu, SM Mall Of Asia, Essences Powerplant Mall, Shangri-La Mall, and Rustan's Makati


 I have this love-hate relationship with matte lipsticks: I love the way they make me look fab, but I hate the dry, blackboard- like texture that I sometimes end up licking my lips to somehow feel that it's not dehydrated. (Oh there you have it. You already know one yucky habit of mine) Can you blame me? Dry lipstick can be a lil' irritating, especially if your lips are dry to begin with.

Could there be a way to wear and enjoy matte lipsticks without the dreaded dry texture? Bobbi says YESIREE! with her brand spankin' Creamy Matte Lip Color line. The first time I tried it, I loved it already-and to bits, mind you. Methinks it's gonna challenge a lot of matte lipsticks that I know!


Bobbi's Creamy Matte Lip Color was developed to solve the wearability issues of most matte lipsticks: It was designed to glide on smoothly, sit comfortably, moisturize, and stay put on the lips for 8 hours without the heaviness, tugging, pulling, and flaking of traditional matte lipsticks. Think of butter in a couple of runway- worthy colors-that's what I think of this thing!

The lipstick comes in a lightweight, luxe black- plated bullet-It's very compact. The line has 14 shades all in all and what I got is called Hot, one of my super favorite pink lipsticks at the moment.

Click READ MORE if you're into matte lipsticks or you're looking for a shade that makes your complexion look rosy! :D

Hot is described by Bobbi Brown as "a bright pink", but on morena gals, it fares as a midtone pink with a hint of brightness and raspberry undertone. On fairer girls, it looks a lil' deeper and the raspberry undertone becomes more apparent, while on darker girls, it looks a lil' more pastel. In short, this shade sorta' adapts itself to the skintone of the wearer.

Formula is ultra creamy yet non- heavy, and texture is very smooth and buttery. It doesn't need to be warmed up unlike traditional matte lipsticks-it transfers effortlessly and coats your puckers with full color coverage in one go. It covers evenly, leaving no room for streaky or uneven coverage. It has a faint vanilla scent. I also noticed that this lipstick has the tendency to make lips appear fuller.


The sunlight's shining a bit brighter in this photo, and the raspberry undertone became more prominent. For your reference, the lip swatch on top is the closest to this shade's real color.

After about 10- 15 minutes, the sheen goes away and it settles into a semi- matte finish. Staying power is good: Lasts up to 5 hours with minimal fading, albeit you need to retouch it after eating or drinking. It keeps my lips smooth all day with absolutely no flaking at all. In its strictest sense, this product is not entirely matte, but pigmentation is the same as traditional matte lipsticks. Hot is a very beautiful color, and it adds a touch of rosiness to my overall complexion. It's a beautiful daytime lipstick both for office or college wear, with the right kind of brightness that wakes up your skin without being over-the-top. 

It's a great matte lipstick line that's worth considering, and perfect for those who want matte lipsticks with the comfort and lightness of satin lipsticks.


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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Hot is such a pretty color on you! :)
    I haven't tried matte lipsticks before because my lips are dry most of the time

  2. woah it seems a MAC item, it looks great on you:)

  3. Wow that looks so pretty. I'm scared though, my lips/skin tone always make lipsticks awkward :s Better swatch this one first!

  4. It doesn't look matte on my end, but maybe it's because it reflects the light.

    I prefer something matte-er. The color is good though. <3 berry pinks

  5. oh dear! i love matte lipsticks and this one is looking fab on you

  6. Oh my, perfect pink for you Ms.M!

  7. love the shade! looks really pretty! :)

  8. These are the type of matte lips that I like... I'm not a big fan of greasy lippies kasi. :P

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  9. love the color!!! such a fan of lipsticks :) tho a lil bit pricy.. looks good on you :) hope i get on for free,too :)

  10. omg the color is so pretty! :) it looks darker on the packaging..but its pretty pink when you applied it..parang mac lang cya. :D

  11. Itsmefati: Thank you! :)

    CJ and Ohms: It's as good as MAC's matte lippies, but not as drying. :)

    Samantha Justine: Same! :) Matte girl forever! :)

    Issa: Wait til you see it in person! :)

    Rae: Yep, it's really semi- matte. :) But after an hour, it looks soft matte already. :)

    Rhain and jenny: Thank you! :)

    Beauty By Tellie: Nawl, you just have to find the right shade for your skin tone! :D Good luck on your search and hopefully, you find something in Bobbi Brown! :)

    BrownOso: Thank you! I have dry lips and this one works marvelously in me-you might wanna check it out and BUY IT! HAHA! (enabler mode)

  12. I'm so happy I gave this a shot. I love them!!! Seriously, my favorite matte lipstick formula OF ALL TIME.

    But they never re-stocked HOT :( So sad... Maybe in the summer they would.

    - Rae


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