Dear Dad

Hi Dad,

For the last 25 years of my life, I've always wondered how it feels like to celebrate Father's day then I shift my thinking and wonder: "How does it even feel like to have a dad?"

I know you. I've seen you. Talked with you for a bit, but I still wonder how it feels like to grow up with you. I still wonder what you could've worn on my graduation day and what gifts you'll give me on my birthday. I wonder what food you like, or if you like dogs, or what your shirt size is. I wonder what I'll be like now if you guided me while growing up. I even wonder how you'd react if you see my boyfriend and find out that we have a huge age gap.

I guess there'll be a time for that soon and as to when? I don't know. Only God knows. Maybe you can explain soon why you had to leave, but for now, I feel that you did what you had to do because it's for the welfare of everyone in the family. I used to hate you, but I'm slowly beginning to understand that sometimes, parents just have to do what they have to do not because of selfishness, but because it's the best way they know. I guess when I already have my own children, I can finally understand you, even without you explaining.

I heard you love Kimchi. May you find the best Kimchi place in your hometown tomorrow.

Happy Father's Day.


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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Feel better Ms. M. You wont be what you are today if not for your experiences in the past. For what it's worth, I also don't know what it's like to celebrate Father's Day. But you're strong and you're beautiful. Keep your head up :)

    God Bless

  2. Awww, while reading this I was like teary-eyed and errthang. I bet he is so so so proud of you, Martha, if only he knew how far you've reached na. ♡ God bless :*

  3. Aw! This is such a sweet post. I can still remember way back your meet and greet, when I asked you about your dad. I hope someday, you will be with him na :)

  4. Sweet! I do hope this gets to him. 😊

  5. Sweet! I do hope your this reaches your father. And wherever he is, I bet he will be mighty proud of you.

  6. aw :'( this past few days, everyone is talking about father's day and i always try to ignore it..i want to greet you a happy father's day ms. martha..but i guess it's not really happy at dad is also away from parents split up 2 years ago and i'm still father and i are okay till last few months..*sigh*i guess we can still greet our mom a happy father's day..after all, father's day is not just for "men" but also for "women" out there whose brave enough to do the responsibility that men should do.. :')

  7. hi martha :) this is such a touching letter to your dad. i dont know the entire story but when someone important leaves its a very painful experience. its nice to see that you are doing your best to understand it. you set a good example for me :) have a great day today!

  8. i love love this open letter to your dad ms m.

    thank you for making me realize how important the role of a father in a family..

    me and my husband have differences before, caught him cheating but i could forgive and still accept him..

    i want a complete family for my daughter. not perfect but simply complete..

    i could be selfish for myself but not for my daughter.. at this very moment we were still giving our best so that our relationship could still grow,,

    hugs ms m..

  9. Hay this post broke my heart.

  10. aww, you're the sweetest! I miss my father's treatment when I was a child.:)

  11. Hi guys, thank you for all the love. :) Belated happy father's day to your daddies as well. :)


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