Review: Bobbi Brown Rich Caviar Eye Palette

Here's a review on Bobbi Brown Rich Caviar Eyeshadow Palette

Price: P3,200.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Bobbi Brown counters in- Shangri-La Mall; Rustan's Makati; Powerplant Mall


It's been a while since I last saw a theatre play and I'm kinda' missing it--acting, that is. I have left the world of theatre already, but I can't deny that there's still a part of me that's yearning to act in play. But then again, it's another master and that means I have to sacrifice more important things if I choose to do it so I think watching one would be good enough to quiet this artist part of me.

So tonight, I am watching King and I with my family. I think Leo Valdez and Monique Wilson are some of the most talented theatre actors in the world so tonight's definitely exciting! :D

I'm sporting an green eye color today courtesy of my Bobbi Brown Rich Caviar Palette-it's from her Holiday Collection of 2012.


Packaging is sleek, sturdy, and elegant. It comes with a dual ended brush and a big mirror. In my opinion, this is the biggest mirror I've ever seen in a handy palette. Finally, there is a handy mirror in this world that is actually very useful. :D

It also features a vintage logo of Bobbi Brown. I don't know if she has already changed her logo to this, but I think it's nice and fresh--she should use it this year for a change.

Click READ MORE for the swatches and makeup look I've come up with this palette!

Here's the brush: It features a fluffier brush made from genuine animal hair which is best used with the matte eyeshadows, and the other one is made from synthetic bristles which is best used with the shimmer eyeshadows. Impressive! Bobbi really knows makeup like the back of her hand!

Top (L-R): Bone, Candlelight, Wheat
Bottom (L-R): Olive, Black Topaz, Rich Caviar

This palette has a good combination of shimmer and matte shades, and it can go from daytime to nighttime. They can be used wet or dry, but I prefer using them dry because they're pigmented anyway.

The eyeshadows have this uniform silky texture, except for Rich Caviar which is a little dry. But everything glides on easily with minimal to no fall out. Staying power is very good.

Here are the swatches, and what I think of them:

Bone- a matte cream shade that yields a medium but buildable finish. It's a great, natural- looking brow highlighter and lidwash for daytime.

Candlelight- a cream-champagne metallic shade. Finish is heavy, and I like the way it brightens up my peepers.

Wheat- a matte tan shade with a slight gray undertone and medium but buildable finish. This is my least favorite because I'm always having a hard time making it show up on its own, but it makes a great accent on darker eyeshadows. I use it on my inner lids and in conjunction with Rich Caviar for a neat daytime look.

Olive- A sparkle olive green eyeshadow with gold glimmers and a sheer finish. This is an accent color, and it's only meant to add a little twinkle and glimmer on your overall eye makeup look. In my opinion, Bobbi makes the greatest sparkle eyeshadows because they cling onto my skin easily, have little fallout, and don't need any special technique to make it appear decently on my eyes.

Black Topaz- a rich, satin black eyeshadow infused with micro gold glimmers. Ah, this one is a very nice color, and a good alternative to bold and striking matte black eyeshadows. It can be used for daytime because the gold glimmers aren't that noticeable once they're on the eyes.

Rich Caviar- A matte black-brown eyeshadow. It's workable texture makes this a great daytime crease color, and its heavy pigmentation makes this great for nighttime looks as well.


On my creases: Black Topaz mixed with Olive
On my inner lids: Candlelight
On my browbone: Bone

The greenness of the palette truly makes it a must- have for 2013, since the color of the year is Emerald Green. It also comes in another variant, Black Pearl, and it has equally gorgeous and unique shades too. You might go and say that it's too pricey for a palette, but it's actually cheap considering that Bobbi's eyeshadows retail at P1,000.00+ individually. But in this palette, you get six eyeshadows at a fraction of the cost of six individual pans of eyeshadows. By the way, if you're interested, it's limited edition so go check it out now. :)


Please visit BOBBI BROWN PHILIPPINES on Facebook to inquire about the availability of this palette.

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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. You're pretty! I like the colors on you :)

  2. Thanks for the review Martha! I just started following your blog and have already found so much tips that I could have used earlier! haha. I have also read so much on Bobbi Brown's creations and this product is once again, another masterpiece!

  3. I love the candlelight,olive and rich caviar shades..but but too expensive for the six eyeshadow..hehehe for me ahh.. like urban decay., its better to get the palette than the single eyeshadow...:)

  4. wee! My client gave me this exact palette last night as a post-Christmas gift; My first Bobbi Brown product ever :D

  5. If only Bobbi Brown products are not that expensive, I would buy a complete set of makeup from them. :) Nice eotd, Ms. Martha! I love the olive shade in this palette. :)

  6. really love your brows. i like the last pic. konti pa mapapabili nko nito cause ive also read good reviews from other blogs. whats nice about this is its a combination of matte and satin finishes. im half hearted kc with satin finish kc it does not look good on oily lids like mine. i also love how the look can be played up or down by controlling the dark hues to be applied. simply put- this is a good day to night palette

  7. love the colors here ms martha! was actually eyeing at laura mercier trio which you also featured but i guess bobbie brown is more "wearable" for edition??? arghhhhh im stuck in the mountains lol :-D you put the colors together so well! cheers to you! and bobbie brown! :-)

  8. wow i love the brush that comes with it, mostly kasi yung mga brushes na kasama sa mga makeup mga walang silbi..haha..but bobbi brown is the best talaga!

  9. nice eye make-up! I love how you went into details about each eyeshadow color. I guess this can be a go to palette and easier to bring than UD's naked :)

  10. great on you Ms. mArtha. i like the candle light and olive,sana may ganito rin sa ibang mas cheaper brand.:)

  11. Elgee: Thank you! :)

    Ohms: Regarding the colors, I think you can find dupes. But what you're paying for here is the quality. :)

    Raych: Thank you! And I agree with your observation. :)

    Jenny: True that!

    Marsiedmartian: I would have to say this one because it has a lot of colors. It's pricier, but I think it's more useful in the long run. :)

    Eloise: Thank you for sharing! I think you should get it since you've read a lot of raves already. (BI Mode) LOL! Kidding aside, Bobbi Brown does make good neutrals. :)

    Sincere: Thanks!

    Kate: True! And this is not their most expensive yet--They have this foundation palette that consists of around 12 or 15 colors and it retails at around 10k, if I'm not mistaken. I want that so bad!

    Yanny: WOW! Lucky you. :)

    JD: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! Happy to know that you're loving my blog! :) Hope to have you around always! :D

    Jhessica: Thank you for your thoughts! :)

  12. True that! We can always find dupes for this but what we can only get from it is the color but not its amazing quality. I love CandleLight, Olive and Rich Caviar the most. Bobbi Brown always give only the best out from their product. Anyways, can I ask an off-topic question? I know its odd but.. how did you get this for free? haha ;))

  13. Wow! Foundation Palette with 12 or 15 colors?! I want that too! Worth saving. ^_^

  14. The semi-smokey green look works well with your skintone. I ♥ it!

  15. Its so gorgeous but its so mahal, at least for me

    Beauty Colada


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