Review: Lavish House of Beauty Rice Concealer in Natural 140

Here's a review on Lavish House of Beauty Rice Concealer in Natural 140

Price: P350.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Lavish House of Beauty, Robinson's Pioneer


Welcome to a review on R2D2's concealer. (Badum tss. Laugh at my joke, please? Haha!)

Okay, let's get serious now. This concealer is part of the loot I got from Rheena of Lavish House of Beauty. It's a huge a$$ pot of concealer and I was surprised at how nice its texture is despite its affordable price.


Block Defect. Block your defects. Hmmm..Seems legit.

This concealer is part of the Rice Series, a mineral makeup line of LHOB made with natural rice extracts. Rheena swears by the line because she said it's the only line that didn't cause her hypersensitive skin to break out. (Of course, take this with a grain of salt. It's still best to patch test!) It's meant for the under eyes and skin, for all skin types, and apparently has SPF. There is an ingredients list on the box, but unfortunately, I could not comprehend what was written.

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Packaging is a lil'...Schlocky. Hey, I can't expect a thousand- peso worth of packaging to go along with a 350php product-business does not work that way, thus it is forgivable. I got Natural 140 because it's the shade that looks decent on my skin tone-it's also the most universal shade in the line. BTW, shade selection is very limited.

This cream concealer is very easy to work with: It melts upon contact with warm skin and does not need to be warmed up unlike hard cream concealers. Coverage is light to medium and buildable, consistency is hydrating and lightweight, texture is smooth and blendable, and it settles into a semi- matte finish. It has a strong oriental perfume fragrance to it, which I am not a huge fan of. I like oriental perfumes, but not in makeup. The perfume- like smell goes away after a few seconds though. And with the presence of perfume, I guess it can't be entirely called mineral makeup.


Time for this product to put on a show! I've used it on my under eyes and skin, as recommended.

Bare under eye. This photo reminds me that I have to visit Browhaus asap!

Two layers of Rice Concealer

Natural 140 is a light beige shade with a salmon undertone. Aside from my under eyes, I also apply it lightly on my lids to brighten up my peepers completely. It does not really keep dark circles out of sight, but rather it somehow minimizes its appearance-perfect for a very natural daily look. It is also cake- proof and keeps my under eyes moisturized all day, although it doesn't have skin- smoothing talents. That said, you might want to layer foundation on top of or underneath it to get a smoother skin appearance.

Onto facial concealing...

Facial marks

Two layers of Rice Concealer

It can only hide very light facial discolorations. My ideal facial concealer is hard and ultra pigmented, and I find this one a little too sheer and slippery for my oily skin. I think this product will adhere better on dry and normal skin types. On the bright side, I didn't breakout from it.

Staying power is acceptable: Stays intact without sinking into fine lines, albeit it fades for a little after 5- 6 hours of wear.

In conclusion, this is an okay product-works best as an under eye concealer and it's good enough for its price. I'm good with how this product performs and I'd recommend it to you if you're looking for a whole new (and budget- friendly) concealer to try--I also think it's one (if not the only) of the most affordable salmon- toned concealers in the market. It's not for professional use, but for everyday, it's good.


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  1. aw i was a bit excited on this one kasi affordable pero light coverage lang pala cya :( what's your current concealer ms. m? :)

  2. I stopped trying out concealers because I couldn't seem to get it right. :( I use BB cream instead. I have a lot of brown-ish spots on my face, but I don't mind not covering them up completely because they're bearable naman

  3. CJ: I use a lot, but the ones I use on heavy rotation are Zero Kuma, Benefit Fakeup, and MAC Prolongwear. :)

    BrownOso: Good for you! As for me, I really need help from concealers, especially on my under eyes! :D


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