As you get older, it's not a matter of getting tons of gifts anymore, but rather getting a few that you really, really like and most importantly need.

The gifts I've received last Monday were very few compared to what I got last year, but I could say that  this, by far, is the best birthday loot I've gotten. The two bags came from my sweet mom, and one is my gift to myself.

This pretty lace dress with a thin, mint green belt by a brand called Julie came in the Linea Italia paper bag. Gosh, this is purrfect! I've been wanting to buy a white lacey dress and this is it! Mom also included a cute pearl necklace to go along with it. :)

On normal days, I like wearing a collared T. My brand of choice is Lacoste because I like the fit of their shirts. I actually have the same T from the same brand, but I just found out that it was for kids-no wonder it was too dayum short for my torso.

 And finally...My birthday gift to myself. Delaying gratification part one. Heaven in a tiny box. Happy happy joy joy. My new baby! I'm one happy camper! :)
Okay, let me kill the thrill for a bit by doing a blow by blow unboxing here. :D

Okay, we're there...

HA! NO CHEATING! Don't scroll to the end! LOL! :D

One photo to go...

VOILA! I got myself a new wallet! It's from Balenciaga Greenbelt 5, style is Classic Money and color is Vert Poker. I planned to get a new wallet since the start of the year and thank God, I was able to get it on my target date, which was my birthday. Originally, I wanted Prada's Saffiano in Viola, an elegant purple all- leather wallet with a golden Prada logo at the front part of the flap, but alas, it was OOS already. I almost gave up on my goal, but good thing I decided to look around-if I didn't, I would never find this gorgeous girl! :)

It's made from soft Lambskin, Balenciaga's signature leather.

The best feature of this wallet is it has many slots!

I bet this wallet will look awesome inside a Balenciaga Classic City, Red, gold studs. (Crossed fingers!)

So that concludes my birthday-slash-haul post. Hope you're all having a lovely Monday, dearies. :)

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Belated Happy Birthday again, Ms. M!:)

  2. belated happy birthday ms. martha! i really admire your drive when it comes to delayed gratification! i tried it sometimes but i just cant keep myself from getting something. lol any tips or mantra? lastly, love the white lacy dress ;)

  3. Yay congrats on your delayed gratification! :) Hopefully I would learn how to do that too. hehe

  4. That dress is sooooo beautiful!!!! It would show off your golden tan!

  5. The white lacey dress is adorbs! :) Belated HBD!

  6. Happy birtdhay again, you have a good color choice, the lucky color of the year.:)

  7. It's called hardware, not studs.

  8. Nice wallet! Happy birthday to you!! My birthday is tomorrow. No gift for myself yet but maybe before the week ends. Besides, my original plan is to wait until Saturday and Sunday. Family and friends are coming then buffet lunch or dinner somewhere with daughter and hubby! :)

  9. hihi i love the color! my gift to myself on my birthday is the new cp from myphone.. its budget friendly and i think im loving it =)

  10. Balenciaga wallet <3 Balenciaga bag for 26 ^^ belated happy birthday!

  11. Belated Happy Birthday Miss Martha! gorgeous wallet! you deserve it :)

  12. the lace dress is soo pretty! :) my sense of fashion din pala mommy mo ms. m, the pearl necklace goes perfect with it! :)

  13. CJ: Yes she does! In fact, she's a known trendsetter in her high school! :D

    Issa: Thank you! :)

    Shayne: Balenciaga bag for Christmas 2013! :D

    Rhain: Enjoy! :D

    Pink: Belated happy birthday dear! :D

    Kate: Thanks for the correction. :)

    Ohms: Thanks! The reason why I got the color Green is because, I think it's a very lucky color. :D

    Yette: Thank you! :)

    BrownOso and Detsy: Thanks! I'll write a separate post about that. :)

    Lian: Thanks! :D

    Aviva: It does and that's why I wear it often! :)

  14. Lucky girl! A red Lacoste is one of fave, and that wallet is to die for! Hoping to see your Balenciaga matching bag soon! :)


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