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Here's a review on Bobbi Brown Luxe Eye Palette

Price: P3,200.00
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Other Locations: Available in: Bobbi Brown Rustan's Makati; Ayala Center Cebu; Essences, Powerplant Mall; Shangri-La Mall, Ortigas


A lot of our friends would often ask why my BF and I are not married yet. He's 36, I'm 25-a lot have also agreed that we're in the ripe age for marriage, but they couldn't help but wonder why we're not planning our wedding yet. Our answer? It's simple: We're not yet ready, financially. We have money to spend on a wedding, but we don't have savings yet to start a family. I don't want to blow all our money and spend like royalties on the big day, but be broke and start from scratch the next day. I know a lot of couples who only saved up for their weddings and ended up sacrificing time with each other and delaying having a family for the next few months or years just to replenish their bank accounts. (What the!?) I'm not saying this is wrong--To me, it's just impractical. The point of marrying is that you and your partner are both ready (mentally, physically, emotionally, and most especially, FINANCIALLY) to be together and start a family.

When I marry, I want to be more ready than ever and that means I could push my other important priorities down the list and make way for my husband and our kids. I'm happy to know that my BF is also on the same page as me.

I just remembered this life question when I used this Luxe Eye Palette from Bobbi Brown today-it's from the Bobbi Brown Luxe Collection, which is intended to help brides create the perfect look for the big day. Just for fun, I whipped up a look that I think I want to sport on my very own wedding.

Click READ MORE if you're a bride-to-be, or if you just want a set of ultra wearable, fool-proof nudes to wear on an everyday basis.


This limited edition set comes with six eyeshadows, one universal eyeshadow brush, and one gel liner brush. I wish this palette came with another eyeshadow brush because it doesn't have a gel liner anyway-but if you want a travel- sized eyeliner brush and can't find any that fits the bill, then this is good news for you.

The formula, texture, and performance of the eyeshadows are uniform with the rest of Bobbi's eyeshadows, except that this palette contains a good combination of skin- flattering nudes. For a detailed review on the quality of the eyeshadows, please read this review.

Left side, top to bottom:

Pink Pearl (Metallic Eyeshadow)- An icy pink shade with a hint of lilac and slight silver shimmer
Pink Lilac (Sparkle Eyeshadow)- A pearlescent pink glitter eyeshadow that you can use to add sparkle on your lower lid, brow bone, or tear drop
Espresso (Eye Shadow)- A coffee brown soft matte eyeshadow that goes really well with the rest of the shades in this palette

Right side, top to bottom:

Cream (Eye Shadow)- a creamy white soft matte eyeshadow to highlight the brow bones and inner lid naturally.
Pink Opal (Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow)- A silver-pink eyeshadow for the lids and lower lash line
Oyster Gray (Metallic Eyeshadow)- a beige-silver highlighting eyeshadow that effectively deepens the creases whilst making it look natural


So here's my Bridal Look # 1:

Lids: Oyster Gray
Lower Lid: Pink Opal and Pink Pearl
Creases: Espresso
Brow Bone: Cream

The beauty of this eyeshadow palette is, it's so mistake- proof that even with minimal blending skills, you can make it work. Whether you're getting married or not, this palette will come handy because it contains essential nudes that literally matches anything and everything. It's also a sweet and simple set, and you won't go guessing which color will look great with what.

At first, I thought it was pretty pricey for a set of highlighters, but I realized it's not everyday that you encounter a palette with eyeshadows that still look very good even if worn individually, and a set of beautiful nudes that don't look cheap or overly sparkly. I just wish it came with another crease color for variety, but nonetheless, I'm satisfied with it as it's easy to find good and affordable dark eyeshadow shades. Oh, and look at the stunning packaging-it's so darn pretty, ain't it?


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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I admire you and your boyfriend for that. Seems like these days, people just bear children without even thinking of the future. A relative of mine even wants his parents to pay for his wedding. Dafuq -___- And your boyfriend doesn't look 36! He looks 26-30.

  2. i agree 100% on your point about being ready before getting married ms's nice to know noh na mejo practical narin tayong mga pinoy..yan kasi isa sa mga rason kung bakit may mga failed marriages..magsisimula naman talaga yan sa "money conflict".tsk2..

    on the other hand, ang ganda ng palette!kahit mga newbie sa makeup okay lang pagng-apply!hehe..

  3. I totally agree with you on your marriage stand... in my case I don't want a grand chruch wedding (underline the "don't want" 10million times pls). I have nothing against those who want it and those who had it.. Good for them. For me it's just 1day... but if you think about it it's just that 1day... a lot of couples don't prepare for the following day, month or year... if you do the math it is impractical... I am all for just signing or having a priest do the ceremony privately then go home to a furnished home and not be in debt for the next year... that's just my opinion.

  4. i agree with you ms m =) at the time i got pregnant at the age of 25, hindi natuwa parents ko.. pinaalis ako samin the day na sinabi namin ni mike about sa status namin.. sabi ng parents ko ttanggapin lang daw ako ulit sa min unless na magpakasal kami ni mike, we both know na hindi yun ang solusyon pero ginawa na din namin magpakasal kahit civil..

    at the very moment.. naisip ko parang di ako dapat pumayag.. at the certain point ayaw ko din muna sana.. dahil meron pang mga hangups si mike..

    nagkaron kami ng trials.. masakit,, pero i stood strong para sa baby namin.. babyrhaine loves his dad so much.. kahit ba sabihing 1year and 7 month old pa lang sya.. last night nagbrowse kami ng mga pic ni baby at daddy nya.. then upon seeing her dad umiiyak sya.. alam ko namimiss nya daddy nya.. hindi man kami nagkakasama palagi.. at least in his heart palagi kaming may space

    yung pinagdadaanan namin alam ko simula palang.. mahaba haba pa ang journey namin =) keep strong lang palagi at prayers..


  5. Haynaku I wish all people who get married and have kids think like you! Nakaka awa ang mga bata na hindi makapag-aral o mabigyan ng magandang kinabukasan ng mga magulang nila dahil excited mag-asawa at magka-anak kahit hindi pa sila ready.

    Lol that was a passionate comment.

    Anyways, the palette looks gorgeous. I would totally wear all of them :)

  6. this is a very nice palette and the packaging is really gorgeous! love the look you created with this palette!

  7. Aviva: Whoa! How can you put up a family if you don't even have savings for your wedding!? Oh well! Different strokes for different folks, I guess. Anyway, my BF gets that a lot and he's happy with that haha!

    Issa: Thanks! :)

    BrownOso: Felt your frustration right there! But I agree, people have to realize that having a child is not something you do just because you want to do it-it's a huuugeee responsibility!

    Rhania: Sweet! I admire you for keeping the baby even if it's really hard to do that when the whole world is against you, especially your parents. The moment I saw you and your family, I sensed that you're all happy, until this little story you shared. That's okay-everyone has problems, but the most important thing is, you don't let your problems triumph over you and you're willing to work for you and your family to be happy-well, that's all you need to be truly happy! Stay strong always. :)

    Katherine: I agree with your thoughts. I'd rather have a simple wedding and go shopping the next day for baby clothes and home stuff haha! :D

    CJ: yeah, that's true. sadly, I know a lot of couples who ended their marriage just because of money. Tsk tsk.

  8. That's a nice thought(about weddings & family). And it will come at the right time when you're both ready emotionally and financially. Good luck on your future endeavors Miss M! :)


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