Dream Come True: Maybelline Dream is here!

Maybelline's cult favorite makeup line, Dream, is back! Apparently, it was here before, but it had to be pulled out-but who cares?! It's now back and we can finally discover what makes it a dream come true for its fans. I asked my Uncle who's living the USA to get me some Dream products as pasalubong when he comes back to the Philippines this 2014, but looks like there's no need for that anymore-gotta change my makeup wish list asap!

So, what we have locally are Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation and Dream Bouncy Blush. I hope Maybelline Philippines brings in Dream Nude Air Foam soon as I've been dying to try that out! 

Click READ MORE and know more about the products, and for the swatches!

Dream Liquid Mousse is a hybrid of liquid and air- soft mousse foundation, covering the skin with a cloud of air- light makeup while ensuring maximum pore coverage and an even, flawless, matte finish, as if your face has been touched by an angel. :D It comes in the following shades: Classic Ivory, Nude, Nude Beige, Sandy Beige, Natural Beige, and Honey Beige.

To complement a dreamy complexion, Dream Bouncy Blush delivers a fresh touch of color to the cheeks, like how the pink glow of sunset warms up the mellow late afternoon sky. It combines the blendable texture of cream and the natural look of powder in a smooth and decadent product! It comes in the following shades: Pink Frosting, Fresh Pink, Candy Coral, Peach Satin

I've swatched Dream Liquid Mousse for your enjoyment. From top to bottom, Nude, Nude Beige, Classic Ivory, and Honey Beige. It's quite thoughtful of Maybelline to bring in a dark shade to accommodate morenas like me. Regarding the overall quality, it's pretty promising-that's all I can say as I have to try it out yet.

Dream Liquid Mousse retails at P599.00, while Dream Bouncy Blush is at P429.00.

So which one goes first to The Beauty Junkee hot seat aka product review? Bouncy Blush or Liquid Mousse? :) 

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. The foundation looks promising. Please review the Liquid Mousse one. I'm interested in trying it out. :)

  2. woah.. very affordable prices ms m =) so good to be true! i would wait for the liquid mousse review! =)


  3. i only tried their photoready line but i wanna wanna try this out! :D

  4. Is it weird that the liquid mousse reminds me of sweets? haha. Both products look promising! And I'm dying to know more about the Bouncy blush. Why is it bouncy? Haha.

  5. AAAAAACCCCK! It's here. Thank heavens! Liquid mousse please!

  6. Equally interested in both so whichever! But I always look forward to foundation (basically any base make-up really) reviews because I'm an NC42 :D

  7. please review the liquid mousse! looks interesting! :)

  8. I can't wait for your blush review!


  9. aw i was hopping this would include the maybelline dream lumi highlighting concealer. Miss glamorazzi keeps saying good things about it in youtube. unfortunately it's not yet in our country.

  10. wow! the foundation seems interesting! looking forward for a review :)

  11. Sylden: Hi there and welcome to my blog! Noted! Will review it next week. :)

    Betsbygolly and Issa: so far, I like it! :)

    Shayne: Hope that one comes here too, as well as the BB mousse in a can-that seems like an interesting product. :)

    Mira Delos Reyes: Noted! Welcome to my blog! :)

    TropicThrill: Hi and welcome to my blog! wow, nice to know we have the same shades! :) I have tons of face base reviews because like you, I love foundation as well! :)

    Jam, Rhain, and Elgee: Yes! :) Will review the foundation next week. :)

    CJ: Photoready is by Revlon. :)

    BrownOso: Even the blush reminds me of sweets! :) It's bouncy because the texture is plushy and very soft. :)

  12. I have tried this on my skin and the color did not match my skin.nude was too orange for me and classic ivory is on the pinkish side but still way too dark for my fair yellow undertone skin.

  13. The blush looks fantastic! I was not aware of these Maybelline products :( Will hunt some this weekend!


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